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Author: Jeremy Hanson

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Astonished podcast is the realities in all areas of life. The realities of struggle, victimhood, triumph, failure and learning we all go through. Life stories that will astonish your emotions and will make you re-think your own life. Prepare to be astonished!!!
703 Episodes
When I was 12 years old I had a experience with my 9 year old cousin in the deep woods off of Jersey Valley Lake in Vernon County Wi. As a 12 year old boy I did not know that the experience I had was more than likely a sasquatch encounter. It chilled me to the bone for years as the smell and growl was like nothing I had ever or have ever experienced again. This is that story!
David Todd tells us in depth the good the bad and the ugly things about being a pro hunter. The comical stories and crazy things we have never thought about as a Professional Paid and Sponsored Hunter. Is Pro Hunting for you? You tell us!!
Lt David Todd talks more about the strains mental and physical involved in a firefighters life and a pro hunters life. Hard hitting honesty about tragedy, triumph and the complexity of life!! Listen to LT David Todd astonish you with his life's truth!!
Astonished Lt David Todd Part 1. David Todd the story. Listen to the inspiring truth from a 20 year veteran of the fire department, pro hunter and family man. Success, Failure, Extreme living and extreme emotions. Life through the lens of honesty, the highs the lows and life's unexpected turns!!
Astonished part 2 of the Jim Lockwood story we discuss Notre Dame college, working for the attorney general of Ohio, Parenting and his new found love for liberal Democrat ideology. Jim tells us what his vision for our societies future is!!!
Todays Astonished Story is a 2 part story of the life from the man himself Jim Lockwood. From his humble beginnings in Texas, to his attorney lifestyle in Indiana we discuss him going blind in Highschool, his struggles in elementary school to the 180 switch from conservative talk show host to Democrat. This life story is complicated, emotional and heroic!
President Joe Biden says a New World Order is here and we must lead it. His comments are very reminiscent of Bush Sr. The thought of a New World Order being run by the nutjobs in Washington is enough to give anyone nightmares!
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson, We discuss the BLM and their promotion of Satanism and Communism to destroy our children, our country and our way of life. Racism is being committed against white people at astonishing rates. Suicide rates among our children continue to rise, hate crimes against Jews and Christians are skyrocketing and more !!
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson discusses the Omnibus bill for the first time ever having earmarks and the ethically horrid way it was done. The corruption shines through in this episode as we listen to the Biden White House discuss global price fixing of fuel prices, and the show at paypal email
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson why is America a dumpster fire right now. Prices for food, heating fuel, electricity, gas and everyday products keep going up. If Biden shut down a Russian oil pipeline project to punish Russia, what did he do to America by doing the same thing to us. Victoria Nuland admits we have biological research facilities in Ukraine and more!!
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson Bio Labs in Ukraine, Georgia and others paid for by Pentagon. Weird diseases skyrocketing in areas of eastern Ukraine by these labs. Proof and facts in this explosive show. Who is the bad guy ?Support the show by using promo code UNLEASHED at for up to 66% off.
Pastor Jeremy Hanson in his series Christian Men reclaiming Masculinity presents part #2 of top 45 scientific differences between men and women. Enjoy this comedic but factual common sense episode as we talk about scientific standards, growth, biology and the strengths and weakness's between the sexes. This will give us a scientific and factual understanding and a basis for us to defend our masculinity and todays man hating culture!
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson, Pastor Jeremy Hanson series on Men reclaiming their masculinity talks about the scientific facts proving the differences between men and women. We must understand and destroy the fallacy that women and men are the same. We must apply proper science to destroy the Anti men culture!! We must reclaim our reality and take our spots as the men God intended us to be!!
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 1 24 22 men are to act like men. Christian men have a responsibility to be a real man and we have a road map. Americas number 1 real problem is the men of this country not acting like men!! Listen to this series to understand who and what we are suppose to be!
Starting this Saturday you can only walk the streets of DC if you have identification, vaccination records and a mask. Conspiracy theories should now be called spoiler alerts and more on Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 1-14-22
The popular and provocative Clay Clark gets interviewed by Jeremy Hanson. The show is full of bombshells, factual information and hope for the American people! No one brings the facts harder! Join us for a fun filled examination of taboo outlawed information!
The US Chamber of Commerce is paying mega money to politicians to do 2 things, double the amount of legal immigrants and give amnesty to all illegal immigrants immediately. Their stated goal is to have a huge labor pool for lower wages and their second goal is to bring in a new hoard of consumers to replace American consumers. The DOJ and FBI are creating a new task force to go after domestic terrorism. The new task force consists of 100s of leftist attorneys and adds zero boots on the ground. The super rich are enjoying the profits from the shrinking American middle class and poor. JP Morgan CEO says 2021 economy was great and 2022 will be even better. This and more on Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 1-12-22
Georgia wins a hard fought season to win the NCAA football championship against Alabama. Russia is trying to defend itself from NATO aggression and the White House says they dont know why? This and more on Unleashed Jeremy Hanson
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 1/5/22 its time we forget everything that we have been taught about politics and if we have to choose a sword to fall on we use common sense. Its time we do the right things by our family and ourselves. check out our website
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson, I did this comedy skit years ago for fun. I though a little comedy might be good for everyone!! Enjoy and hopefully you can relate!!
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