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Unleashed Jeremy Hanson former syndicated conservative talk show host. After seeing the corruption on both sides he is now speaking truth about the 2 main political parties. Division is strength for political parties and misinformation is the tool used to create that division. Listen to Unleashed Jeremy Hanson destroy the lies, corruption and business as usual approach of the 2 party system in America.
649 Episodes
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 10/22/21 Joe Rogan smashes it out of the park as we talk about one of his recent statements that reads like poetry to my soul. Strength, Leadership and American character must lead us out of this hard time with weak leaders!!
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 10/20/21 New York Mayoral candidate wants undocumented New Yorkers to legally vote, he also wants to expand its roll as a sanctuary city!! Should illegal immigrants have a right to vote anywhere? The supply chain problem keeps getting worse and Americas elite tell Americans to just lower your expectations! Millennials have been the brunt of the joke for far to long, Is it time we give and apology?
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 10/19/21 Staffer Stefan Bieret who works as program manager under Sargent at Arms for the House of Representatives has been charged with 10 felonies related to child illicit images. The supply chain disruption will have you paying more "much more" according to billionaire grocer - oil baron. Why we must try to understand the point of views from millenials and other sub groups across America!!
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 10/18/21 Young Americans are starting to feel betrayed by their own government and you can see the symptoms across the country! Superman has gone globalist, after 83 yrs they leave the Pro American slogan for a globalist slogan. PA state school board votes unanimously to leave national school board after threats against parents being treated like domestic terrorists and more on Unleashed Jeremy Hanson!!
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 10/14/21 The great reset is here and its growing. The complete disregard for the well being of Americans is spotlighted in our everyday lives. The shipping supply lines are being controlled to create the affect on Americans its already starting to have. MMT Modern Monetary Theory is bonkers and its costing Americans big time!!
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 10/12/21 New UK government report says population control is not only real but necessary to reach climate green objectives for the earth!! We talk about conspiracies that have came true and fairy tales we wish were only fairy tales. Ted Turner and his idea to mandate 1 child per family and then allow the families to sell their birth credit to wealthy people to stop the poor from propagating. Proof the Chinese military has been building highly contagious, low lethality bio weapons since the 02-04 sars outbreak. The real fight America has on its hands against the global elites vs we the people!!
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 10/11/21 New report by Bloomberg and Federal Reserve states that for the first time in recorded history the top 1% of elitists in America own more than the combined wealth of the entire American middle class!! Attorney General Merrick Garland has DOJ and FBI label American mothers and fathers domestic terrorists protecting his son who owns a business called Panorama selling Critical Race Theory curriculums to over 13 million American students, enriching the Garland family!! Democrat political analyst David Shor says Democrat party has became to elite to exclusive and intolerant of the American worker and American families, Unleashed Jeremy Hanson says its not Democrats its the whole US government!! This and more on Unleashed Jeremy Hanson!
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 10/7/21 The Biden dep't of justice has told the FBI to use the Patriot Act to label parents who disagree with critical race theory "domestic terrorists" Today we hear from Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and their message on what is happening to the American people is truly terrifying. Pete Buttigieg the transportation secretary is mute on the California oil spill caused by this administration. Pete where are you??
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 10/4/2021 New York D-Day for teachers who chose to stay unvaccinated, 5500 teachers must be replaced starting today! Dr. Fauci says he doesn't know if we will be able to have Christmas with our loved ones yet or not. Dr. Anthony Fauci says there comes a time you have to give up what you consider your personal individual right of making your own decision. The anti-freedom rulers of the world speak. Colorado county passes emergency laws completely violating the Constitution of the United States, and President Biden nominates Saule Omarova to be comptroller of US currency. She was born in Kazakhastan and went to college in Moscow on a Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship, she wants to give the FEDERAL RESERVE complete reign of all banking in America and more on Unleashed Jeremy Hanson
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/30/21 Bacon prices are spiking and according to experts it wont be coming down anytime soon. Natural gas is continuing to skyrocket, watch dogs and government officials warn it could raise another 400% during winter. Global supply lines are in danger of completely collapsing according to industry leaders who warn the UN about imminent doom and more on Unleashed Jeremy Hanson!
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/29/21 Outrageous President Bidens 3.5 trillion dollar spending bill has over 90 billion in money set aside for shady deals with community organizers and non profit organizations with vague language on how to use it. It is literally a 90 billion incentivized payoff to get people to work for the super left. Americas Generals get questioned and their answers leave us with unanswered questions on who is telling the truth and who is telling lies. A woman uses a cell phone app to track down her daughter and save her life from being pinned under a car. You Tube makes major announcement on creators content and more on Unleashed Jeremy Hanson!!
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/28/21 The FBI is cracking down on Veteran groups who went and rescued Americans that the Biden administration left behind in Afghanistan. The state of New York to replace fired health care workers with National Guard and unlicensed medical personnel. Tulsi Gabbard speaks about the southern border crisis, the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle and a serious threat posed by elitists and the media in America. The Homicide rate rose 30% across America in 2020 why? I am here to tell you that and more on Unleashed Jeremy Hanson!!
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/27/21 Shock ensues as Alabama says they want to use over 20% of the 2.2 billion given to them in virus relief money to build more state owned prisons!!! Mark Levin and his new book American Marxism sell over 1 million copies. Young Americans seem to be waking up to the ruling class! Hypocrisy to the max President Joe Biden used S corporations as tax loopholes to save $500k in 2017 and 2018 not a peep from the MSM. A California woman who claims she is a Shaman set a wildfire while trying to boil bear urine to drink, attorneys say she has mental health issues. This and more on Unleashed Jeremy Hanson.
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/23/21 The disaster we all knew would happen has, 2 Afghanistan refugees have been charged in Federal court. Fort McCoy Wi 1 man has been charged with forcible rape of a child under 16 and the attempted rape of another child under the age of 16. Another man has been charged with trying to strangle his wife. Economic tyranny and economic liberty do they exist? I am here to say they do, a food truck owner in North Carolina has filed suit against the city of Farmville N.C, after he says they are committing Economic tyranny. California Governor blocks vote by mail for farmers. Macron says he is willing to give up UN security council seat to have a EU army!! This and more on Unleashed Jeremy Hanson.
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/22/21 Todays outstanding show we talk about new medical research seems to contradict previous data about safety of vaccine for pregnant women. Biden lies about not resettling Haitian migrants in the USA. Haitian migrants violently steal busses and physically fight ICE officers on planes. Science has now proven future events change the past at a sub atomic level and more on Unleashed Jeremy Hanson.
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/21/21 The American government is committing a COUP and a transfer of power from the American people to Elitists, CEO's and Globalists. Joe Biden White House wants the IRS to know everything going into and out of your Bank Account! Rules don't apply to the ruling class!! China is on the brink of economic collapse and American citizens money is propping up the sub prime mortgage business in China. The full Biden exemption list to his mandate and more on Unleashed Jeremy Hanson!!
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/17/21 Alexandria Ocasio Cortez shines and glimmers with hypocrisy as she attends a $35,000 per plate gala paid for by YOU the tax payer! She wore a dress designed by the famous designer Aurora James who's boyfriend is from the infamous profiteering family Bronfam the heir to the Seagram and NXiVM sex cult. Experts say with Afghan refugees and Illegal aliens Americans wages to go down and Rent to go up!! Bush and Obama judges push through Biden sanctuary policy effectively allowing criminal illegals to roam free in America!! Biden stops monoclonal life saving therapies from Republican governors and the American people playing politics and more on Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/17/21.
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/16/21 Did Donald Trump know that China was going to release the world wide pandemic? Did Donald Trump talk about making China pay for their biological weapon assault on the world? Is that why General Milley and Secretary of defense Esper commit treason and inform China creating a back channel to the enemy? American citizens are experiencing harassment while illegals are getting special treatment. Woman child and grandmother kicked off American Airlines plane, 2 yr old child was having asthma attack and had to take off mask. San Francisco DA office asks Joe Biden to pardon 5 time deported 7 time felon who killed Kate Steinle. Minnesota Supreme Court tosses out conviction of Somalian cop who killed white woman unarmed in her pajamas talking to another officer. The outline of the 3.5 trillion dollar infrastructure bill is here. We go through the fluid bill and point out the ways your money will be circled back to politicians, woke groups and friends of the political establishment.
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9-15-21 Outrageous Secretary of State Blinken says we brought back child brides with their old men husbands from Afghanistan. Blinken says a handful of children have been brought to their attention. Afghan evacuees have brought the measles with them in 2 different outbreaks, one in Fort McCoy Wi and the other at a military base in Virginia. President Biden has hired a international migration company to find expelled migrants and bring them back to America to be re-united with their families. Former political consultant for the Clintons says the Democrats are in BIG trouble for the midterms and more on Unleashed Jeremy Hanson!!
Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/13/21 Outrage when large sections of Americas border wall have disappeared in the last couple months in the highest human and drug trafficked areas of the southern AZ border. Dr. Anthony Fauci has no answer when asked "why do naturally immune people be forced to vaccinate"? Unvaccinated peoples blood and plasma is saving lives of the vaccinated. Meningitis outbreak in DR Congo is killing 50% of infected people even though in 2016 1.6 million were vaccinated. India fights the very dangerous Nipah virus. Bill Maher says he is embarrassed by his own party and believes the new directives are just segregation by another name. As the world nervously watches the Biden administration pulls out all Patriot missile battery defense munitions out of Saudi Arabia while Iran backed Houhti rebels in Yemen slam Saudi Forces with attacks. This and more on Unleashed Jeremy Hanson 9/13/21!!
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