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Unlocking Conflict is a podcast all about handling conversations better – in work, at home or in life. We look at the skills that can help us navigate conflict better to reduce stress and build better relationships or get better outcomes. This isn’t just about the big blow outs – it’s about the small things too, like the feedback we want to give, but can’t work out how to say, or the conversation that just never happens. Join our group of mediators, coaches and facilitators to start turning conflict on its head.
4 Episodes
We look at preparing for difficult conversations: why it matters, and techniques for how to do it, so you can have the conversations you want to have, rather than the ones you regret.Plus: Sharon and Phil share how they psych themselves up for conversations they’d rather avoid, and Fiona reveals how she feels about Stephen’s moth-counting habits.We’d love to hear from you – if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to email us at resources and support:Mediation and therapy:You can find a full list of free services on the NHS website:
We look at one of the most underestimated skills in life: listening. We all want to be listened to, and we all hate it when we’re not listened to. But it’s easy to talk about and hard to do. We look at just how powerful good listening can be, what happens when we do it badly, and how it can turn situations around.Brene Brown video on empathy and sympathy:
We explore nonviolent communication and how it can transform our conversations  - from everyday irritations to the big conversations that seem impossible to approach. Resources: The Centre for Nonviolent Communication, where there are useful links to feelings and needs lists:  
In this episode, we begin with the first question: why bother thinking about conflict? Can you learn how to handle conversations better and what happens when you do?Plus: how our brains are wired to freeze, fight or fly and why thinking of an iceberg can help you.
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Susan Hutt

These are excellent podcasts. I wish I’d heard about the model for non-violent communication years ago. It might have saved a lot of explosions. I loved hearing from the different contributors; all seem to have a wealth of experience to draw on. I thoroughly recommend these to everyone who has to have difficult conversations or deal with conflict, and who doesn’t? Many thanks, good job.

Jun 27th
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