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Author: Todd Jones

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Nails' Todd Jones has launched the Unsilent Death Podcast, which will feature the singer and guitarist speaking to musicians, promoters, producers, record label heads, and more. The Unsilent Death Podcast will host a wide berth of guests from all realms of the heavy music scene — ranging from the hardcore underground to mainstream metal successes of yesterday and today. Each episode will take a deep dive into the backgrounds, the creative processes, and the everyday lives of those who are being interviewed.
8 Episodes
Metallica being one of the bands that inspired Jordan to play guitar Guitar World magazine Writing songs as a teenager Getting into heavier stuff Stigmata, Merauder etc. Writing mid-tempo songs in a scene of bands playing fast hardcore Feeling discounted not being from East Coast, feeling discounted within Toronto No Warning making a name for themselves in the USA No Warning signing to Bridge 9 Favorite Blood For Blood album Breakdown "Blacklisted" being an incredible record Mike Dijan's guitar style Matt Henderson doing guest spots on No Warning and Terror albums James Matthew 7th No Warning playing together after so many years not playing Putting together the tune "Resurrection Of The Wolf" Drummers playing guitar, guitarists playing drums Taking outside influences to write hardcore songs Enjoying recording Recording Suffer/Survive Right Brigade being a big influence to young Jordan and young Todd In My Eyes "Nothing To Hide" Track listing an LP
Shelby's 1985 Gibson Explorer 425 The tune "Dunwich Whore" Writing songs using a non-traditional folk song structure Sepultura "Arise" Sepultura Promo Photos Providence writing Ulthar's guitar tone Mesa Boogie Amps Being a power-trio Pandiscordian Necrogenesis Suffocation "Effigy Of The Forgotten" back cover promo pic Long Island Slam Deathcore Ulthar getting walked out on at a deathcore show in South Carolina
Musical background, getting interested in music Getting ahold of his first guitar Nirvana being a gateway band Soundgarden, Alice In Chains Doing Hellripper as a sole member vs. having a full band of members Rehearsing with members who are so spread out Midnight being an awesome band Being uncomfortable taking band promos photos Hellripper being a band and not a "project" Metallica "And Justice For All" Signing to Peaceville Delaying release of new album from May 15th to later in the year Being effected by covid-19 Information about new album Learning how to record
Dealing with scheduling of the festival during covid-19 Getting positive pressure from Martin Stewart to do the festival in 2016 The folks involved in working on Sound and Fury Booking the festival in non-ticketed venues vs ticketed Buying pre-sale tickets to shows now vs. yesteryear Downtown LA becoming gentrified and having shows Booking venues owned by LiveNation vs venues not owned by LiveNation 10,000 people attending a hardcore show 3 Bands that Riley was personally excited to book on SaF Having Hardcore music and culture help give confidence to be creative How gratifying it is throwing Sound and Fury Sound and Fury being more focused on modern bands releasing music opposed to reunion bands Harley Flanagan still writing new hardcore music and still being awesome
Enjoying being in the studio recording Process of spending 30 days in the studio recording Tired Of Tomorrow Recording with different Producers Desire to record in Los Angeles Studios Process of doing music videos Overseeing all the duties in Nothing Producing the 'Blue Line Baby' video Producing videos for bands outside of Nothing Handling press and interviews Being misunderstood Nothing playing with Kozelek/Broadrick collaboration in Poland Meeting Justin Broadrick Seeing musicians that you admire wear your bands t-shirt Introducing new sounds to your band without alienating the audience Nirvana playing South Street Philadelphia, being too young to go Seeing Pantera at the Electric Factory as a 13 year old Seeing Rage Against The Machine on their demo Crowd surfing to Smashing Pumpins as teenager
Recording Terror's "Total Retaliation" Recording guitars or the new End album Guitar rig for End gigs Peavey 5150 amps Getting a recording engineer internship at Machine Shop Dropping out of college to continue to work at Machine Shop Going from an intern to an engineer Moving to a new studio in the future Mixing Misery Index's "Rituals Of Power" Mixing a record vs. Engineering + Mixing a record Traveling to record bands Recording new ETID in Buffalo Possibility of recording END/FFAA music with other engineers Being invested in a trusted circle of people and supporting each other Working with Body Count and Ice-T Working with Thy Art Is Murder Australia being a great country Navigating the release of the new END album and touring around covid-19 Plans to support End LP Converge Pete Morcey 100 Demons/Murmur singing on the new END LP Still feeling 'star struck' when seeing other metal/hardcore musicians we admire Playing shows with Body Count Adam Burke's art for the END LP
Some Kind Of Monster Seeing Metallica Ride The Lightning Learning how to record out of necessity Pivotal moments as an engineer Folks discovering his work via producing + engineering 2 Power Trip LP's, Inquisition, cult black metal etc. Being opened minded about recording different genres Working with Ghostmane Playing with War Hungry Prioritizing Producing over being a guitarist/song-writer Prioritizing creativity over a period of time Creep Recording Studios Recording albums in a house Recording in high end studio vs. lo-fi space Capturing the right vibe Sumerlands LP#2 Sumerlands live guitar rig Owning reliable new gear vs Unreliable vintage gear Recording is like cooking
Drummers having it tough Packing vans, sharing backlines among touring bands Jarhead Fertilizer Being musically open minded Making a benefit shirt for first responders charity, Direct-Relief Living outside a major city during covid Playing with Mr. Bungle Feeling validated getting praise from older musicians Being inspired by Converge Recording with Kurt Ballou Having their van stolen on tour with Cattle Decapitation Conversation cuts and starts again: 808's Doing split 7"s vs doing collaborations Exceeding expectations with Full Of Hell Feeling fortunate to be in a band with 10 years history Putting yourself out there as a person in a band Primitive Man Writing songs for specific releases Recording instruments singular vs All instruments at same time Finding/Developing vocal style Favorite 3 vocalists Tracking vocals Covid-19 making us anxious to play and see a show
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