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Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

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Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories is a podcast drama with a modern twist on old time radio that delves into the mystery of true cold cases and unsolved murders. With the help of an ensemble cast, follow our hosts as they take you on an entertaining journey through the crime scene, the investigation and attempt to solve the case. With many surprising plot twists, it’s important you start listening from the first episode of a cold case. New episodes are released every Tuesday. Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories is part of the Parcast Network and is a Cutler Media Production.
28 Episodes
In 1936, Walter Liggett was shot to death outside his home. His wife Edith is certain she knows who the gunman is, and why he killed him. Despite this, she is skeptical about her own chances of winning the trial. Sponsors!Gabi - Take 2 minutes and see if you can save up to $865 when you go to Collaborative - Go to to get a FREE 5-piece Spring Cleaning Set from Mrs. Meyer’s and Grove — a $30 value!
On December 9th, 1935, Walter Liggett pulled up to his house in Minneapolis with his wife and daughter in the car. As soon as he stepped out, he was cut down in a hail of bullets from a passing car. A number of infamous gangsters and politicians were named as potential suspects, but no one has ever been charged for the death of this radical journalist.Sponsors!Zola - To start your free wedding website and also get $50 off your registry on Zola, go to
In the summer of 1913, Jewish Superintendent Leo M. Frank was tried for the murder of Mary Phagan. The explosive trial and its controversial verdict sparked a fierce battle between the superintendent’s supporters and detractors, with one side raising accusations of anti-Semitism and the other rallying against Northern intervention. Parcasters - Was Leo Frank guilty or innocent? If you’re enjoying following the case as it develops in Unsolved Murders, you’ll love our other podcast Not Guilty, where we cover the most incredible acquittals and exonerations throughout history. Search for Not Guilty on Spotify, or wherever you listen to Parcast Originals!
On April 26th, 1913, Mary Phagan, 13, was strangled to death in the basement of the National Pencil Company factory in Atlanta. The police quickly came to suspect Leo M. Frank, the Jewish Superintendent, but their case against him became more complicated when the factory sweeper Jim Conley admitted to writing a pair of bizarre notes found by the body.Parcasters - Tony Alamo was a conman who built an empire, but how did he do it? Find out this week on Cults! Available on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts!
When Republican politician John M. Clayton was assassinated in 1889, many suspected that he was killed by the same people who had conspired to keep him from winning the election. However, knowing the identity of an assassin and proving that assassin's guilt would prove to be two drastically different things.Sponsors!Best Fiends - Best Fiends is a 5-star rated mobile game app available for download FREE on the Apple App Store and Google Play. That’s FRIENDS without the R, Best Fiends!Gabi - Take two minutes and see if you can save up to $865 a year on car insurance at There are NO fees, NO forms, and NO spam. Grove Collaborative - Go to to get a FREE FIVE PIECE Spring Cleaning Set from Mrs. Meyer’s and Grove!
In 1888, the state of Arkansas was rampant with corruption and ballot tampering. So when state representative, John M. Clayton, lost his bid for Congress, he challenged the results and put his life in danger. Sponsors!Best Fiends - Download FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play. That’s FRIENDS without the R, Best Fiends!
On August 10th, 1981, a six-year-old boy’s severed head was discovered in a drainage canal in Hollywood, Florida. The investigation would turn up one very likely suspect, but complications would halt any progress made in the investigation for years after Adam Walsh’s death. Sponsors!The Farmer’s Dog - Get 50% off your two week trial of fresh, healthy food at Plus, you get FREE shipping!
On July 27th, 1981, a six-year-old boy named Adam Walsh was abducted from a Sears department store in Hollywood, Florida. The resulting investigation into Adam’s disappearance would feature one of the largest search parties ever organized, but it would only end in tragedy.Sponsors!Best Fiends - Don’t miss out on the must-play game of the year! Download Best Fiends for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play. That’s FRIENDS without the R, Best Fiends!
By February of 1937, Kingsbury Run, a railroad slum outside of Cleveland had seen six mutilated corpses scattered across their streets. The community turned to legendary lawman, Eliot Ness to solve the crimes and put a stop to the horrors. But sometimes, even legends fail to make a difference.Sponsors!Grove - Get a 3-piece cleaning set from Mrs. Meyer’s spring scents, a free 60-day VIP membership, and a surprise bonus gift when you sign up and place an order of $20 or more at - Go to now to find your perfect-fitting bra and get 15% off your first purchase!
On September 23, 1935, a decapitated torso was found in Kingsbury Run, a railroad slum just outside Cleveland, Ohio. People were terrified of this horrific discovery, but they hardly suspected that it was only the first murder of a serial killer who would terrorize the city for years to come.Sponsors!Best Fiends - Best Fiends is a 5-star rated mobile game app available for download FREE on the Apple App Store and Google Play. That’s FRIENDS without the R, Best Fiends!The Farmer’s Dog - Get 50% off your two week trial of fresh, healthy food at Plus, you get FREE shipping!
Comments (111)

Lucy Tobier

the real crime here is that fake crying

Jul 9th

Sydney Concha

yeahhh makes me wonder about your research when you repeatedly add an S to the end of a town. very simple mistake.

Jul 5th


great podcast guys #greenmonkey

Jul 2nd

Sean Scully

the dramatizations are pointless and detract from the content making it an awful experience.

Jun 28th

Jessica Girl

I like the acting. It reminds me of a bygone era. Back when the family entertainment highlight of the week was an acted show on the "wireless" or radio for us kid's! lol

Jun 24th

Joy Gray

It's Pine Bluff. Not "Bluffs" Google it. Come on guys.

Jun 22nd

Jim Murphy


Jun 18th

J p

It amazes me how many people find it so easy to complain about something that they themselves couldn’t do if their lives depended on it!! Just please get over yourselves! I personally enjoy this podcast including the acting! Thanks and keep it up 😀

Jun 17th

Sean Scully

J p yes... bad acting is a very particular skillset... lmao..

Jun 28th

Stefanie Young

I agree with most on here...great podcast but the acting parts just ruin it for me....I hung with it because I do like the stories but with so many complaining of the bad acting skits...I'd remove them for future episodes.

Jun 16th

Julie Sirabella

Even though I love your podcast, I just can't listen to the actors voices. I feel like it really cheapens the story.

Jun 11th

Lucy Tobier

Julie Sirabella I totally agree. it's really unnecessary

Jun 20th

Éric Manceau

Ian Bailey is convicted in his absence of killing 39-year-old Sophie Toscan du Plantier, as Ireland refuses to extradite him.

Jun 1st

Holly Sher

acting is BRUTAL. cant do it :(

May 31st

K Grimes

Let's be honest, we have all considered setting Cleveland on fire for far less. jk

May 26th

Judi Kingsman


May 25th

Jasmin Cantor

I looooove this podcast! The character change in voices and even having 2 different narrators keep you engaged! Keep up the good work guys! Glad I found this channel.

May 19th

Jake Comer

Everyone is complaining about the voice acting. There are plenty of other podcasts you can listen to without it. I personally think it's great. It's different to what I'm used to hearing and makes the stories come to life for me more than most others. I'm mainly disappointed that, through castbox, all the older episodes are no longer available as I hadn't heard them all before they got taken down.

May 17th


I think they most likely died from some kind of drug that was supposed to enhance the spiritual experiment ... too bad there were no toxicology reports those days ....

May 3rd

Jeanie Fields

5 star review

May 1st

Tabitha Alain Michaud

you could just say in the beginning "some names have been changed for the privacy of those involved", instead or "_____ who we'll call ____" 700 times over

Apr 30th

Scott Boyce

Great podcast

Apr 27th
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