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Unwonted Woman

Author: Gloria Trevino

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Bullying is a serious but common issue in the special needs community. I briefly share How I Bully-Proof My Special Needs Child in 5 steps, which is described in detail in a blog post on I've followed these exact steps in every situation since Liam was 2 years old. Except for the most recent experience with a bully. I failed. I deviated from my own steps and I failed. But Liam found empowerment in my failures and handled the bully efficiently and appropriately himself. Leave me a message of your thoughts or questions. Share YOUR experiences with bullying in comments on the related blog posts or on Facebook. I'd love to chat and even make an after show episode including your input. xx Glo YOU CAN ALSO FIND ME: Instagram: @LiamAndGlo Facebook: @LiamAndGlo Blog: --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Join special needs lifestyle blogger/YouTuber, homeschooler, and mom of a not-so-average-bear, Gloria Trevino, and unabashed guests discussing heartfelt, hilarious, sometimes infuriating and uncensored issues that matter. Join conversations about special needs parenting, relationships, self-preservation, and knowing you deserve nothing less than a cape and a trophy. This is Abnormal Normal Mom Life. ✊ If you're interested in knowing a bit more about me and my not so average bear, bounce over to and read About Us and what we are about. While you're there if you're interested in being guest, drop me a message and SAY HELLO. 📥 YOU CAN ALSO FIND ME: Instagram: Facebook : Twitter: Youtube: ‼️WAYS TO CONNECT WITH ME AND CONTRIBUTE ⭐️Download the free AnchorFM podcast to listen, share input, and contribute to 'After Show' episodes. ⭐️Tweet me questions or comments @LiamAndGlo #AbnormalNormalMomLife ⭐️Use your Instagram stories for questions or comments and tag me @LiamAndGlo --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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