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Hosts Shenae and Annalynne, met in the most famous zip code in the world. They spent 5 years and countless hours acting together on teen drama, 90210 and just as many navigating personal drama behind-the-scenes. After nearly a decade apart, they’re back, more fired up than ever and ready to unzip all that baggage as they reunite to tackle poignant conversations covering everything from pop culture to mental health, social issues to parenting and more. After spending a lifetime in the public eye being told what to say and do, these two are ready to let it all hang out.

While Shenae and AnnaLynne’s outspoken personalities have clashed over the years, they have an unbreakable bond and they’re inviting you into their friendship every week. They wear their hearts on their sleeve, are curious as hell and you best believe they are bold enough to ask questions and challenge norms that society often accepts at face value.

Get that bleeper button ready, sound guy. These two are uncensored and they’ve got a whole lot to say!
15 Episodes
One of us has been around the globe solo several times and one of us has fantasized about it but with no Liam Neeson on speed dial, been too terrified to ever go it alone! Today we're talking about traveling solo, the potential risks and incredible adventures involved and how one woman's solo trip cured her heartbreak and changed the entire trajectory of her life. Our guest today is Gabrielle Stone, author and podcast-host of Eat, Pray, #FML. What was meant to be a romantic trip for two suddenly turned into a heartbroken escape alone, which consequently inspired her best-selling book turned digital empire and she's telling us all about it today!   Produced by Dear Media    
Life in Hollywood ain’t always as glamorous as it may appear… especially when you’re growing up as a child actor. The sad stories we’ve heard about people experiencing abuse, addiction and depression after beginning their lives being scrutinized in the public eye is far too common. Child actors often grow up to become the punchline of a joke in poor taste or a number on a “where they are now” list somewhere on the internet. In this episode, we hope to shed a little light on what it’s really like to be the human being at the source of these mockeries and how we’ve found peace in our lives after the limelight fades. for 20% off your first order And listen to Armchair Expert for free, now ONLY on Spotify   Produced by Dear Media
Shenae is feeling more confident in her skin than ever during her third trimester of pregnancy and unpacks that with Annalynne in this week’s episode. Annalynne is notoriously comfortable with owning her body and sexuality and Shenae picks her brain on how she’s always maintained positive body confidence. Annalynne breaks down the ins and outs of how her sexual trauma and years in the entertainment industry effected her relationship with her body behind closed doors and what motivated her to rock her birthday suit on camera for the first time this week!!! And be sure to search for Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard and sign up for free, only on Spotify . Produced by Dear Media
Annalynne’s on again/off again partner, actor Dominic Purcell joins us today to discuss modern day masculinity and the balance of energies we all have within us. Dom has embodied the “manliest” of men on hit TV shows like Prison Break and Legends of Tomorrow but his take on what masculinity truly means is quite the contrary to the ruthless brutes he’s portrayed as an actor. Shenae shares her anxieties about raising a son and Dom speaks to his experiences as a dad that provide some great insights. For any Prison Break fans listening, he also shares a MAJOR inside scoop on the hit series! for 10% off your first month to get your first birth control care package and donate to help more women in need of affordable birth control. and listen to Armchair Expert for FREE, now ONLY on Spotify!   Produced by Dear Media
As a reality TV lover and aspiring entrepreneur, Shenae is fangirling hard over our guest today, Lo Bosworth. Lo’s best known for her time spent on “Laguna Beach" and “The Hills” and is now founder of the successful female care brand, Love Wellness. We have a revealing chat about our common identity struggles caused by a youth spent in the public eye and drop some perils of wisdom on how to turn your passion and personal values into a thriving career path. And duh, we also found out why Lo did not return for the current reboot of The Hills! Produced by Dear Media
With the birth of Shenae’s second child drawing near, she’s struggling with major fear from her traumatic birth experience the first time around. She opens up and gets raw about all the feels in today’s episode. We also have her OBGYN, vagina doctor to the stars, Dr. Ross join the convo to discuss the vagina revolution, postpartum body changes and Annalynne potentially freezing her eggs… It doesn’t get more intimate than this episode so you’re about to get to know us REAL well! Produced by Dear Media
Details of Jana Kramer’s recent divorce have been plastered all over celebrity news sites for months and today, she’s unzipping with us to set the record straight on a couple things. This week, we’re diving head first into some serious girl talk about infidelity, near arrests and of course, Jana’s new boobs! All three ladies open up about how cheating has affected their lives personally and Shenae gets all the details on Jana’s surgery as she seriously considers breast augmentation herself. Will she be next to go under the knife? Produced by Dear Media
Shenae found out the biological sex of her baby-to-be and stirred up some controversy when she revealed the news in a recent YouTube video. Eek! Today, we’re chatting with Gigi Gorgeous and her husband, Nats Getty, two trans icons in the LGBTQ+ community, to address the taboo topic of gender reveals, Emily Ratajkowski’s approach to raising a gender neutral child and how to navigate pronouns appropriately. Produced by Dear Media
We are thrilled to sit down this week with Bresha Webb, a longtime successful actress who is having her big break moment as one of the four leads of Run The World on Starz. We dive into what Bresha’s new epic career milestone means for her personally and for the next generation and the privilege we’ve experienced as white actors in Hollywood. We also laughed our asses off with some good girl talk about what it’s like living every Sex and The City fan’s dream and finding true love in the midst of a pandemic. Hot Tip: According to Bre, the first date is a perfectly appropriate time to check their credit score. LOL Produced by Dear Media
The Herberts are social media sensations who have blown up on TikTok and YouTube seemingly overnight. Today, we’re getting real about who they are behind-the-scenes and the secret to how the hell they managed to pull off a wild skyrocket to social media success during the toughest year our generation’s ever experienced. Produced by Dear Media
Bachelor Nation favorite, Sean Lowe is the only bachelor in 24 seasons to marry his final rose pick. Today, we’re talking with Sean and his wife Catherine about getting swept up in this season’s drama, the lack of diversity in the franchise’s history and how, against all odds, they found true love that lasts on reality TV. Produced by Dear Media
It’s been nearly a decade since we worked together on 90210. On camera, we played best friends for 5 years but behind-the-scenes, we couldn’t stand each other for most of that time. Our friendship blossomed towards the end of the series and has grown to bring us closer than ever today but we’ve never addressed our 5-year feud publicly or with each other… until now! What better time to confront our past and finally put it to rest than the first episode of our new podcast, right? Produced by Dear Media
Justin Anderson and our host, Shenae are both Cali kids gone country and today, they get real about what the transition from LA to Nashville has been like. Justin is everyone’s gay best friend on IG and after this convo, we hope he’ll be ours IRL. We dove deep on overcoming childhood trauma, being fish out of water in a red state and yes, of course, we also addressed the recent internet drama involving Justin and his bestie Kristin Cavallari because how could we not?! Produced by Dear Media
Unzipped - Trailer!

Unzipped - Trailer!


Produced by Dear Media
Sneak Peek!

Sneak Peek!


Check out Unzipped with AnnaLynne McCord and Shenae Grimes-Beech, May 12th! Produced by Dear Media
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