DiscoverUpon Awakening: A Beginners Guide
Upon Awakening: A Beginners Guide
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Upon Awakening: A Beginners Guide

Author: Girl talk with Whiteside

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Sherrie and Matt share their experience with waking up to what is really going on in this reality. As beginners of the waking conscious movement Sherrie and Matt will share their experiences and steps they took to wake up and manifest a New and Wonderful reality. Support this podcast:
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Reverse we are up to day 39 and counting on the website come on over and check it out. --- Support this podcast: --- Support this podcast:
Upon Awakening: Flow State

Upon Awakening: Flow State


Enjoy this episode where Sherrie and I get after the practices of healing and dealing with trauma in flow state and through the teachings of the Tao and a course in miracles and so many other great teachings. Enjoy and check out all my writing on --- Support this podcast:
Enjoy the mystery? Check out the rest of the days on --- Support this podcast: is full of incredible content for everyday life.  Come on over and check out all the incredible content.  For more articles like this one click the Blog link on the dropdown menu on my website. And feel free to explore and leave me feedback or just say hi.  I appreciate everyone that has taken an interest in this content.   thanks. --- Support this podcast:
Come on over to and check out the full series.  Have a blessed day and thanks for listening. --- Support this podcast:
Find this along with all the other days so far of my study of the Tao Te Ching on --- Support this podcast:
Check out for the article. --- Support this podcast:
This is an article from my website.  I am currently on day 10 of a 365-day study of the Tao Te Ching.  Which, if you do not know what that is, great, you will be super confused and overjoyed with what you find.  If you do know what it is I hope you find it a welcome refresher to a beautiful text.  For me this is about the journey through, so please take your time and listen.  If you would like to keep up with the series go to Bye --- Support this podcast:
This is a 10 minute guided meditation I have recorded that came from God most likely to transform anyone that practices it. Please practice in a safe place alone or with friends. --- Support this podcast:
We Cured Covid

We Cured Covid


Sherrie and I have been on a crazy wild journey the past two weeks, and with Covid, in our bones, we decided to record a podcast about all of it.  It's magical.  Enjoy the laughter. --- Support this podcast:
I only got the audio from my performance at The Punchline in Atlanta hope you enjoy. Give us a like and a rating where ever you listen. And drop us a message sometime. --- Support this podcast:
Clearing The Channel

Clearing The Channel


Sherrie and I get real about dealing with reality, the control we try and enforce on life, and the mess it makes.  We hope you enjoy this episode, I think it gets really good towards the end. Lol.  Enjoy. --- Support this podcast:
Is It OK, To Not Be OK?

Is It OK, To Not Be OK?


Sherrie and I discuss the proclivity we share for trying to pretend like everything is fine when in reality we are a puddle of goo inside.  We give thanks to those listening and hope that you all feel welcome here and a little less alone.  I know we do.  Enjoy. --- Support this podcast:
Sherrie and I have a new Mic, so the quality isn't crappy anymore.  In this episode, we talk about the inevitability of change and suffering in life and how we go about dealing with life's most difficult situations.  Also, we talk about farts for a bit.  Enjoy. --- Support this podcast:
We discuss being kind in the world today and our process and journey to living more kind and loving lives. Thank you to those that take the time to listen, we truly appreciate you. --- Support this podcast:
Atheism is dumb? God is a pile of shit. Racism, what are we supposed to be learning? --- Support this podcast:
Sherrie and I Celebrate 2 years sober and together on a very special episode of Upon Awakening. Join us in the sheets. --- Support this podcast:
My Mom joins the Show

My Mom joins the Show


Well, she's the greatest teacher I've ever had, my Mom joins Upon Awakening and teaches Sherrie and I that she's amazing. She has wisdom for days and if you need some mom in your life listen to this. Enjoy. --- Support this podcast:
All in.

All in.


I made a huge investment this past week. Sherrie and I are all in. Enjoy the show. --- Support this podcast:
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