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Urban Nerd Weekly is a podcast dedicated to all things nerdy, strange, and specific. Each Friday host (Comedian/Writer) "$pay¢e" and co-host (Meme Troll/Writer)"Kitty", dives into the biggest news in science, art, entertainment, and pop culture. Be sure to subscribe so you can get each episode while its fresh. Comment so we can know what you guys wanna hear.
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In Urban Nerd Weekly's first ever interview, we spoke with a very talented artist by the Name of Kewl CutLis. He stopped by to let us know about his most recent and upcoming projects. We also got into his thoughts on the - at the time- recent passing of basketball G.O.A.T. Kobe Bryant. We even got into his Florida roots, and how he has adjusted to life in Atlanta, plus we even get on the subject of city girls and a lot more. #TuneIn #NerdOut and catch the video version of the interview here:
Nerd Lives Matter [v6.12]

Nerd Lives Matter [v6.12]


Today's episode is the last of season 6! i hope you guys had half as much fun listening as we do creating each episode. Nano Kitty Cat finally returns to help talk about buying land on the moon. We also talk about a lot that's been going on lately, including comedian D.L. Hugely's "Rona" diagnosis. #TuneIn #NerdOut and see you guys next season!
NERDteenth 2020 [v6.11]

NERDteenth 2020 [v6.11]


Following the, police committed, murder of Rayshard Brooks the city of Atlanta has been in a "Com'on bruh SERIOUSLY!?!?!?" type of mood, with is unfortunately the overall tone of the colored people zeitgeist of America. As we get ready to finish level 6 of "Jumunji" one can only wonder what's really next. Today's episode, however, is on the more Positive note of celebrating Juneteenth and Father's Day. Join us as we commemorate, both holidays in this weeks Nerd flavored "Audio Candy".
In part 2 we finish the "Nerd News Update" as we get fresh info on Breonna Taylor's case(you're not going to like it), and we got surprising news about Starbucks. Plus we go deep down the rabbit hole of alternate realities.
Alternate NERDality [v6.10]

Alternate NERDality [v6.10]


once again we've got an episode so big we had to chop it up into 2 parts! in part 1, as usual we got our "Digital Download" plus our usual announcements. Then, we start the "Nerd News Update" with a lil info on the new Sony PS5 livestream, and Harry Potter's author is in some hot water with the trans community #TuneIn and #NerdOut for the full scoop!
In today's episode we give few scattered updates on a few different stories that have happened since the beginning of the black lives matter movement. We also announce a new bonus pod series we have coming soon as well as pretty wild "Nerd News Update". With all the protesting and just general civil unrest, it begs one to wonder how this will affect the spread/containment of the coronavirus. Tune In Nerd Out and let us know your opinion on everything that's going on.
This is the 3rd and final part to episode 8. Anyone with thoughts, opinions, or want to correct any misinformation please feel free to leave a comment.
Nano Kitty Cat was able to join in today's episode. So we picked up right were we left off on part 1 with the Nerd News Update, and this episodes Rona Watch. then we dove straight into some facts and our opinions about the George Floyd murder. The recording session, however, was cut short due to the recent institution of a 9 p.m. curfew that is now in place over the city of Atlanta. And unlike the corona-curfew this one is being enforced by 1,500 National Guardsmen. So we will conclude the discussion in part 3 coming tomorrow! We also would like to announce that we have joined the "Podcast City Network" Family, check out for more info. #TuneIn #NerdOut
This is part 1 of 2. and this weeks episode is surrounding the incident in minneapolis with the mishandling of George Floyd, and his subsequent murder investigation. Not to mention, the ensuing nationwide civil unrest. in this part we give you guys the Digital Download, as well as other segments, but the Nerd News Update and this weeks topic will be on part 2. #TuneIn #NerdOut
In today's episode we take a deep dive into just what the heck hydroxychloroquine is??? we also get into true not wear his mask.. at a conference about masks. Meanwhile 6ix 9ine' girlfriend is getting passed around like a pack of gum. #TuneIn and #NerdOut to hear all about it.
The State of Georgia has decided to re-open all clubs, bars, and concert venues on May 31st. Right on the heels of the announcement made by the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) that this deadly strain of the virus my never go away. This prompted a myriad of questions toward Gov. Kemp by many, especially the citizens of GA, chiefly concerning his motives behind such an action.
Has anyone seen the new episodes of SNL, I'm sort-of liking how the show has adapted to the situation. Theres is a joke about improve somewhere in there. In today's episode we talk about that and of course the murder hornets. Yes! that's right even killer-er than killer bees, as if 2020 wasn't already chaotic enough! Today's episode was also recorded on Cinco de Mayo... and it shows. #TuneIn and #NerdOut!!!!
Today's show topic is centered around how quarantine, and sheltering in place, has affected both positively and negatively. 1st however, you know we gotta talk about what's going on in the nerd-o-sphere, as well as let y'all know the latest in digital content releases. Don't forget to tell a friend to tell a friend about the show!
Kim Jong-Nerd [v6.03]

Kim Jong-Nerd [v6.03]


The rumors of Kim Jong-Un's death have been greatly exaggerated. I have always wanted to use that line lol. On todays episode we dive into what's really going on with kim, as well as John Legere and the lay-offs at multiple comic book publishers. We got a huge Digital Download. Big shouts out to Project South and!
Tiger Nerd [v6.02]

Tiger Nerd [v6.02]


Today's episode focused on t.v. shows that have been popular during quarantine, like "Tiger King". Before that however, you'll absolutely want to check out today's "Nerd News Update", "Digital Download", and many other new and returning segments. Especially today's "Rona Watch" its must hear material! #TuneIn #NerdOut
Welcome back guys! I know we've been gone for a minute but we are finally back with SZN 6!!!!! so much has happened since last season. The world has been ground to a screeching halt by the worldwide pandemic caused by COVID-19. #TuneIn and #NerdOut to see just what on earth has been going on.
Since mother nature decided to put mankind in a time-out. The only thing the world is talking about is this darn coronavirus. In the Szn 5 closer we will be reviewing ways to stay safe, examining some economic affects, and some possible future outcomes of what is now classified as a "Global Pandemic". #TuneIn #NerdOut. See you guys next season!
This weeks episode did not go as planned #TuneIn and #Nerd out to hear how "Friday the 13th" almost dismantled the show
CoroNERDvirus |S5E10|

CoroNERDvirus |S5E10|


This weeks topic is of course the Coronavirus, yet another sign of the end times. That discussion is for a different podcast at a different time. However we really emphasis that you guys exercise the strictest personal hygiene possible. We will talk about some of the ways to do so. In our "NNU" we get a lil more info on rapper "Megan thee Stallion" and her court dealings with her record label. We also talk earth's "2nd" moon, as well as the PS2 game consoles 20 year anniversary. Spayce also Nerds out over rapper Lil Baby's new album. #TuneIn #NerdOut
Travis NErDer |S5E9|

Travis NErDer |S5E9|


This week we talked about an OG Urban Nerd by the name of Katherine Johnson. She was one of the previously under credited minds behind some of NASA's most historic space missions. The highlights of her life and career were recently immortalized in the film "Hidden Figures" with actress Taraji P. Henson portraying Johnson. On Feb. 24th she passed away at age 101 leaving behind a legacy that is a testament to what brains and determination can truly help one accomplish despite ones social status. Don't forget to check out the "Nerd News Update" as well as this weeks "Digital Download" #TuneIn #NerdOut!
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