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The UrbanYEG Community Podcast.

Inspire. Serve. Change.

Our Mission
Inspiring creatives to grow and develop themselves, and in turn develop and grow the community around them.

6 Episodes
UrbanYEG Podcast Episode 6 Chan Rin & Jeffrey Kelly: Let's Talk Photography (Part 1) In this episode, Chan and Jeff get into discussion about how they started to pursue Photography as a business. They talk about Options for just starting out. Do you need a fancy website or business cards? How do you get quality imagery to attract clients, if you don't already have client work to show? What is your brand and how do you differentiate yourself? What questions should you ask if a client requests a shoot with you? Chan and Jeff cover these and more in this episode. Unfortunately there was too much information to cover in just one podcast, so look out for part two! Jeffrey Kelly @jeffreypaulkelly Chan Rin @vividribbon UrbanYEG @urbanyeg
UrbanYEG Podcast Episode 5 Naheed Shariff: The Shariff Group As Naheed says, he was born into business. His parents opened an East African restaurant after coming to Canada from Nairobi Kenya, and his mothers first job was at Boston Pizza. In 1983, his parents purchased their first Boston Pizza franchise. Naheed himself started at Boston  at the age of 12, and by his 15th birthday, his goal was to become a franchisee by 23, which he achieved.  By 2014 The Shariff Group owned and operated 4 Boston Pizza locations in Edmonton. As Naheed speaks about in the podcast, He positioned to exit the Boston Pizza brand and in 2014 they had sold all four of their restaurants. They now own all six Brown Social House locations in Edmonton. His focus on family, his employees, and his customers has allowed him to create a brand within a brand and a larger family within the corporate structure. In this podcast Chan and Jeff get a chance to sit down with Naheed and hear his story in his own words.  His ups and downs, his wins and losses and the lessons he has learned that not only help him to be successful in business, but also as a son, husband and father.  Naheed Shariff @nns0075 Jeffrey Kelly @jeffreypaulkelly Chan Rin @vividribbon UrbanYEG @urbanyeg
004 Shay + April: Shady Ape

004 Shay + April: Shady Ape


UrbanYEG Podcast Episode 4 Jeffrey and Chan have a chat with Shay and April, the founders of Shady Ape. UrbanYEG has worked with Shady Ape for just over a year and in that time they've made, and continue to make, amazing contributions to the members of our city and the communities within Edmonton. During their conversation Shay and April cover how meditation became a part of their individual lives and how they came together to create something bigger than themselves. They talk about their passion to share the benefits of meditation and how their unique approach makes meditation more accessible to everyone. Like UrbanYEG, Shady Ape helps to create connections between diverse peoples and also helps by way of giving back to their community.  At Shady Ape, we do what we do because we are passionate about mindfulness. We are so grateful that our mindfulness practice makes us unshakeable and we want to share that superpower with the world. Mindfulness and meditation are for everyone. Life can suck. Meditation and mindfulness can help the sucky parts feel less sucky.  The research shows that we can use meditation and mindfulness to train our minds to be more resilient, aka. less reactive when bad shit happens. To be unshakeable.  Our brains are incredibly powerful and adaptive. Resilience is not some inherent characteristic that we are born with or without. Resilience is a skill that can be cultivated. Over time, a meditation or mindfulness practice changes our brain - literally rewiring our brain so that we are better able to handle change and challenge in life. It's about training your mind to deal with the stress that comes with being human.  "You can meditate all you want, but if you don't have a community of practice, it's just not as effective. Shady Ape is just one contribution towards creating a community here in Edmonton."  - April Prescott, co-founder of Shady Ape Shady Ape @shadyapeyeg Jeffrey Kelly @jeffreypaulkelly Chan Rin @vividribbon @urbanyeg
UrbanYEG Podcast Episode 3 Jeffrey and Chan sit down for a chat with James Kim. They discuss how James' passion project, The Hungary Mind, came to be and the lessons he has learned along the way. James also talks about how mindset is so important when pursuing success, whatever success happens to look like to you. Question your motivations and desires and discover yourself in the process. "James Kim is a former restaurant owner, entrepreneur, and side hustler. Over the past 11 years, James has worked in several successful companies including intuit. During that time, he started several side hustles, and worked part time at restaurants to get an understanding of the industry before pursuing his so thought end goal, to own restaurants.  Right now he’s currently focused on working on a new project called the hungry mind. Essentially at its core is a coaching project to help young and old entrepreneurs and individuals find purpose and building the habits and behaviours to reinforce it. " James Kim @the.hungrymind Jeffrey Kelly @jeffreypaulkelly Chan Rin @vividribbon @urbanyeg
UrbanYEG Podcast Episode 2 Jeffrey Kelly, UrbanYEG's Community Engagement Manager, interviews Kim Knull, Co-Founder of Momentum Walk-in Counselling. Kim and Jeff talk about how Momentum started and how they work to help improve the mental health of Edmontonians. "Ultimately our goal is to empower you to connect with your strengths and formal and informal supports to transform your life, one hour at a time. You can expect to leave the session with a lot of tools and community resources. Most importantly, you can expect a sense of validation and hope that things can and will get better!" Kim Knull @momentumwalkin Jeffrey Kelly @jeffreypaulkelly Chan Rin @vividribbon @urbanyeg
UrbanYEG Podcast Episode 1 Jeffrey Kelly, UrbanYEG's Community Engagement Manager, interviews Chan Rin, Founder and Director of UrbanYEG and Vivid Ribbon Photography. Chan and Jeff talk about How UrbanYEG started and why community is important in personal development and as support in the lives of creatives. Chan Rin @vividribbon Jeffrey Kelly @jeffreypaulkelly @urbanyeg
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