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It really is all true! Stories about stuff that you never needed to know, but your life would be incomplete without. They serve no real purpose other than to entertain. If you're the curious type and have a few minutes to spare, then spend some of it listening to this ever-growing collection of stories. Great for those that are looking for a little bit of trivia in their lives.

134 Episodes
UI #128 - The Prick of Death

UI #128 - The Prick of Death


In 1933, a young man was walking through a busy train station in India when he was pricked in the arm by a man walking in the opposite direction. He would soon be dead and the shocking truth as to how and who murdered him was revealed. Also, learn when the sale of color televisions exceeded those of black and white, a man who invented a polarizing material, a man sentenced to prison time for writing fiction, and a mysterious body that washed up on a Chicago shore. Retrosponsor: Minit-RubLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
In 1933, a medical doctor and a chiropractic doctor were found severely injured a short distance from one another. The two had never met before, but their lives had somehow violently crossed on that fateful day. Also, learn about artist Bob Ross' original canvases, a milk bottle shortage, men who were in the frigid water too long, and a bookstore that gave 50,000 books away for free. Retrosponsor: Old Dutch CleanserLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
An offbeat story from 1966 about a woman requested that a taxicab drive her all the way from Toledo, Ohio to San Francisco, CA. An airplane or train ride would have been both faster and cheaper, yet she insisted on the cab. Also learn how many different shows have been named The Betty White Show, cheap German suits that became available in Great Britain, a man who invented pasties for his wife, and a ban on spike heels in Mobile, Alabama. Retrosponsor: Wheatena CerealLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
UI #125 - The Snoring War

UI #125 - The Snoring War


A fun story from 1964 in which Brooklyn neighbors Sam Gutwirth and Sam Scheir ended up in court due to Scheir's loud snoring. Also learn about the first bike path in the United States, a building filled with popcorn that spontaneously popped, a woman who swallowed a mouse, and two girls who were trapped in a phone booth together. Retrosponsor: Freezone Corn RemoverLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
UI #124 - Flying Blind

UI #124 - Flying Blind


A fantastic story about a Navy pilot who was blinded during a bombing run over North Korea in 1952 and the attempt by another pilot to land him safely. Would he make it? Listen to find out. Also learn about the first network television show to have an episode broadcast in color, the first to successfully pilot an airplane across the Pacific, a man who accidentally landed his airplane on a moving car, and drivers who drove through a man's backyard as a shortcut to get to work.  Retrosponsor: Dari-Rich Chocolate Flavored DrinkLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
Live presentation of one of my favorite stories of all time. Back in 1933, more than thirty attempts were made on the life of a drunk named Michael Malloy. Sounds like fiction, but is totally true.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Part 2 of my interview with cartoonist Leigh Rubin during which we discuss how he got into cartooning and went on to become a successful syndicated cartoonist.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Natalie and Stan Rubin were the first Jewish couple ever married on national TV, but it almost never happened. Hear clips from the television show and an interview with their son "Rubes" cartoonist Leigh Rubin. Also learn about the first toilet ever flushed on-screen in a mainstream movie. Retrosponsor: Hudson Paper NapkinsLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
Introducing Espionage!

Introducing Espionage!


Introducing the podcast Espionage on the Parcast network. Espionage tells the stories of the world's most incredible undercover missions and how these covert operations succeeded...or failed. Subscribe to Espionage at more about your ad choices. Visit
It's April 1st and the Great Podcast Switcheroo is happening! It's where a number of podcasts have switched hosts for the day. Today we have an episode of the Historical Blindness podcast titled The Camden Wonder, which is one of the most unusual murder cases of all time. Well worth a listen!Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Susan Lindsay

Absolutely brilliant. I loved this particular episode

Aug 11th

Dolores Costello

I agree, I love this podcast and the fact that there isn't one story yet that I've already heard.

Aug 10th

Biggles Worth

Brilliant narration and inflections... So love these stories and the passion Steve has for them. Thankyou for your fine efforts... It's not taken for granted. Peter.

Mar 24th

Shannon Graham

you talk too fast

Feb 25th
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