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A show about life, Linux, the universe, and everything in between.
41 Episodes
The details that make a great distro, things that make us wince, smug people online, great photos, imposter syndrome, and more. 00:00:27 Do you ever get imposter syndrome? 00:08:16 What's your unusual "fingernails on chalkboard" equivalent? 00:12:26 What gives a Linux distro that feeling of polish? 00:23:16 What's your favorite photograph? 00:28:12 How do you feel when someone chimes in online with "well, actually…"?
Episode 87: AksError

Episode 87: AksError


Apps that make us feel old, emotional songs, using actual paper, evolution of language, IRC channels we never look at, and more. 00:00:35 Do any songs trigger you to cry? 00:05:40 How many communication channels is it possible to keep up with? 00:11:25 Do you own a 2d printer? What was the last thing you printed out? 00:17:22 In an ever-shrinking world, should we drop tradition and use the easiest and most logical spellings and pronunciations? 00:25:52 Which hugely popular apps or websites do you just not get?
Episode 86: \o/

Episode 86: \o/


Whether open source needs to be a complete experience, a deep need for conflict, preferred social media, and our favorite emoji. 00:00:30 Why do you prefer Twitter over Facebook? 00:07:57 Can Linux on the desktop ever succeed without a full ecosystem? 00:18:32 Hoodies: zip or no zip? 00:22:26 Do people really want all the drama to calm down? 00:29:40 What's your most commonly used emoji?
Open source at work, learning languages, naming cars, and innovations that haven't appropriately delivered. Plus permission vs apologies, who has the most shoes, and more. 00:01:33 Does your car have a name? 00:06:56 How do I convince my employer to adopt open source software? 00:14:00 Is it better to ask permission or beg forgiveness? 00:18:40 How many pairs of shoes do you own? 00:25:00 If you were to learn a foreign language, which one would it be and why? 00:28:52 What innovation should have changed the world, but didn't?
Whether we'd use Windows if it was FOSS, pointless tech, bathing habits, useless jobs, annoying popey with dream stories, and more. 00:00:45 What desirable tech does everyone else want, but you don't see the point of? 00:06:17 What’s the most useless job that you’d still be willing to do? 00:10:34 If Windows was released as open source, would you start using it? 00:18:34 Bath or shower? 00:24:58 Is there any software which is feature complete that you use on a regular basis? 00:31:54 When describing a dream, how many sentences are too many?
Episode 83: No, But

Episode 83: No, But


Context switching, improving Linux conferences, a positive approach to life, what makes us cringe, and more. #ErrorAsk: What's the dumbest idea for an app that you can come up with? 00:03:24 Have you ever met your own doppelganger? 00:06:55 Can you just jump right in to each type of task, or do you have a ritual before? 00:13:12 What’s missing from Linux and open source conferences? 00:23:53 Should you “yes, and” life? 00:33:37 What makes you cringe?
Episode 82: OK Then

Episode 82: OK Then


Whether the Web is yesterday’s news, a possible new approach to law and order, resolving conflicts, and some surprisingly useful life hacks. 00:00:37 Is the Web irrelevant now 00:09:12 Should we apply a git-style approach to improve laws? 00:16:52 Is it wrong to take the blame when it's not your fault? 00:29:26 What's your best life hack?
The future of Internet video, the best way to develop open source software, skills vs talents, and our favourite types of animal companions. 00:00:24 What is likely to knock YouTube off its iron throne? 00:09:12 Is it really Open Source software if it’s not developed collaboratively? 00:20:54 What's the one thing you wish you could do well but are terrible at? 00:33:18 Dogs or cats?
Talking to ourselves, delicious family meals, and the complexities of modern work. Plus inexpensive acquisitions, the price we put on security, and popey refusing to answer the simplest of questions. 00:00:26 Is turkey dinner really worth the effort? 00:06:33 What's the best bargain you've ever acquired? 00:11:56 If you were given $1,000 for every person you shared your master password with, how many people would you share it with? 00:18:28 Have you ever had an imaginary friend? 00:22:34 Is the gig economy good or bad? 00:29:25 Beer/cider: warm or flat?
Disposing of hard drives, what a TV really is, and the veganism of software. Plus the serious business of coffee, why modern music sucks, and making Popey feel bad. 00:00:28 With better technology, why don’t we necessarily see better art? 00:08:43 Is Linux (or FOSS) the vegan option within software? 00:13:23 Do you own a TV? 00:20:03 How do you prepare your coffee? 00:24:45 How do you forgive yourself? 00:31:58 How do you dispose of your old hard drives for security purposes?
Episode 78: Ctrl V

Episode 78: Ctrl V


Paying attention to all the Linux users we never hear from, being less clever than we thought, and our biggest fears. Plus alternatives to copy paste, and whether Popey loves pink. 00:00:44 Would the Web/Internet be better or worse if the concept of copy and paste had never been invented? 00:07:29 What are you afraid of? 00:13:51 Is it time to stop ignoring the vast silent majority of Linux users? 00:27:37 What's your favourite colour and why? 00:34:54 Have you ever had a genius idea that turned out to be spectacularly unoriginal?
Tech mistakes, communicating with spouses, and why you shouldn't let popey drive you anywhere. Plus patching humans as if they were code, back to basics web browsing, cold drinks, and conkers. 00:00:31 Is there anything you close your eyes while doing that other people might think is odd? 00:04:32 What's your biggest or most significant tech blunder? 00:11:09 What's your favorite thing about your least favorite season, and your least favorite thing about your favorite season? 00:16:55 If humans were code and you could patch a bug/feature/issue which exists in most humans, what would it be, and what would you "fix"? 00:23:29 If your preferred search engine offered a function to exclude all websites utilizing anything other than HTML and CSS - would you use it? 00:27:16 Somewhere there’s a sliding scale in your mind of when a partner deserves to be in on a choice. Where does that begin and why?
Our first computers, the future of food, and ethical sources of funds. Plus the spooky reason that Popey unfollowed Joe. 00:00:24 What was the first computer you ever used? 00:11:13 Do you believe in ghosts? 00:15:28 Would you eat "clean meat"? 00:23:18 Ignore, mute, or block? 00:27:45 Should we refuse to take money from anyone we may object to?
Episode 75: Memelord

Episode 75: Memelord


Being a good FOSS citizen, forcing popey to answer stupid questions, and personal freedom vs societal harm. Plus paying for podcasts, and how many domains we all own. 00:00:34 What do you owe to upstream? 00:11:14 Should all drugs be legal? 00:20:57 Would you ever subscribe to a paywalled podcast? 00:25:24 How many domain names do you own? 00:30:42 What are your favourite and least favourite memes?
It's another #AskError episode. The finances of social situations and FOSS projects, automated vehicles, and ways to cheer up. Plus bad language, and being late. Check out Linux Headlines ( and Self Hosted ( 00:01:22 How do you deal with splitting up money with friends after a group trip/bbq/dinner? 00:06:20 What’s the best way to organise the finances for a FOSS project? 00:14:49 Do you swear in front of your family and, if not, why not? 00:22:22 Would you ride in an automated car that has no human input or override? 00:26:03 What do you do to feel better when you feel upset? 00:29:16 Would you rather always be 10 minutes late or always be 20 minutes early?
Another #AskError special. Sleeping arrangements, hypothetical distro infrastructure, and IT milestones. Plus bad habits, frugality, and breaking the law. You can listen to an outtake from this show on Jupiter Extras ( 00:00:52 Top bunk or bottom bunk? 00:02:59 How would the distro landscape change if Ubuntu didn't allow other distros to use their infrastructure/repos? 00:14:31 Are there any things that you are irrationality frugal/tight/stingy with? 00:18:01 What's the best thing to happen in IT since you started using computers? 00:24:28 What's your worst habit? 00:27:35 If you knew could definitely get away with one crime, what would it be?
Dealing with users who hate change, dumb phones, and different approaches to social media consumption. Plus infidelity, the state of the world, and consequences of small decisions. 00:00:16 #AskError: Do you read everything or follow all the people? 00:04:53 Changing software and user backlash 00:10:12 #AskError: Hypothetically speaking, do you think it was easier to be unfaithful in a relationship 20 years ago or now? 00:18:07 Dumb phone trope 00:24:54 #AskError: Do you have a 'Sliding Doors' moment in your past? 00:30:31 Will polarised politics last forever?
It's another #AskError special! Sleep tech, missing apps on Linux, a deep question, and much more. 00:00:36 What sleep tech do you use? 00:07:59 What’s the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery? 00:13:30 What one application is completely missing on Linux? 00:17:15 Do you ever use default folders like documents, pictures, music etc? 00:25:47 What’s in your conference bag? 00:29:38 What is love?
Whether Linux is inherently secure, the next phase of online interaction, and wasting our free time. Plus where to focus your contributions, and a tricky hypothetical question. 00:00:53 Without security through obscurity, would Linux make for a more secure desktop than Windows etc? 00:08:19 #AskError: Would you rather be old and rich or young and poor? 00:18:37 What will the next form of social interaction online look like? 00:27:18 #AskError: If you had to choose between contributing to an Ubuntu flavour or the desktop environment it uses, which do you contribute to? 00:31:17 Do you need to structure your free time in order not to waste it?
How many users distros actually have, automating our homes, and the importance of common views and interests with our partners. Plus Popey discovers a new way to annoy Joe, and sharing passwords with loved ones. 00:00:29 Distro User Numbers 00:13:17 #AskError: do you get annoyed by people who use "last seen recently"? 00:19:20 Home Automation 00:29:16 #AskError: do you share any accounts or passwords with your partner? 00:34:45 The importance of having things in common with your life partner
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