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Arriving at the table with our thoughts locked and loaded, we shoot from the hip at a multitude of topics, predominantly in the realms of comic book and science fiction media. It's not news; it's nonsense.
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It's FINALLY over, thank Grodd. That finale was... something. Yes, we're talking about The Flash, again, but for what will HOPEFULLY be the last time. In this retrospective episode, we discuss whether the long-running CW series had a distinct rise and decline, as many believe, or if in fact the elements which led to its supposed downfall were present from the very beginning. Part TWO of TWO. Watch the video version (featuring bonus live reaction clips to the finale) on YouTube: Find links to all our platforms on --- Send in a voice message:
It's been a long time coming... The Flash (2023) FINALLY released after nearly a decade of development, only to fail spectacularly. Why did a once promising film that James Gunn described as "the greatest comic book movie ever made" bomb at the box office? We discuss it all on this week's milestone episode. Part ONE of TWO. Watch the video version on YouTube: Find links to all our platforms on --- Send in a voice message:
James Gunn has finally revealed the first stage of his and Peter Saffran's plan for DC on film and television. We discuss our reactions, outlooks, and expectations. Find all the links on --- Send in a voice message:
It's our last podcast of 2022! We're talking recent trailers, Marvel stuff, and of course the entire mess that's been going on at WB/DC Films. WATCH this livestreamed episode on YouTube: Check out all the links you'll ever need: --- Send in a voice message:
Two legends from our childhoods have recently joined the pantheon of icons who have passed on to the next life. Today we remember what they gave us and what their legacy means to us. --- Send in a voice message:
#97 - Halloween Ends? NOPE.

#97 - Halloween Ends? NOPE.


Join us for our sixth annual observance of All Hallow's Eve as we delve into another horror outing by Get Out director Jordan Peele, and of course the final installment of the Blumhouse-produced Halloween trilogy. Will it really be the end? Find out on this episode of the podcast! Rate us on Apple Podcasts! All links available on --- Send in a voice message:
Once again, a female-led MCU feature has stirred up controversy for being "the worst thing Marvel has created and yet another example of woke garbage holding up a middle finger to comic book fans!" Or was it an accurate meta-commentary on toxic fandoms, which successfully baited the exact reaction it predicted it would get? Maybe everyone's overthinking it and needs to chill out, because how are people seriously not tired of all this Marvel junk after Endgame? Anyway, as always, these questions and more get answered on this episode of the podcast! For more recycled controversies and reviews of endless franchise media, check out --- Send in a voice message:
It's finally time for a healthy dose of space-faring sci-fi! This week, we delve into what we thought of The Orville's 3rd season, go on about a couple of Star Treks, and present some examples of how episodic television can keep things fresh without hitting the reset button. Explore the nonsense over at --- Send in a voice message:
The ongoing saga of bizarre events surrounding all things related to WB Discovery is once again the topic of this week's episode. At this point, we're starting to think we'll have to run the company ourselves... Find all our links on --- Send in a voice message:
Everyone's favorite media company is amidst a reckoning as finished films are shelved, multiple series are cancelled and/or ended, executives and staff are shown the door, and the ROCK takes over! Well, that last part was an exaggeration but here's a fact: we're talking about news again, in the usual nonsensical way which we're known for by tens of people! Will it be a recurring thing once more? Check out the episode and find out. All links available on --- Send in a voice message:
Did we love Thor: Love and Thunder or was it a blunder? Was the Ms. Marvel series a CW-level teen drama? What was all that comic-con Marvel business about? Once again, we talk all things Marvel on this episode. As a heads up, we had some technical issues with the audio recording, but rest assured we are currently at work finding a padded cell for Jack to record from in the future. Find all the links on --- Send in a voice message:
Warner Bros' new brawler game not named Warner Brawlers or Smash Warners has now unofficially but officially released as an "open beta." We had a chance to play it early, so now we can tell you, per the usual, our deepest thoughts, feelings, opinions, and expel copious amounts of hot gas in the form of rants no one wanted to hear. Also, we talk briefly about the recent Rolling Stone Snyder Cut article. Check out all the links on --- Send in a voice message:
As we predicted a year ago, the 2nd season of the CW's Superman series unfortunately fell back on the network's staple tropes. In other news, the new Star Wars series "Obi-Wan Kenobi" was a series. Our thoughts, reactions, and tangential rants, as always, on this week's episode. Visit for more. Note: Paulie Walnuts actor Tony Sirico passed away the day after we recorded this episode. No disrespect was intended. --- Send in a voice message:
That's right, back to talking about DC again. Will we ever cover anything that isn't Marvel or DC? Maybe at some point, we'll just have to wait and see. Not today though, because this episode we have a spoilers discussion about the latest season of Young Justice and whether the move to streaming-only has affected its quality. Find all our links at --- Send in a voice message:
Spoiler! It's yet another Marvel review. The cycle repeats: we give our reactions, thoughts, theories, predictions, asides, struggle to not shout over each other, and go on unrelated rants about The Flash. Could there be another universe where we ever stay on topic? Find out on this episode! Check out all links at --- Send in a voice message:
This week it's yet another episode about a Marvel series on Disney Plus, but this time the series is a bit more dissociated from the MCU continuity than the rest. Was the Oscar Isaac-led solo outing a potential new trendsetter for future Marvel projects? Listen now and find out! All links available on --- Send in a voice message:
Was Morbius really that bad? It's the newest entry in Sony's Spider-less Cinematic Universe; it's not Venom, it's Morbius! This week, we discuss Jared Leto's latest role as a comic book character gone batty, and whether this film is actually as much of a dud as critic ratings have portrayed. Find all our links at --- Send in a voice message:
This episode we talk about the new superhero film from Warner Bros. Surprise, it's about Batman! Again. Was it the best one yet, or another entry in an endless stream of comic book movies that we'll forget about by the time they move onto the next reboot in 5 years? Find out on this week's podcast. Check us out on --- Send in a voice message:
Capes, mercenaries, and bounty hunters... the mission this week is to get up to speed on what we've been watching since the end of last year, and as is standard practice, to discuss our reactions, predictions, and of course go on plenty of rants. --- Send in a voice message:
With the release of Sora in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the game now considered to be a completed project by Nintendo, it was time for us to take a long, nostalgic look back on the series and our respective experiences playing through each iteration, including what we thought of all the DLC fighters as well as who we wished could have made it into the roster, but were ultimately left out. Cover art by: All our links: --- Send in a voice message:
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