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The V8 Radio Podcast hosts Kevin Oeste and Mike Clarke cover the classic and muscle car car scene from a regular car guy perspective. Topics include Muscle Car car events, goings on in the V8 Speed and Resto Shop, V8TV, Muscle Car Of The Week, and the state of their own classic car projects. Throw in a couple trivia questions and lots of unplanned banter, and you have a fun and laid-back show that makes a perfect companion to your own garage adventures.
150 Episodes
Hang on to your headphones! We're bringing you a special 2 for 1 double-episode of the V8 Radio Podcast, incorporating the Stubborn German Podcast as well! Loyal listeners of both shows have heard us mention both podcasts, we thought it was time to put new voices with the names. Don't worry, you still get the Automotive Trivia Question, and of the Stubborn German listeners, the German Word Of The Day.. plus a whole lot more! Stubborn German Brewing Company
This is a HUGE episode of the V8 Radio Podcast!   NOT ONLY do we celebrate the 150th episode of this fine automotive podcast, but we make 2 HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS on the show!   And not little ones like "there's a new tee shirt available..." (because there's not.. ) but some great stuff that will positively impact the podcast, the V8 Speed and Resto Shop team, and customers alike.   No foolin', folks.   Kelle Oeste joins as a guest, and we still have time for trivia and much more on the latest V8 Radio Podcast! #podcast #carpodcast #v8radio
Kevin Oeste and Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke welcome two special guests to the V8 Radio Podcast, as Angella Sharpe and Jason LiCavoli join to spread the word about the upcoming Cruisin' Lindbergh event in St. Louis on April 29, 2023!   Cruisin' Lindbergh is a fun, family-friendly car cruise that is a throwback to the days when South Lindbergh Boulevard was the place to be.    Today, the Cruisin' Lindbergh event brings out hundreds of cars and trucks of all kinds, from classics and muscle cars to lifted trucks and exotic sports cars.    Hear all about it, plus automotive trivia and much more, on the latest V8 Radio Podcast! #cruisinlindbergh #cruising #musclecars
On this episode of the V8 Radio Podcast, Kevin Oeste and Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke chat about Q's Hawaiian vacation, Personal Development, the V8 Speed Playlist Challenge, KO on the radio, Automotive Trivia, and much more! This Week in Classic Cars Radio Show #v8radio #carpodcast #musclecars #v8speedandresto
In this special V8 Radio episode, Kevin Oeste chats with Mike Copeland from Arrington Performance about the future of Hydrogen powered cars and performance.   Copeland and the Arrington team have not built several Hydrogen gas powered hot rods, all using current production gasoline burning engines that have been carefully converted to burn Hydro rather than Petro.    Find their latest at @TheArringtonPerformance on Facebook.    Recorded at the 2022 PRI Show in Indianapolis, IN. #hydrogen #arringtonperformance #ice
Kevin Oeste and Mike "Q-Ball Clarke" chat about the a guys trip to Cleveland, and the upcoming Triple Crown of Rodding event in Nashville.  They also chat about fixing some annoying carburetor and choke issues to help smoothly launch the upcoming cruising season. Learn all about it,  along with automotive trivia,  on this episode of the V8 Radio Podcast! #v8radiopodcast #triplecrown #carpodcast 
We get a behind the scenes look at some of the happenings at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop and at V8TV Productions on this episode of the V8 Radio Podcast!   Kevin Oeste and Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke chat about the recent 1967 Pontiac GTO restoration and video, there's an update on Kevin's van, Automotive Trivia, and so much more on this loquacious episode of your favorite automotive podcast! #carpodcast #v8radio #gto #v8speedandresto #musclecars   1967 Pontiac GTO Restoration Pics and Video:
Kelle and Kevin Oeste are often asked how the V8 Speed and Resto Shop came to be, and on this special episode of the V8 Radio Podcast, they recall some of the many twists, turns, risks, cars, media, people, and more that evolved into where they are today, 20 years later!   Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke goes along for the ride, from the initial idea to present day, assembling a world-class team that builds awesome cars for great customers all over the globe.   The mission is to connect people with the best time of their lives through things with wheels, and the V8 Team is hard at it every day. And Kelle dealt out a heck of an automotive trivia question, and much more on this V8 Radio Podcast! #v8tv #V8Radio #V8SpeedandResto
SEMA CEO Mike Spagnola joins Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke and Kevin Oeste on this episode of the V8 Radio Podcast, recorded in the ARP display at the 2022 Performance Racing Industry Show in Indianapolis! Topics include the SEMA Show news, the SEMA Garage, and cool projects of his own like his new Nissan Z.   Spagnola breaks down the SEMA Individual Membership and how joining helps protect the interests of all automotive enthusiasts and professionals.   And he did pretty well on the Automotive Trivia contest!  Click to listen and be sure to subscribe! Sign the Right To Repair Act with 1 Click: #semashow #prishow #v8radio #carpodcast #rpmact
Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke and Kevin Oeste recap the 2022 SEMA Show and look forward to the new developments to come next year.   A highlight for Kevin was hosting the SEMA Central Stage and interviewing people from all aspects of the automotive world, but perhaps the most memorable was surprising SEMA CEO Mike Spagnola with a Mikey Thompson streamliner model kit... just like the one Mike built as a kid that got him enthused about cars!   Tears were shed, for sure.  Other notables included Top Fuel racer Antron Brown, Hoonigan rally driver Ken Block, and more. Of course, you'll find Automotive Trivia and much more on the latest V8 Radio Podcast! #sema #semashow #v8radiopodcast #mcacn #musclecars Subscribe Today!
Kevin Oeste and Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke chat discuss vanity license plates and other updates on Kevin's Dodge Maxivan.   Later, it's a 2022 SEMA show preview, which leads to a discussion about automotive events from a car builder standpoint.   Sprinkle in some great automotive trivia and few laughs, and you've got another action-packed episode of your favorite automotive podcast, V8 Radio!
Nostalgia gets the best of our host Kevin Oeste as he stumbles across a car he's been seeking for 32 years... and it's a van!   A custom 1979 Dodge Maxivan, to be specific, very similar to the one his family bought back in 1984.   On this episode of the V8 Radio Podcast, Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke is super excited to hear the whole story on this magic bus, and hopefully you'll dig it, too.    What's Kevin going to do with it?   We'll find out!  There's always some laughs and a couple good Automotive Trivia questions on the V8 Radio Podcast! #v8radio #podcast #customvan
The 2022 V8TV Drive In Cruise was a success, although a bit wet at times.   We were happy to finally fulfill the destiny of having Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke's 1967 Pontiac GTO, Pauls Wieshuber's 1962 Buick Electra, and Kevin Oeste's 1962 Ford Galaxie 500 XL all at the Drive In event!   There were hundreds of cool cars at the show, and it turned out to be a great night.    (The ride home was a bit wet!)   Paul and Mike had a few minor fixes, but overall the trip went smoothly.   Hear all about it, plus some riveting Automotive Trivia questions and much more on the V8 Radio Podcast! #v8radio #carpodcast #musclecars #drivein
Kevin Oeste and Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke chat about the SEMA Awards Gala and the 2022 SEMA Hall Of Fame as Kevin and Kelle recently returned from their trip hosting the induction ceremony in Anaheim, CA featuring Gene Winfield, Walker Evans, and Jack Roush.  Kevin and Kelle also enjoyed spending some time visiting Pete Santini, Chip Foose, Mick's Paint and Tony Thacker, and some other great Hot Rod Industry friends on the trip.   We also get a quick recap of the rained-out 2022 Bonneville Speed Week, and Mike shares the latest "chilling" updates on the GTO!   And there's much more, including Automotive Trivia, on this episode of the V8 Radio Podcast! #carpodcast #sema #halloffame
It's a hot summer in V8 Radio Podcast land, and Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke and Kevin Oeste  over some great summer events like the Street Machine Summer Nationals in St. Paul, MN, and the upcoming V8TV Drive In Cruise on this episode.   They also touch on how mike restored his wheels and FINALLY replaced his decades-old tires, and how he came up with an interesting trick to save his GTO's smoked harmonic damper.   We'll see how that one works out!    Automotive Trivia is in the house as well, making for a full-tilt summertime special episode of the V8 Radio Podcast!
The 2022 SEMA Awards Gala is the public induction of some amazing automotive legends into the SEMA Hall Of Fame, and on this episode fo the V8 Radio Podcast, Kevin Oeste shares stories from his whirlwind week spend interviewing the SEMA HOF class of 2022.    The inductees include legendary racer and custom car builder Gene Winfield, 9-time Baja 1000 champ and successful off road parts manufacturer Walked Evans, and American racing and manufacturing giant Jack Roush.   Kevin and Mike Q-Ball Clarke also chat about the Street Machine Nationals in DuQuoin, IL, Automotive Trivia, and much more on this fully loaded episode of the V8 Radio Podcast!
It's true that Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke recently rebuilt and reinstalled the engine in his 1967 Pontiac GTO, but after some miles, he spied some dreaded drips on the garage floor.    What to do?   He shares the tale in this episode of the V8 Radio Podcast.    Kevin Oeste also shares some thoughts on "off-shore" parts, just before the episode takes a left turn into a therapy session about a recent air show, the F35 fighter jets, and B-17 Bombers.   You'll have to listen to get it all.   And of course, there's Automotive Trivia and much more, all on a specially-priced V8 Radio Podcast!
Tim Strange is a busy guy, and between building hot rods and customs at Strange Motion, Tim can be found at great automotive events all over the country!     On this episode of the V8 Radio Podcast, Tim joins Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke and Kevin Oeste to share some of his story and perspective on the hot rod world, SEMA HRIA, Goodguys Autocross announcing, and more.    A bit of automotive trivia bookends the meat of the show, plus a bunch more on the V8 Radio Podcast!
So what does a race-inspired, twin turbo, fully-caged 1969 Buick Electra have to do with the Tuskegee Airmen?   And did you say a twin turbo Electra?   Find out all about it with special guest Michael Joseph, Chapter Historian at Tuskegee Airmen, Inc., and his "Faithful Persuit" tribute car to the legendary WWII flyers.  Of course, Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke and Kevin Oeste also load up an Automotive Trivia question or two, along with lots of other stories on this episode of the V8 Radio Podcast!
Kevin Oeste takes his 1970 Buick Riviera on the first road trip in 6 years, and lives to tell about it!   Later, he shares his experiences with Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke about presenting at a local middle school career day and the interest of students in the automotive industry.    His findings might surprise you!   Of course, there's some stimulating Automotive Trivia, and the whole show starts off with an over-selling adjective.   What more could you want?   It's all on the V8 Radio Podcast!
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