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So what does a race-inspired, twin turbo, fully-caged 1969 Buick Electra have to do with the Tuskegee Airmen?   And did you say a twin turbo Electra?   Find out all about it with special guest Michael Joseph, Chapter Historian at Tuskegee Airmen, Inc., and his "Faithful Persuit" tribute car to the legendary WWII flyers.  Of course, Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke and Kevin Oeste also load up an Automotive Trivia question or two, along with lots of other stories on this episode of the V8 Radio Podcast!
Kevin Oeste takes his 1970 Buick Riviera on the first road trip in 6 years, and lives to tell about it!   Later, he shares his experiences with Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke about presenting at a local middle school career day and the interest of students in the automotive industry.    His findings might surprise you!   Of course, there's some stimulating Automotive Trivia, and the whole show starts off with an over-selling adjective.   What more could you want?   It's all on the V8 Radio Podcast!
Many of us spent lots of time cruising up and down a local stretch of road, hanging out with friends, showing off our cars, and trying to be cool.    Today, many of these cruising events have been legislated away or have fallen to the wayside of digital entertainment.   Jason LiCavoli is out to change all that, bringing back cruising for all kinds of cars, trucks, and bikes to an iconic stretch in St, Louis called Cruisin' Lindbergh.   We learn all about it, along with automotive trivia and more on the latest V8 Radio Podcast!
Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke and Kevin Oeste chat about the upcoming V8 Speed and Resto Shop Drive In Cruise event and the possible film to be shown. And then they switch over to Kevin's early days of racing, and writing about motorsports. And we mean early days! You'll find all this, plus Automotive Trivia and a whole lot more on this episode of the V8 Radio Podcast!
Performance automotive enthusiasts are always concerned about new legislation designed to restrict the freedoms of car owners, and in this episode of the V8 Radio Podcast, Kevin Oeste and Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke take a look at a recent New York law affecting exhaust modifications.    Thanks to SEMA for the info.  They also chat about the 2025 "Zora" Corvette, a 1000HP, 1000 ft. lbs. gasoline / electric hybrid that might be the swan's song of the C8.  There is also an update on the new Bonneville Up To Speed podcast!   The Automotive Trivia is present as always, along with a few laughs and other bits of car enthusiast knowledge (and nonsense) on the V8 Radio Podcast! The Bonneville Up To Speed Podcast: The SEMA Action Network:
Kevin Oeste and Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke space out on this episode of the V8 Radio Podcast, as they preview the next NASA Moon launch - while Kevin schemes up a way to paint some Astronaut Corvettes for the occasion!  There are some great listener shout-outs, including our friends at the Playing In Traffic Podcast, a bit on a NASA 1963 Pontiac tow car, some projects, and even a (bad) JFK impersonation.   All this plus Automotive Trivia and much more on this V8 Radio Podcast! Playing in Traffic Podcast: NASA Pontiac: V8 Speed and Resto Shop: V8 Radio Podcast:
It's no secret that it's the people that make it all happen, and on this special episode of the V8 Radio Podcast, Kevin Oeste and Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke express their gratitude for the talented team at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop.   Without the dedicated individuals sharing their passion and talents, these high-quality cars and experiences they bring wouldn't happen.    And it's not just the technicians, as there are others who help facilitate the process to make things go as smoothly as possible.   All 24 members of the V8 Speed and Resto Shop team are introduced in this episode.   Even with all that, our hosts don't skimp on the Automotive Trivia and other things you've grown to expect from a jam-packed episode of the V8 Radio Podcast! V8 Speed and Resto Shop:
Car enthusiasts are some of the most generous and helpful people you'll ever meet, as it's not just the cars, but the people that make this such a great hobby.   On this episode of the V8 Radio Podcast, Kevin Oeste and Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke dive into this topic as suggested by friend and Official V8 Radio Statistician "Yardley".   And they are also excited to announce the return of the V8 Drive In Cruise event coming this August, featuring a cool car show at the drive in!   Don't worry, they didn't leave out the Automotive Trivia, - this time with a whole new dimension!  You'll hear all this and more on the latest V8 Radio Podcast!   Drive In Cruise tickets available now: Freddy Jones Band "Daydream" (Cruising Song of the Episode!) Patrick and the LVB:
Kevin Oeste and Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke chat about a video shoot from the 2022 Firebird Fest pre-run.  Later, the upside of classic cars with drum brakes, because disc brakes are better, but in all cases? This is the first V8 Radio Podcast featuring the new "Cruising Tune" of the show, where we share a classic song, or a new favorite, that lends itself to providing a soundtrack to your next road trip. This first song is "The Heart That Never Waits" by Blues master Joe Bonamassa. After a short walk down Chicago and AM Radio history, we announce the launch of a new Podcast!   Kevin will be hosting and producing the new Bonneville Up To Speed podcast, which covers the world of land speed racing and the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA). Of course, the Automotive Trivia is fierce, but there are some good laughs on the V8 Radio Podcast, your favorite car podcast! - The V8 Speed and Resto Shop - The 2022 Firebird Fest Event - More V8 Radio Podcast Episodes V8 Radio Music Show Playlist - on YouTube
Technology is making it easier to stay in touch, and even to attend events in far away lands.   Mike "Q Ball" Clarke and Kevin Oeste chat about live streaming the Ferrari Meet Up at the Petersen Automotive Museum, as well as what it takes to photograph all the cars in process at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop.    The Trivia is flat-out awesome, and Kevin teases some new V8TV Television distribution in the works.   You'll find all this and more on the latest V8 Radio Podcast!   #carpodcast
Don't you love it when all the pieces come together and the car runs awesome and feels great?   Kevin Oeste and Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke chat about this with regards to the recently completed 1957 Ford Thunderbird with the 5.0 Coyote V8, 6-speed automatic, and custom performance chassis built at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop.   And Kevin's 1970 Buick Riviera is also tuned up and running strong thanks to the recent upgrades.   The Automotive Trivia questions are stumpers once again, and the early glimpse of spring weather makes for a fun episode.   You can reach us at for help with your classic or muscle car!
Kevin Oeste and Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke chat about a sweet 1977 Pontiac Trans Am coming together in the V8 Speed and Resto Shop, and some of the steps the paint team take to make these cars stand tall.  They also preview the 2022 Firebird Fest!  Later, Kevin shares some tips on extracting a bolt he broke on his 1970 Buick, and of course, there's automotive trivia and more on this episode of the V8 Radio Podcast!  Subscribe so you don't miss the next riveting show!
The January auctions broke all kinds of records this year, with Mecum and Barrett-Jackson grossing over $420 Million in just two events!   Couple this with the amazing amount of super high-end hot rods and customs at the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, CA, and it's easy to see that enthusiasm for classic cars is at an all-time high!  Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke and Kevin Oeste cover all this plus Automotive Trivia, and some sneak peeks into some new projects Kevin is working on with the SCTA and his encounter with Billy Gibbons and the CadZZilla project.   There's even a cameo from Kelle!  It's a really big show! Check out our podcast website: The V8 Speed and Resto Shop: 2022 Grand National Roadster Show Photo Gallery:
Kevin Oeste and Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke dive into achieving a state of "Flow" while wrenching, or doing anything, really, on the latest episode of the V8 Radio Podcast!  Kevin was wrenching on his 1970 Buick when time whizzed by, listening to inspirational interviews, having the right tools, and the work going smoothly all contributed to the zen-like state.   Have you been there?   Of course, you'll find automotive trivia and a whole lot more, and if you dig it, leave us some kind words or stars!   Thanks, and enjoy the show! Official Site: We build dream cars:
The Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show is a hot topic on this episode of the V8 Radio Podcast, and our hosts Mike Clarke and Kevin Oeste review the racing trade show and scheme up a plan for next year.   Next up is a chat about a Pro-Touring 1969 Chevrolet Camaro coming together at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop, complete with a 775 HP LT5 engine hooked to a 10 speed automatic transmission.  This one is going to be a handful!   They also cover a modernized 1978 Pontiac Trans Am and a whole new way to look after the car, and wrap it all up with some tool talk.   And there is also Automotive Trivia, along with a few laughs and other nonsense, on the latest episode of the V8 Radio Podcast! The Performance Racing Industry Show (PRI) Website Click to see the 1969 Camaro LT5 10 Speed Photo Gallery Check out the Toolbox Widget
Mike "Q Ball" Clarke and Kevin Oeste bring you the latest episode of the V8 Radio Podcast right from the 2021 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show floor!   They are overwhelmed with all the amazing muscle cars on display at MCACN, and also to see so many great friends over the weekend.   They were also shooting video coverage for the Muscle Car of The Week and V8TV video channels, and Kevin was unveiling Premiere Restorations as the Official Emcee of the event.   The cars were amazing, and the legendary Hirohata Mercury even made a surprise appearance.   Even so, the guys were able to drum up some automotive trivia as they recorded this from the Mecum Auctions display.
The V8 Radio Podcast are coming to you directly from the 2021 SEMA Show floor in Las Vegas!  Mike Clarke and Kevin Oeste bring you a mid-SEMA week update, including thoughts on the show, new products, the electrified Project X, and much more.   Even a cameo from our buddy Chip!  But even on-location, they still toss out some cool Automotive Trivia questions and they usual antics you've come to expect from the V8 Radio Podcast!
The V8 Radio team was in full-force at the 2021 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, and this is just one of several episodes covering the event.   You'll find a general overview of the show, and also an interview with Mike Copeland of Arrington Performance about their supercharged LS-powered 1948 Chevy pickup that they reconfigured to run on Hydrogen!   It got tons of attention at the show, because it makes around 500 horsepower with nearly zero emissions!   Is this the future of hot rodding?   Throw in some trivia and other nonsense and you have another engaging episode of the V8 Radio Podcast!
Mike "Q" Ball Clarke and Kevin Oeste gear up for the 2021 SEMA Show and make some plans to record a V8 Radio Podcast from the show floor right in the middle of SEMA Week.   Kevin realizes this is his 25th SEMA Show, and reflects on how there is still so much to learn, see, and do for car enthusiasts.   There are a couple cool trivia questions, a few laughs, and more on this episode of the V8 Radio Podcast!
If you have been a loyal listener to the V8 Radio Podcast, you know that our Esteemed Co-Host Mike "Q-Ball" Clarke only recently got his 1967 Pontiac GTO back together after a 7-year hiatus.   Well, guess what... he's thinking about blowing it apart again!   And, some great new Automotive Trivia questions are shared, and Kevin tells Mike he sucks and his car is slow.   You really have to listen to the V8 Radio Podcast for the details!
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