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VIP Magazine presents…VIP Moments, a fortnightly podcast series in which host Bianca Luykx talks to well known Irish personalities about the defining moments in their lives, from the most memorable ones to the most challenging ones to the hands down most embarrassing ones. Tune in for in depth conversation on the moments that make us. 

3 Episodes
"A new baby and a chart-topping book!", Georgie Crawford can't believe her luck. In this chat, the wellness warrior joins VIP editor Bianca Luykx to talk about "this" special moment along with all the other VIP Moments that have shaped her and made her the happiest she's ever been.
Comedy, Relationships, Illness Comedian Deirdre O'Kane first heard the sound of applause aged three. Crazy isn't it how these early memories leave such lasting impacts? In episode 2 of VIP Moments, (but recorded as episode 1 which makes Deirdre our Virgin VIP Moment-er!) Deirdre tells us how the stage is her sacred space, how it saved her when her husband was unwell, how performing live gives her life, how applause is addictive, about wild howling Irish audiences and about Christmas poker games she'll never forget.
You in need of some wellness advice? Stay right here. Podcaster, broadcaster and OUR life coach Sile Seoige joins Bianca Luykx to talk about how vulnerability is a superpower, how your gut is your second brain and why you should never wear silk to a spa launch!
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