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THE VISIBLE ENTREPRENEUR is for launching entrepreneurs growing, scaling + monetizing their business. This is the place to come for motivation, education, comradery + support as you build your online empire. Each week we bring you actionable content, inspirational guests + exclusive gifts you can't find anywhere else. Host Michelle Lewis uses her history in Hollywood to cater visibility strategies that will work for you according to your unique personality. Having been featured in Entrepreneur On Fire, Huffington Post, Small Business Magazine + more, she is passionate about coming alongside lost + drowning entrepreneurs + putting them on a clear path of action to start seeing immediate results!
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What better way to wrap things up for 2020 than to talk about what works?And I'm specifically talking about software.I think finding tools to run our businesses more effectively are on the TOP of our Christmas list, right?In this podcast, I'll show you the top tools + softwares I used in 2020 to make things run more efficiently.Ready?Featured tools:KajabiBuzzsproutSlackSocialBeeTailwindVoxerTo recap, Kajabi, Buzzsprout, SocialBee, Tailwind, Voxer + Slack have been game-changing softwares for my business in 2020.I highly recommend taking my Streamline Masterclass so you can learn how to condense your business into an all-in-one platform!! Take the class here.
This week is going to be a little bit different.Because I can talk all day long about visibility + publicity strategies, but if you don't see it working for others too...What's the point? In today’s podcast, I've polled my Visibility Lounge members to see exactly which strategies have worked best for them in 2020.Today's Honorees:Robyn MarieDayana MayfieldRavi ToorKay BrownTo recap, success doesn't look the same for everyone. Neither does visibility strategy. But, if you tap into what works for you, the results can be truly amazing!I highly recommend taking my Streamline Masterclass so you can learn how to condense your business into an all-in-one platform!! Take the class here.
I get a lot of questions about how I've set up my blogging process - and especially how I drive traffic!Because, as we all know, it doesn't matter HOW much content you're creating if it isn't converting to subscribers and customers!But this is where a lot of us get stuck spinning our wheels.So whether you've never posted a blog before or are looking for a way to make the process even more successful...In today’s podcast, I’m going to show you my process + how I drive lot so traffic to each blog post!Today's TopicsGetting Started With Your Blogging Process Driving TrafficTo recap, finding a successful blogging process IS possible + you can drive major traffic by using Pinterest as your promotion platform.I highly recommend taking my FREE 90 Day Visibility Plan Workshop so you can learn how to create your Visibility Plan step by step!! Take the class here.
Sometimes, creating social media content can feel really confusing.What should I be posting?What will my audience like to see?How do I stay consistent with what I'm talking about AND regular posting?Getting more focus when it comes to sourcing your social media topics can really help your creative + productive process.In this post, I'll show you how to create social media content categories to soar your creativity, engage your audience + set your posts to schedule in advance.Ready?Today’s topics:WHAT IS A CONTENT CATEGORY?WRITING ENGAGING SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENTMY BATCHING PROCESS YOU CAN ADOPTTo recap, it's such a relief to know what to post, when + know you can always take time off.If you're someone struggling with your visibility + publicity, know that you're not alone. The good news? I've figured out a system that WORKS. I'll show you every single step for FREE in the video training series! Get started here.
There's a huge difference between visibility + publicity.And if you're still blissfully unaware of the difference...You could be suffering from sporadic social media, unfocused publicity campaigns + even total avoidance of the whole thing altogether.In this podcast, I'll show you the difference so you can understand how the flow is SUPPOSED to work + you can make your visibility + publicity strategies work together for the best end result.Ready?Today's topics:The Top 3 Mistakes You May Have Fallen IntoWHAT IS VISIBILITY?WHAT IS PUBLICITY?To recap, it's vital to understand the differences between Visibility + Publicity so you can successfully grow your revenue, notoriety + success in the online space.If you're someone struggling with your visibility + publicity, know that you're not alone. The good news? I've figured out a system that WORKS. I'll show you every single step for FREE in the video training series! Get started here.
Want to know how to get more confident onscreen so you can inject video strategy into your business and make sure you're connecting/building your audience? In this podcast, I'll share how I've built on-camera confidence to use video in all aspects of my biz to build audience trust!This has also led to me leading The Comfy on Camera Challenge in my community, The Visible Entrepreneur, to help hundreds of other entrepreneurs build these skills too!Ready?Today's Topics:Why You Cringe Every Time You Get On CameraBuilding Your On-Camera ConfidenceWhy You Need To Be On VideoHow To Get StartedTo recap, there are some pesky gremlins that hide behind on-camera nerves...but, with a little work, it's very easy to release those fear patterns and start getting more confident doing videos!If you're ready to start livestreaming now, I suggest you pin this so you can reference it later, then go register for my free Comfy On Camera Challenge so I can teach you how to get more confident on camera ASAP.
Is your brand color your favorite color?Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! It’s a completely natural gut-reaction to surround your online identity with the color you like the most.The problem? Our audience gets confused.They have no clue what we’re trying to communicate and, even though they can’t quite put their finger on it - they feel a bit off about us and move on. This is the worst-case scenario.After all the hundreds of hours of incredibly hard work on your site, content, social media copy and offers, the thing of nightmares is having our ideal client walk away {or click away} with an indifferent shrug.But what if there was a way to grab your audience’s attention and sidestep the normal week, month or year it takes to normally convert them into a customer just from your brand color choice?It seems crazy, but that’s exactly what I’m going to show you in this article. In today’s podcast, you’re going to learn how to step into your perfect online identity - starting with your brand color.You’re also going to learn how to subconsciously attract your ideal client, establish yourself as the go-to expert in your niche and book more publicity opportunities on autopilot.Today's Topics:Your Brand Color Has Nothing To Do With YouThe BackstoryBringing It Back To My Brand {and Yours}Your Brand Color Subconsciously Attracts or RepelsWhat to do when you’ve nailed your signature brand colorBecoming the go-to expert + attracting publicityTo recap, You’ve seen how your brand color being your favorite color could be the basis of any confusion with your audience. And you’ve also learned how to dive into diagnosing your ideal client’s biggest pain point, desired path point, and key emotion so that you can decide on your new signature brand color. This knowledge alone will give your audience so much more clarity and direction to how you can help them.  And, on top of that, you can rest easy knowing all of those hard-working hours on your website, social media and sales pages will actually start paying off!Don’t worry, I go over all of this and more in my Color Class, so you can just put your phone on speaker and listen on your drive! Also, easily find the color that will support the overall drive of your business + where you're taking your ideal client in their journey by taking the Color Quiz!
Ready to finally launch that membership site you've been thinking about for over a year?In this podcast, I'll share what I did to make it stress-free, hands-free but extremely powerful.Let's get to it!Today's topics:Build A 90 Day RunwayUse The Most Flawless SystemAutomation + ProductionTo recap, there are 3 strategic ways you can easily launch your membership site stress a 90 day runway, use the most flawless system + automate/produce.I highly grabbing taking my How To Launch Your Membership Site In An Hour so you can simplify your membership tech!! Watch here.
Want to know the 5 steps to running a successful online funnel that sells so you can run things more on autopilot + make sure you're delivering 100% value 100% of the time?In this podcast, I'll share how I've built out mine.Where I'm getting tagged in posts daily thanking me for the value I provide.Ready?Today's Topics:Start With Your Product, Not An ExperimentCreate The Opt In, Email Sequence + TripwireUse A Software That Does It For YouIf you want to be a successful CEO, register for my free Celebrity CEO class so I can teach you how to become a star in your niche in 90 days sprints!
Today is going to be radically different from what I normally talk about.I know I normally talk about the strategies of visibility + publicity, but today I felt convicted to talk to you more about the internal struggles behind visibility.Because, that's the heart behind success or failure.Sometimes we can have all the strategies in the world, but we're still feeling stuck.So whether you've had a great 6 months but are feeling stagnant, or if you're still struggling to put yourself out there...In today’s podcast, I’m going to focus on showing you how to deal with + overcome these struggles. Because I've 100% been there!Today's Topics:Why Is There A Stop Gap With Putting Ourselves Out There? The Glass DomeGiving Attracts The FutureTo recap, visibility can be a huge struggle if we don't deal with our subconscious, break the glass dome + give our money a greater mission.I highly recommend taking my How To Build Your Membership In An Hour Masterclass so you can see my affiliate funnel in action!! Take the class here.
Whenever I start with a new client, I always want to see their media list.{This is the list of podcasts, stages, publications, tv that they want to be featured in.} Nine times out of ten it's either non-existent or it's a hot mess.And I know normally you'd have to pay hundreds, if not thousands, for a program or a PR coach to show you how to do this...But in today’s podcast, I’m going to show you exactly how to get started now so you can dominate your publicity goals.Today's Topics:How To Get Started With A Media ListThe Dream FiveThe ResearchTo recap, creating a Media List can be really straightforward if you follow the steps of the Dream Five + pursue an amazing pitch plan.I highly grabbing taking my Podcast Pitch Template so you can see some example pitches!! Grab it here.
In a perfect world, our business would blow up in the first 2 days and we’ll never have to worry about money again.Ha.But I honestly do think, in our heart of hearts, we hope it will be true.What usually happens is we’re at month 6, 12 or 24...and still not generating enough revue to offset our expenses. Definitely not enough to enjoy life in any, way, shape or form.But what if it didn’t have to be that way?In today’s podcast, I’m going to break down how to build an affiliate revenue stream that can pay for your virtual assistant, ad spend or even a new vehicle!Today's Topics:Decide On Your Affiliate ProductBuild A FunnelAdvertise The FunnelKeep Track Of ThingsTo recap, adding an affiliate income stream to your business is extremely cost effective. And, if you focus on treating it as another leg of your business, you will see amazing results.I highly recommend taking my How To Build Your Membership In An Hour Masterclass so you can see my affiliate funnel in action!! Take the class here.
Over the last year, I've made a total 180 switch of how I used to do marketing.After so many years of doing the same ol' thing with promoting on social media channels, I wasn't getting the results I was looking for.My email growth was very sporadic + I knew I wanted something that was relatively hands free but consistently brought me in subscribers + sales.In this podcast, I'll show you how my switch to Pinterest changed the game for me + can do the same for you.Ready?We will cover:Why I Moved To PinterestGetting Started With PinterestWhat Metrics To Focus OnHow To Get Into The Rhythm+ moreTo recap, Pinterest is the #1 marketing platform I recommend to any entrepreneur. And, if you focus on the metrics that matter + get into a rhythm with publishing consistent content, you will see huge results.I highly recommend taking my FREE 90 Day Visibility Plan Workshop so you can learn how to create your Visibility Plan step by step!! Take the class here.
Sick of seeing your peers seeming like they're everywhere?In this podcast, I'll share my tips for looking like you're all over the internet - when you're actually only working a few hours each week on content creation.These are my secret strategies that have helped me work MUCH less harder + a lot smarter.Also known as simplifying your visibility plan!Ready?Today's Topics:The StruggleYour Visibility VehicleHow You Can OptimizeTaking a VacationBeing "Everywhere"To recap, there are a few things to consider when lasering in on your content creation so you look like you're "everywhere"...decide on a visibility vehicle, optimize your content + set yourself up for a vacation with evergreen posting.+ I highly recommend taking my FREE Video Training series so you can learn how to create your Visibility Plan step by step!! Take the classes here.
I've gotten so many question about brand videos!First of all, what exactly is a brand video?A brand video is a 2-5 minute video that showcases who you are, what your business is about, who you help + hopefully? where you give to make the world a better place.In this podcast, I'll share my tips for creating a killer brand video so you can turn your traffic into raving fans.And remember, every step you take in your visibility is another step towards lasting impact + wealth.Ready?Today's topics: How I Discovered Brand Video creationWhat If I'm Already Successful? How Do I Create One?Post It!To recap, a Brand Video is a powerful way to spread your message + help you book more publicity features. And today I covered why you should have one, how to create it + how to announce its release to the public.+ I highly recommend taking my FREE Video Training series so you can learn how to create your Visibility Plan step by step!! Take the classes here.
Want to know how to create a press page that works wonders?You don't need to wonder about what a press page is + how to create one anymore! Everyone is talking media kits, but the truth? They don't even get opened by editors anymore!A Press Page is where it's let me show you how to build one.Just like a brand video, a press page is essential in the online space!Ready?And before we dive in, I highly recommend taking my FREE Video Training series so you can learn how to create your Visibility Plan step by step!! Take the classes here.We will cover:1. What's a Press Page?2. Why Bookers Are Deleting Your Pitches3. What Goes on a Press Page?To recap, creating a powerful Press Page will act as a personal resume/portfolio in the online space so you can book features like podcasts, stages + publications be sure to build it out according to the steps I've listed + make it public!
Want to know how I simplified my business visibility strategy with time blocking?In this post, I'll take you through the concept that took me years to learn {and very few people are doing!}.You don't need to keep feeling frustrated about your lack of visibility! It's very easy to inject a successful routine with time blocking.This is one of my secret strategies that has helped me to minimize my visibility work hours, maximize my content's reach + free up a ton of my time.Ready?And before we dive in, I highly recommend taking my FREE Video Training series so you can learn how to create your Visibility Plan step by step!! Take the classes  here.1. Decide On Your Visibility Vehicle2. How Many Times Can You Publish?3. Look At Your Process Of To Do'sTo recap, time blocking your Visibility Strategy can help you start posting content more consistently, bring in more traffic to your offers + help you publish to all of your social media channels much more easily.
Hey friend! In this episode, I'm chatting all about the TRUTH behind a true publicity plan + how you can absolutely do it. Yes, you!I'll also be covering the last 3 tips of the Publicity Series.Have you enjoyed them? Here's a brief overview...#11.  Celebrate your first feature!! Highlight your first feature to your email list, social media platforms + facebook group/profile.#12. Get more consistent with your list-building, social media posting, livestreams + visibility vehicle.#13. Polish your social media channels, website + visibility vehicle.#14. Once you’re in a rhythm, add a new publicity feature type.#15. Stay accountable. Publicity is a long game...and it will need your time and energy.And, if you haven't yet, come on over to the Visibility Lounge! That's where I walk you through every single publicity strategy step by step. Join here.
Want to know the second batch of tips to start taking action with your publicity plan?In this post, I'll continue with even more publicity tips to help you succeed {and ones no one else is doing!}.These are my secret strategies that have gotten me booked on EOFire, Good Morning La La Land, TEDx, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Medium + so much more. 1. Research The Features It’s easy to list your dream features, but actually doing the research? Much harder. It's time to set yourself apart by putting the work in. The good news? So few do it that it becomes even easier to land it! I want you to take the list of features you did last week {with tips 1-5} + start finding contact details. That means the podcast host, stage booker or publication editor's email so you can send your email pitch!But, if you're really struggling with it, you can join Podcast Weekly here where I'll email you shows looking for guests every single week! 2. Submission Dates When are you going to start submitting? Let's commit! Put your submission dates on the calendar with 2 follow ups each. I want you to look at your calendar for the month + decide when you’re going to start submitting on a recurring basis. This way, it will become a habit + not so overwhelming!It’s important to hold yourself accountable - so putting it in your calendar helps you actually get it done! 3. Email Pitch TemplateYou've done the research, you have the dates in your calendar...time for the email pitch! Your email pitch is THE most important part of your publicity plan. Because this is when things either epicly succeed or terribly fail.A great email pitch hits on your knowledge of the platform, your skills + why you’re a perfect fit.For more details on the perfect email pitch, grab my Publicity Prep Package where I'll walk you through your email pitch step by step! 4. Send That Pitch! It’s GO TIME! Time to send out your first pitch! Don’t overthink it. You’ve done the research, you have a killer email pitch -- so go send it!The only difference between you and someone else booking that feature is that they sent the email!!! Then shout me out when you’re done so I can celebrate with you!5. More Pitches! Send out 2 more pitches this week. You’re on a roll keep it going! Send out two more pitches + make sure you keep track of when to follow up. Can you believe it? You’ve already sent out 3 pitches this week! GREAT JOB!!To recap, there are 5 publicity tips to help you take action with your pr plan...research the features, input submission dates, create your email pitch, send out your first pitch + then send out two more!
This week, we're going to be talking all about PUBLICITY! Inside of this episode, I'll cover my first 5 tips :)So, what's the difference between visibility + publicity? Visibility is all of the hard work you do with your blog, podcast, videos, livestreaming to get more visitors, more subscribers + more sales! Publicity is a wider scale of being seen, increasing your credibility + becoming known as THE expert in your niche.Got it? Ok. On to the tips!TIP #1: List your publicity goals.TIP #2: Create your timeline.TIP #3: Create a brand video.TIP #4: List your dream features in order.TIP #5: Build your press page {the right way!}If you want to master your publicity strategy, jump into the Visibility Lounge!, if you want to post your answers, please do! Jump into the free community The Visible Entrepreneur right here.
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