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VOA Asia presents the best and most interesting stories from our veteran reporters covering Asia. VOA Asia tells what U.S.-Asian relationships might mean in your daily life, and what Asians think about life in the United States.

310 Episodes
The US President is the target of public impeachment proceedings. Violence finds a new location in Hong's universities. Vaping is hitting a south Asian nation very hard. Wildfires threaten mass destruction in Australia.
The US President says a deal with China might be close...or maybe not. Weekday violence in parts of Hong Kong along with international calls for peace. A prisoner swap is announced in Afghanistan. A new way to hasten the quick delivery of human organs for transplantation.
Violence has increased in Hong Kong. The US high court could take up a case that could impact the future of hundreds of thousands of people brought to the United States as children illegally. Australia battle fires that threaten it's main city. A town in the US remember a fire that wiped out one town.
The ebb and flow of phase one trade negotiations. Deadly Aussie bush fires. Kashmir seeks tourists. Snacking on bugs. President Trump, three years after election.
We take a closer look at the US-China trade war, or should we not call it that? Strong words from the North Koreans for the leader of Japan. We pay a visit to Asia in America. A look at the Berlin Wall as we near an anniversary.
We will take you to what has been the most polluted city in the world. Many say the United States did not treat the Asean meeting with respect. You will hear how dangerous it is in the south of Thailand.
Concerns about the widespread use of Chinese apps. India chokes on unprecedented air pollution. Driving in Afghanistan. Tourism hit by trade and protest. Banning fur, and scooting through the streets.
Apparent Chinese spying at U.S. medical institutions. A failing grade for North Korea sanctions. Tough living in a Pakistani city. The latest on U.S. impeachment. The Berlin Wall anniversary, and walking in vegan shoes.
Protests against leadership in Pakistan and Hong Kong. North Korea sets a deadline. New Zealand speaks to its past. The power of dance to heal a nation. Senior computing training, and a surprise celebration in Washington.
The top US diplomat has his say on relationship with China. Protests in Hong Kong include seeking laws protecting sexual minorities. The Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives voted Thursday to authorize a public impeachment inquiry targeting President Donald Trump. The deaths of 39 people in the UK focus on the dangerous path of many Asian migrants into that country.
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