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Author: Dave and Austin

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Dave Chaffins and Austin O'Connor are enthusiasts of alternative americana. From cryptids like mothman to video games like Fallout. Join these West Virginia boys for a trip beyond the vault of common knowledge.
136 Episodes
Austin goes foraging while Dave brings the news! A hot steamy creature in a tree threatens Poland. A raptor goes loose in Florida. There's a full on WORMNADO! Get all those good links here!
Could Godzilla exist? I mean probably not right? RIGHT? but what about the bottom of the ocean. There's some weird stuff down there ya know. Not for me. I'm a surface dweller. I'm not aqua-man talking to animals and goofin' around with William Dafoe.
Q-tips for Moving The Dead

Q-tips for Moving The Dead


Austin loses a toe nail! Dave uses a Q-tip! How did people move dead people and whats with all this coconut carcass?? Strangeness is afoot on this week's episode!
Nights at Mothmania

Nights at Mothmania


Dave and Austin talk all things mothman in their latest ep. Dave receives a letter from mothman. Austin is afraid of finding chapstick in a drawer and is turning ET into otters!   Timestamps for this week: Hangovers and Old PC Gaming: 00:00:00 Dreaming About Alien Otters 00:13:13 Mothman Mania 00:23:12 What We Are Excited for: 01:01:16
Austin and Dave talk horror based fake baseball and a feud begins. Timestamps for this week: Dave get's a new setup: 00:00:00 Austin gets to throw up high 00:07:01 The weirdest splort Blaseball 00:23:12 What we are excited for: 01:01:16
This week's special guest is Tik Tok and Twitter sensation Tory Lanman. What's really going on at the Denver Airport? Where do they keep Rob Gronkowski? Why is Monster's Inc celebrating cannibalism? and most importantly WTF is going on in RIVERDALE???
Dave and Austin are back again for the sequel to the greatest podcast to ever hit those ear holes. This week we're introducing some new segments! We have million dollar ideas to share and things to be excited for. Battle royale and building ultra depressing cities. Our venture into tik tok delivers some interesting content
Austin and Dave are BACK! Catchup with their latest and greatest life updates. From the freezing cold of winter to Fallout 76. Get ready for the new era of Vault Boys!  Links to all the good stuff! 
Geography Arcade - Resident Evil w/ We Just Love Games
Geography Arcade - Morrowind w/ Aramithius
Geography Arcade - Star Wars Imperialism w/ Jameson 
Geography Arcade - Endemic Pokemon
Mystery Time Live - Odd Faked Deaths
Mystery Time Live - Fast Food Secrets
Mystery Time Live - Nick Cage is a Vampire
Mystery Time Live - Jejune Institute
Mystery Time Live - Revisiting Marton
The Cryptidcast - Thanksgiving Weirdness All Around
All things Christmas are here! A cat that eats children, Gnomes that steal your sausage, and demonic hell forces that Santa seems cool with that punish those on the naught list. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Baby Yoda is 2 cute 4 us. We discuss Star Wars creatures and some of their influences from the real world to the alternative world. Austin gets sick. Dave likes contests. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
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Josh Solo

good podcast boyz

Sep 24th
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