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Join Senator Ted Cruz and co-host Michael Knowles as they break down the most important news stories of the day and reveal what they mean for you. On "Verdict with Ted Cruz,” you will go behind the scenes of the political debates that define our country.

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Just two weeks before the election, Big Tech tyrants censored (read: completely hid) a bombshell story from the New York Post about Hunter Biden, and they are going to answer for it. Following his call to subpoena the Big Tech bosses to the Judiciary Committee room and following the DOJ’s decision to sue Google, Senator Cruz joins Michael Knowles to discuss why these moves are so important to the future of democracy in America and why allowing a few billionaires to have a monopoly over every means of communication is incredibly dangerous. Plus, is the Senator really a vegan?
If you watched Judge Barrett's confirmation hearings this week, you might have gotten the impression that the Democrats have given up. But something much more sinister is going on. Following the conclusion of ACB's testimony, Michael Knowles asks Senator Ted Cruz about the impotent performance by Judiciary Democrats and, more importantly, about the radical Left’s shockingly successful attempt to mainstream the idea of packing the court, an idea so outrageous that even Senator Joe condemned it before he became Candidate Joe. Plus, have Facebook and Twitter poked the bear by censoring the New York Post?
Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings are underway, and straight from the Hill, Senator Ted Cruz has the scoop. Michael Knowles joins the Senator, and together they break down the pitiful performance by Senate Democrats and what is still to come in these consequential proceedings. Plus, did ACB actually hold up Michael’s book during the hearing?
Senator Cruz comes straight from the Comey hearing on the Hill to the podcast studio where Michael Knowles joins him to discuss Comey’s J. Edgar Hoover complex, what the next three weeks will mean for confirming Judge Barrett, and Joe Biden’s inability to admit that he supports radical leftist positions. Plus, is Chris Wallace the worst debate moderator of all time?
Ep. 53 - One Vote Away

Ep. 53 - One Vote Away


On the heels of her nomination to the highest court in the land, Amy Coney Barrett is under a media microscope and the misinformation is flying. Luckily, Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles are here to separate fact from fiction. Coming straight from his meeting with Judge Barrett on the Hill, the Senator has a lot to share about the judge, the confirmation process, and what we can expect from Democrats during the fight. Plus, did “The New York Times” admit they’re actually fans of a flat tax this week?
Last week, the Senate voted on the most historic school choice legislation in American history. One of the authors of that legislation is Senator Ted Cruz. The other is Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who joins the Senator and Michael Knowles to discuss not only that landmark bill, but also the importance of re-opening America’s schools quickly.
With America already on the brink, will the battle over nominating the next Supreme Court justice put us over the edge? Senator Ted Cruz is perhaps the most qualified person in America to discuss the vacancy on the Court, the path to confirming President Trump’s nominee, and why the whole thing is so important. Plus, Michael Knowles asks the Senator to tell some of his favorite Justice Ginsburg stories.
In the historic 50th (!!!) episode of the show, Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles break down an even more historic occasion: peace in the Middle East. Why does the Israel-UAE-Bahrain deal matter, and what led to this momentous event? Your favorite podcasting pair has the answer. Plus, Senator Cruz recounts one very important cigar he shared with PM Netanyahu.
After a whirlwind week, Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles have no shortage of things to discuss! Amazingly, in almost perfect unison, Netflix releases their new child porn film "Cuties" while Governor Newsom goes to work reducing the penalties for pedophiles in California. Plus, Disney thanks the dirty communists in the CCP at the end of their new "Mulan" film. And, America's favorite podcasting senator answers the most pressing question of all: will he be taking a seat on the SCOTUS bench anytime in the near future?
What would happen if Russia gained total control over Europe’s oil supply? Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles come together to warn against the havoc that a new oil pipeline, Nord Stream 2, is poised to wreak on the world if Russia completes their metal monstrosity. Then, the Senator talks about his new legislation aimed at blocking this hostile takeover of Europe’s energy supply chain. Plus, Senator Cruz issues a shocking correction to one of the pair’s previous mailbag segments.
Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles are joined by Steve Deace, and together they spend the full show unraveling the web of coronavirus lies that Democratic politicians have been busy spinning. From death rates to ER visits and test sensitivity to contagiousness, it’s time to fact check everything you’ve been told. Plus, the truth-seeking trio sets the record straight after the DNC lauds Governor Cuomo’s pandemic performance.
Ep. 46 - Live at the RNC

Ep. 46 - Live at the RNC


In a late-night throwback to the early days of the show, Michael Knowles joins Senator Ted Cruz live after President Trump’s RNC acceptance speech. The podcasting pair not only react to the president’s speech, but also recap last week’s DNC debacle and recount the latest damage from the hurricanes pounding the southern states. Plus, our loyal audience gets the opportunity to send in live questions during the show.
Live from the belly of the beast, “Grey’s Anatomy” actor Isaiah Washington joins Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles for an inside conversation on Hollywood’s predilection for cancelling conservatives. In this episode, Washington tells the story of his walk away from the Democratic Party, details his triumphant professional journey from Houston to Hollywood, and spills the tea on Tinseltown’s dirty little (Chinese) secret.
Are Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats intentionally keeping the American people unemployed? Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles dive deep on the new coronavirus relief proposals from the Democrats and the Republicans and suggest some alternative solutions that would actually send the American people back to work. Plus, has the Left destroyed comedy once and for all?
BLM’s dirty secrets are revealed at the hands of Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles. The podcasting duo sits down to divulge shocking new information that has come to light about the Black Lives Matter organization, including direct Marxist ties, opposition to the nuclear family, and a quest to abolish every police department in America. Plus, Balaam’s donkey gets a burning question in during the mailbag segment.
Ep. 42 - A New Cold War

Ep. 42 - A New Cold War


Senator Ted Cruz spends a moment memorializing conservative titan Herman Cain and the lasting impact of his work. Then, Senator Cruz and Michael Knowles react to this shocking (or maybe not so shocking) news straight from the Hill—three out of four of the Big Tech CEOs refused to admit to Congress that China steals from American technology companies. Plus, Senator Cruz responds directly to Mark Cuban questioning his testicular fortitude.
Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf joins Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles to share inside information about the federal government’s nationwide crackdown on lawless rioters, discuss the progress of President Trump’s 30-foot-tall border wall, and explain the very real dangers of the way Nancy Pelosi and the Left demonize the police. Plus, Senator Cruz’s new name is Bob.
It's time to stop killing jobs and help people get back to work. Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles break down the Republican response to Pelosi's disastrous economic relief bill, consider the implications of petty lawmakers making a mockery of the recent hearing with Attorney General William Barr, and, most importantly, spill the tea on the Senator's Air Force Once outing.
Eric Weinstein makes history by becoming the first progressive to join "Verdict with Ted Cruz." He joins Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles in the City of Angels to discuss (and maybe even debate) the important issues of our time including free speech, gender theory, immigration, and more. In a time when genuine conversations between left and right are few and far between, this conversation among three intellects offers a glimmer of hope. Listen to "The Portal" hosted by Eric Weinstein:
Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight joins Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles in the heart of Hollywood to discuss the state of Tinseltown, his tutelage and rise to fame under the Greatest Generation of actors, and the future of the Republic in 2020 and beyond. Also, who filibustered better—Ted Cruz or Jimmy Stewart?
Comments (389)

James Hock

I am so glad you guys posted today. after listening/watching the hearings and watching the news, I needed to level off with some Verdict. Thank you!!!

Oct 16th

James Bunnell

this is a must watch u will lose your mind

Oct 14th

Gloria Critchfield

thank you for this interview. this truly needs to go viral.

Oct 4th

Brad DeShano

I'm all about school choice Ted, but it has NO BUSINESS in that bill.

Sep 26th

William Schwab

Although I don't want to trigger a confessional (I am Jewish and we focus more on repentance), the name is not pronounced Balam, rather it is Bilaam. The diacritical mark under the bais is a chirik and is pronounced with a soft i sound (unless there's a yud following). In ashkenaz pronunciation, the accent is on the first syllable. The second syllable is vowelized with a pasach and the pronunciation is halfway between a hard and soft o. Great podcast, much appreciated. Akiva Schwab

Sep 22nd

Ryan Volk

How do I submit a question for the mailbag? I don’t have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Maybe someone can ask it for me if someone else has been thinking the same thing. My question is: Why don’t federal judges have term limits? As unelected appointed officials, and with as much judicial activism we have seen from several judges over the years, where’s the accountability and checks and balances in this branch of government? From Ryan

Sep 14th

James Loar

@ 06:45 NY Yimes article ... assuming this is the one referenced....

Sep 8th

Dean Poirier

I love what the 2 of you are bringing to the show... And, as a 100% disabled Veteran, I thank you both for give us this resource!!! The UnApologetic Patriot Podcast on YouTube Salutes you Both!!!🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸

Sep 6th

James Richburg

Hollywood bought in paid for by China.

Aug 27th

Andrew S

It wasn't Ted Kaczynski, it was Timothy McVeigh (allegedly) who bombed the Oklahoma Fed building. I can't believe none of them corrected Cruz

Aug 19th

Joe Humphreys

Trump2020 Ted. Michael, great work.

Aug 18th

james Owens

I listened to Charlie Kirk's podcast "what the left really wants" and everything is really coming into perspective about the why and reason radical leftists are acting the way they do

Aug 15th

Aaron Stone

holocaust series is prescient 1st comes cancel culture&marginalization 2nd comes denial 3rd comes unrest looting & graffiti 4th comes capitulation by corporations&public 5th comes authoritarian rule 6th comes pogroms We're approaching authoritarian

Aug 15th

Nate Dolan

Excellent episode, thank you for a thought provoking and informative interview.

Aug 13th

John Hills

Ted needs to interview Alyssa Milano.....

Aug 12th

Marcus Pfeifer

Wonderful episode, thank you!

Aug 8th


Amazing episode. Can we put a megaphone on this respectful dialogue and take it away from MSM?

Aug 8th

Tyrus Edwards

Absolutely amazing episode. Thank you.

Jul 31st

Aaron Britton

One of my personal favorite episodes so far.

Jul 29th

CJ Black

Excellent!!! I so appreciate the opportunity to listen, and hear, Mr Weinstein's thoughts about our current situation. My only regret is that the podcast was too short. I hope he returns the invitation to Michael and Sen Cruz on his podcast. I was particularly struck by Mr Weinstein's perception of how and why 'the Left' reacted to Bork's nomination as they did. A glimmer of understanding was lit in my mind as a result. Thank you all.

Jul 24th
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