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In this quick Q/A episode Phylicia discusses whether sin causes sickness, why Jesus' physical body mattered to the early church, whether non-pastors should baptize, and how to choose a bible translation.
In this episode Phylicia breaks down five views of the creation narrative and how God made the world: young earth creationism, literary framework, gap theory, old earth creationism and theistic evolution. Show notes are on the blog!
In this episode Phylicia breaks down the Old and New Testament history of wine, it symbolism in Jewish literature, and the contrast of being filled with alcohol versus being filled with the Spirit.
Do Christians celebrate Sabbath? How did we change from a Saturday to Sunday day of worship? In this short episode we look at a few passage describing the heart of Sabbath, what Jesus does as the fulfillment of it, and a little history of the switch from Saturday to Sunday.
In the final episode of the marriage series Josh and Phy talk about growth as a couple: how they vision cast for the future, practical steps for getting on the same page of growth - including Sunday night planning and goal setting getaways - and what to do when your spouse isn't growing the way you wish.
What do you do when your spouse doesn't share any of your favorite leisure activities, music, or hobbies?   Josh and Phy are very familiar with this problem! In this episode they discuss how Phil. 2:4 informs our view of hobbies in marriage, how to communicate about activities, and how to grow together in having fun. They also discuss the impact of video games on marriage and how to communicate about them. 
Making friends as a married couple can be hard.     You don't always get along with your spouse's friends, you struggle to form community yourself, or you don't make time for meeting up with other couples.   In this episode of the Honest Marriage series, Josh and Phy talk about making friends of the same sex, forming relationships with other couples, and how to cultivate friendships in marriage after kids.   
It's launch week!!   In honor of The Flirtation Experiment launch on December 7th Josh and Phy revisit the original "experiment" Phy did and how Josh felt about it.   We briefly discuss Phy's reasoning for the experiment, pursuit and confidence for wives, and love languages. The book is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Christianbook and more. 
How does a couple choose a church? How do you serve when you're so busy? In this episode Josh and Phy talk about their own journey of finding and serving in church, how to choose one wisely, and the important role the body of Christ plays in your marriage.
In this episode Josh and Phy share a more personal look at our own marriage story and the succession of transitions we've been through: Unpredictable job schedules Job loss Financial setbacks Disease Surgery and more. We talk about what we learned through the hardest years of our marriage and how God guides us through difficult transitions.
How do we talk through division of labor in the home? How does parenting change marriage, and what can we do to protect our marriages when kids come along?     Josh and Phy talk through the practical answers to these questions and more in the sixth episode of the Honest Marriage series. 
In this episode Josh and Phy discuss how husbands and wives can be considerate of one another during pregnancy and postpartum seasons, why birthing classes helped Josh have compassion, and a little discussion of sex after babies! 
How do we communicate well when emotions are running high?   Phy and Josh discuss their history of dysfunctional communication and cycles of fighting, and how addressing the underlying emotions helped them reach peace.   They also talk about the benefits of marriage counseling and why counseling isn't just for crisis situations.
In this episode Josh and Phy discuss Ephesians 5 again in light of sexual immorality. They share their own testimonies of sexual sin, how they have overcome these struggles, and what boundaries are in place to walk in holiness. Sexuality resources are in the show notes on the blog.
In this episode of the Honest Marriage series Josh and Phy look at Ephesians 5 and discuss how this controversial passage has played out in their own marriage. We also discuss "spiritual leadership" and what it's like for Josh to be married to a Bible teacher.
Verity Season Five: The Honest Marriage Series   ------   Phylicia and Josh launch the Honest Marriage series with a personal look at their own marriage story, from when they started dating to their hard "middle" years and what they learned through the series of crises they faced along the way.     The Flirtation Experiment preorders are available!     Get it at
Two Views on Tithing

Two Views on Tithing


Should Christians tithe? Why or why not? We explore the biblical proofs for tithing and how different groups of Christians interpret it, including how Josh and Phy have viewed giving from their days as college students to today. Further reading in blog show notes.
Have you ever wondered why Christians fast?   We have a rich collection of examples in the bible and church history, but we don't always discuss why they were fasting in the first place!   Learn the reasons to fast and how to do so in this short episode.   Show notes on the blog.
How did Jesus accomplish salvation on the cross? What was the purpose? Scholars have attempted to answer these and other questions about the power of atonement over the course of church history, and we're looking at a few of their conclusions in this episode. We cover ransom, Christus Victor, satisfaction, government, penal substitution, scapegoat, and moral influence theories. Sources on the blog!
In this quick question and answer episode Phy chats through Sabbath, sharing the gospel with kids, prayer at mealtimes, women pastors and Marvel movie marathons.
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faith bwire

Reminds me of one of my friendships too... I realised the same thing similar... It really hurt me but am grateful to God for making me aware of all this... Only Jesus sticks more closer than a brother.... Human approvals and validations ain't our patterns... We draw from God not Men

Nov 3rd

Anita Hiebert

How does dancing fit into a christian s life?

May 3rd

K. Smith

Why would the deaf need their own Bible? They can read like everyone else. Did you mean the blind?

Jul 11th
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