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The Verity podcast is hosted by author, speaker and public theologian Phylicia Masonheimer. Covering topics of faith and culture from a biblical perspective, through a historical lens, the podcast is designed to inspire you to ask better questions, go deeper in faith, and defend your beliefs with both grace and logic.
142 Episodes
Verity Season Five: The Honest Marriage Series   ------   Phylicia and Josh launch the Honest Marriage series with a personal look at their own marriage story, from when they started dating to their hard "middle" years and what they learned through the series of crises they faced along the way.     The Flirtation Experiment preorders are available!     Get it at
Season 4 Trailer

Season 4 Trailer


The Verity with Phylicia Masonheimer podcast is BACK for it's 4th Season! In this series Phylicia is changing things up a bit with new format. She will answer some of the many "random" questions she receives on her Instagram Ask Anything Mondays events.
Women's Issues: Q & A

Women's Issues: Q & A


In this final episode of the Women's Issues series we wrap up with a question and answer you sent in from Instagram. We discuss head coverings, epidurals, gender-specific emotions, and whether or not to leave a church over its view of women. Show notes for all episodes are on the blog.
Women's Issues: Modesty

Women's Issues: Modesty


Don't cause a brother to stumble. It's a message most of us heard, at least if we grew up in purity culture. But is this what Scripture teaches about modesty? Is it just about sex and helping men stay pure? This episode delves into the issue of the "weaker brother", modesty as humility, and honoring the imago dei in ourselves and others.
Women's Issues: Work

Women's Issues: Work


This episode talks about women and work: what does Scripture say about work in and outside of the home? Is it okay for a woman to work? What cultural influences color our perspective on this topic? We get a glimpse of how Victorian culture sparked the early feminist movement and how that carries over to the church today.
Women's Issues: Feminism

Women's Issues: Feminism


Should a Christian woman call herself a feminist? Does Scripture support the feminism we see today? This episode talks about the nuanced issue of feminism, whether Jesus was a feminist, and whether or not we can admire the work of modern day feminist icons. Show notes and links on the blog at
What role can women play in the body of Christ? This is a topic of much debate in the church today. This episode breaks down some of the hard passages on women's authority, leadership and speaking. Also covered is the difference between OT and NT prophecy and how theology on spiritual gifts impacts female leadership in the church.
In this final episode of the canon series I answer your burning questions on topics I didn't get to during the last ten episodes! We cover things like paraphases and the Passion Translation, the Book of Enoch, chronological order and much more.
Where do you begin with bible study? What if you've never studied it for yourself? This episode breaks down some starter tips, hacks, and processes for getting the most out of your study time!
The King James Version has been well-loved for over 400 years. But is it the ONLY Bible version we can read? This episode breaks down the history of how the KJV was commissioned, what went into its translation, the Textus Receptus, and how to talk to friends who believe the KJV is the only way.
How does translation work? Are some translations better than others? And how did we get the English bible we have today? All this and more in this episode!
Ever wonder why the Catholic Bible has more books than Protestant versions? This episode will answer that question and many more! What Protestants call “the Apocrypha” (and Catholics call the deuterocanon) is a group of books that have caused much debate over the last few centuries! We will talk about where these books came from, why they are so controversial, and some little known facts about how they ended up in and out of Bibles over time. Short addendum about Gnostic gospels at the end!
In this episode we discuss the epistles of Paul, John, James, and more! We cover how they came to be used in the church, how early they were used and quoted, and why there was debate surrounding their inclusion. This wraps up our five-part walk through of the canonization of the bible - but wait there’s more! Next week we will discuss the Apocryphal books and the gnostic gospels. Stay tuned!
Now entering the New Testament, this episode discusses the questions surrounding reliability, timing, and authorship of the gospel accounts. Are the gospels our only way of knowing Jesus lived? What about secular testimony and connection to eyewitnesses? We discuss gnosticism and why certain “gospels” were excluded from the canon in this first of a two-part episode series on the NT canon!
In this episode, we discuss the Ketuvim: the third portion of the Hebrew Old Testament. Also known as the Writings or in Greek, the Hagiographa, this group of books is represents an different way of looking at God than do the Prophets or Torah. Writings also contains some of the more hotly debated books in the canon.
As we discuss the second section of the Hebrew Old Testament, we talk about why early authority matters for the prophetic books of the Bible, what books were contained in the original list of “prophets”, and why prophetic canon matters for Christians today.
In this episode we discuss the authority of Torah, or Pentateuch - the first five books of the Bible! We chat about JEDP theory, whether or not Moses authored the book, and why it was considered authoritative for Israel. This is a very detailed episode so be ready to take notes!
In this episode, we talk about the three “Is” of the Bible: Inspiration, inerrancy, and infallibility. We also talk about the meaning of canon, why it matters, and how authority of Scripture affects us today.
What if we stopped consuming “pink fluff” teaching? It would change us - but it would also change our world! In this episode, Phylicia talks about how a deep spiritual life transforms community, motivates evangelism, and equips the saints. We spend the second half talking about the nature of evangelism, what it looks like, and why every Christian is called to share her faith.
If we view ourselves as unworthy, we act unworthy. The world knows this, so it approaches shame from a self-centered perspective - if we love ourselves more, we will feel shame less… right? But how many of us have seen that repeating “you’re worthy” doesn’t remove the sting of what we’ve done, or resolve the pain of who we used to be?   In this episode we talk about what shame is, how loving ourselves doesn’t remove it, and why trusting God’s word about your identity is the key to freedom.   Mentioned: The Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent  
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Jessica Wipf

I am so pumped for this series!

Nov 28th

faith bwire

Reminds me of one of my friendships too... I realised the same thing similar... It really hurt me but am grateful to God for making me aware of all this... Only Jesus sticks more closer than a brother.... Human approvals and validations ain't our patterns... We draw from God not Men

Nov 3rd

Anita Hiebert

How does dancing fit into a christian s life?

May 3rd