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Author: Kurtis Conner

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Hey, I'm Kurtis. This is my weekly podcast where I talk about stuff I think is funny. Enjoy!
68 Episodes
It's episode 68! We're almost at the funny haha number! This week, we talk about my first VidCon experience, waking up screaming, flight attendants, and so much more!  @kurtisconner rate & review the pod please!
Hey guys sorry for the lack of episodes lately! Been travelling a lot but will try to get back on a normal schedule. Enjoy this episode where we catch up on everything and talk about a really lame thing I did when I was a kid! @kurtisconner please rate and review the podcast!
It's episode 66! This week: we talk me almost getting the shit beaten out of me in high school, the Toronto Raptors parade, my new computer, and SO MUCH MORE! don't forget to rate & review the podcast!  @kurtisconner
FOLKS it's episode 65! This week, we talk about my first YouTube collab, me being a dumbass at the Apple store, golfing, and we get into a deep conversation about pool and food. Enjoy!  @kurtisconner
It's episode 64! (attempt 2) Last week's audio got all messed up, but we're back on track! This week we talk about a bunch of fun stuff and I answer some questions from you guys! don't forget to rate & review the podcast! @kurtisconner
It's episode 63! This week, we talk about YouTube drama, Mage Babies, how the world is ending, and so much more!!  please rate & review the podcast! @kurtisconner
Episode 62: Like A Torrent

Episode 62: Like A Torrent


It's episode 62! This week, we talk about parking tickets, Avengers, skiing, people using memes for too long, and we learn about coffee enemas.  @kurtisconner don't forget to rate & review the podcast!!!
This week, we talk about some childhood stories, Easter weekend, old toy commercials, my neighbour getting mad at me, pointless talk show interviews, and I answer some of your questions!!!  @kurtisconner Don't forget to rate & review the podcast!
Episode 60: Comedium

Episode 60: Comedium


hey guys sorry about the audio on this one; it's a little off because I was using my new mic wrong. next episode sounds so good though i promise! this week, we talk about Coachella, parallel parking, Dave & Busters, Greg Kinnear, degrees, getting super ripped, and so much more! don't forget to rate & review the podcast!! @kurtisconner
Episode 59: Divorce My Feet

Episode 59: Divorce My Feet


hear the episodes a week early here: IT'S EPISODE 59!!! This week, we talk about my trip, annoying airplane rides, mooning, and MUCH MORE! I also answered some of your guys' questions!! don't forget to rate & review the pod! @kurtisconner
Comments (13)

Haylee Robinson


Jun 28th

Sarinah Anthony

This podcast straight up made me look like a complete psycho at work dude woah 🤣🤣🤣 im cryinnn

May 29th



May 22nd


I just wanted to drop this here, you'll never see it and thats ok but THANKS for reminding me about art attack holy fuck, I am also canadian

May 17th

Bethan Johnson

yee yee

Apr 23rd

Alexis Barajas

should I start at the first episode or is it ok to skip around?

Feb 20th

Sven Garison

honestly one of my favorite pods kurtis is just a genuinely funny guy 10/10 👍👍

Feb 11th

Aloysius O'Hare

the very really high podcast

Jan 25th

Lilli Mendoza

new year new yee yee

Jan 16th

Ylva Margrethe Andreassen


Jan 13th


gimme kurtis connor gimme kurtis connor

Jan 3rd

penney sahanatien

wtf. what a wimp!!

Dec 31st


keed doin these dude

Dec 24th
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