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Author: Kurtis Conner

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Hi, I'm Kurtis Conner. Every week, I talk about stuff that I think is funny. Enjoy!
105 Episodes
Episode 108: PooTube

Episode 108: PooTube


This week, we talk about Ellen Degeneres, The Stokes Twins, the lost Netflix intro sound, Jake Paul and the FBI, and so much more!!! NEW VRG MERCH THIS FRIDAY rate & review!! #veryreallygood
Russell Hartley made a response video to defend himself after the things I said in my video. So for episode 107 of my podcast, I decided to sit down and go through his rebuttal to see what the fuss is all about. Enjoy!   rate & review!!!!!
This week, we figure out what's in Dr. Pepper, I rank every single 1D song, we go into the doghouse, check into the Clown motel...and so much more! rate and review!!! #veryreallygood
This week, we look at Aidan Gallagher's response to me, we talk about arm wrestling, we look up untrue facts about me on the internet, and we look at some shitty TikToks...and MUCH MORE!! like, comment, subscribe all that #veryreallygood
It's episode 104! This week, we talk about that awesome James Charles singing video, Shane Dawson, The National Enquirer, I give advice, and so much more!   rate & review if you enjoyed it!   to be on the advice segment: #veryreallygood
This week, I sat down with my friend and fellow TikTok GOD, StrawHatDan. This was actually the first time we talked to each other outside of Instagram DM's so this was basically an interview about content creation, being a TikTok creator and longevity of platforms. Had a few audio issues at the end but it's all good!!! Nobody's perfect!!!   follow strawhatdan:   email for advice segment:   #veryreallygood
HEY FOLKS we're back and we got another guest!! Chris Klemens has been a very good friend of mine for years now and he's genuinely one of the kindest, funniest, most hard-working people I have ever met, so I sat down with him and we talked about burnout, pink bears, and so much more! We also answered some of your advice questions from last week!   follow chris:   email if you need advice with something!   #veryreallygood
Episode 101: NUM

Episode 101: NUM


This week, we talk about Zoey 101, the JK Rowling situation, Spongebob, Dave Matthews Band arguments, a hot & heavy country TikTok, and I read some of YOUR embarrassing stories! Enjoy!   email me for advice:   like & comment & subscribe if you want to!   #veryreallygood
BLACK LIVES MATTER   IT'S EPISODE 100! Thank you for the support on the podcast over the years. When I started doing these, I didn't think I'd do more than like ten episodes but you guys have shown so much love these past few years, and I'm so happy that so many of you guys listen every week. Gonna have way more guests soon and I'm so excited to keep making this podcast better and better. To celebrate 100 episodes, I sat down with my beautiful girlfriend, Jenna Allard; and we talked about a whole bunch of stuff and answered some of your guys' questions! Enjoy!   follow Jenna:   FOR NEXT WEEK'S EPISODE: Email me your most embarrassing moment/story - #veryreallygood
THE FINAL DOUBLE DIGIT EPISODE! Enjoy!    #veryreallygood 
IT's episode 98! This week's guest is the super talented, extremely funny, and very my friend...Drew Gooden! We sat down for an hour and caught up, shot the shit, and talked about some fun stuff! Hope you enjoy! follow drew: rate & review if you want to!   #veryreallygood
It's the 97th episode! This week, we talk about polos, Aidan Gallagher, fry duty, we watch a very shitty TikTok, and I answer some of your twitter questions!   Rate & review if you want to!   #veryreallygood
Episode 96: Code Todd

Episode 96: Code Todd


This week, we talk about Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, PETA's article about Animal Crossing, my graham cracker conundrum, and we watch an especially shitty TikTok of the week! rate & review if you want to!   #veryreallygood
It's episode 95! This week, we talk about the Metro Station song "Seventeen Forever", the Morgz diss track on his mom, pointless tweets, and so much more!!!   rate & review!    #veryreallygood
It's episode 94!! We've got a special guest this week!!! I had a nice chat with my good buddy Danny Gonzalez about clay pigeons, Brita filters, Mario Kart levels, Masterclass ads, and SO MUCH MORE!   follow Danny:   follow me if u want to:   #veryreallygood   rate & review!!! share on ur story if u want!
Episode 93: Pawtrón

Episode 93: Pawtrón


This week, we talk about the best prank you could ever pull, crying Pokemon, the iDubbz fiasco, and growling boys.   rate & review if you want! #veryreallygood #kurtisconner
Episode 92: Chai Lap

Episode 92: Chai Lap


This week, we talk about SPILLING TEA, electronics, Halloween costumes, the new Dobre Brothers & Lil Pimp song, we watch possibly the worst TikTok of all time, and so much more!    rate & review if you want to!   #kurtisconner
It's episode 91! This week, we discuss the sorting hat, the celebrity "Imagine" video, unorthodox hypothetical marketing techniques, and we watch some particularly gross TikToks! Enjoy!   rate & review if you like it!    stay safe 
IT'S EPISODE 90! We're going the social distance this week as we talk about spitballs, Harry Potter rewrites, snowmen, and some really bad TikToks. Enjoy!   Rate & review!    @kurtisconner
Episode 89: Dog Wings

Episode 89: Dog Wings


NEW TOUR DATES @ KURTISCONNER DOT COM   This week, we recap my Wild Wild Midwest Tour, I find the cure for Coronavirus, we look at a very fun toy, and I get really self conscious!    Rate & review the podcast!! Put it on your story! Do whatever you want!!!    @kurtisconner     
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you should watch and play Danganronpa

Apr 23rd

UwU Monster

love it

Apr 22nd

YeganeH R

i love that i can't tell if you're guys joking or being serious😂😂

Apr 15th

Helena Rudd

yooo the Monster By Mistake theme song just took me back to my childhood, what a TRIP

Mar 12th

Kylie Brenton

For some reason I didn't hear you say you're coming to Dallas, Tx 🤔 watch out tho! you might spot a country boy making a tiktok!!

Feb 18th

Imogen Dunn

Dude, peter parka

Jan 19th

Sadie Wright gibson

ggggghhhaaoouii best title

Sep 2nd
Reply (2)

Harry Morales

can I get a yee yee

Aug 14th
Reply (1)

Jared Simpson

Hilarious, respectful and easy to jump in at any episode. It's a great way to pass the time. Go YYU!

Aug 7th

Haylee Robinson


Jun 28th

Sarinah Anthony

This podcast straight up made me look like a complete psycho at work dude woah 🤣🤣🤣 im cryinnn

May 29th



May 22nd


I just wanted to drop this here, you'll never see it and thats ok but THANKS for reminding me about art attack holy fuck, I am also canadian

May 17th

Bethan Johnson

yee yee

Apr 23rd

Alexis Barajas

should I start at the first episode or is it ok to skip around?

Feb 20th

Harry Morales

honestly one of my favorite pods kurtis is just a genuinely funny guy 10/10 👍👍

Feb 11th

Aloysius O'Hare

the very really high podcast

Jan 25th

Lilli Mendoza

new year new yee yee

Jan 16th

Ylva Margrethe Andreassen


Jan 13th


gimme kurtis connor gimme kurtis connor

Jan 3rd
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