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In this final episode Debbie shares messages from the Akashic Records to help usl rebalance and reclaim our sovereignty in uncertain times. Standing in you power has never been more important or more needed in our world.
Kate McGuinness has dealt with incredible loss in her life and yet has some how managed to keep her head up and carry on. In this episode Kate shares her gripping story along with tips and tools to understand your confidence and access your natural resiliency.
Guest, Angie Monko, shares her story of grief and loss of a precious daughter, Maddie, and how she's been able to carry on in her daughter's honor and forgive herself for not being the perfect mom.
We are in the midst of a huge shift in human consciousness. The old ways are deconstructing, making room for emergent life-sustaining ways of living. The children being born today have a higher consciousness and need different kinds of support and education. If we are able to meet them halfway, they have incredible wisdom and solutions to the problems of our time.
Stagnant emotions can seriously get in the way of being a vibrant and powerful mom. In this episode Debbie shares 5 great ways to get your emotions flowing.
Are you so busy trying to create a world that feels safe and secure that youve lost sight of your Divine Destiny? If so, you are not alone. Over the last several years, it has become apparent that many people remain disconnected from their divine reason for being and as a result are feeling lost, empty, angry or otherwise bothered. In this light-hearted episode Susan Hoskins and Debbie provide practical ideas to get you back on track starting today.
This week I invited back Susan Hoskins so the two of us could share our thoughts, tips and strategies for dealing with challenging situations such as COVID-19. This is an important time in history and we want to make sure you are able to take full advantage.
My good friend, oracle, and guest on this weeks show, Elizabeth Locey, is an incredibly gifted channeler with direct access to the Akashic Records. In November 2019, I asked her to come on my show and share information about the Divine Feminine. We had no idea how relevant that message would be for these challenging times.
There are a lot of things happening in the world right now that can make you feel vulnerable and concerned for yourself and for your child's future. Yet, living in a place of fear is exhausting, damaging to your vibrancy and totally unnecessary. Today I want to share what I mean by this and give you ideas you can use right away to start reclaiming your power and moving forwards fearlessly.
Jamie Lerner ldiscusses the joys and freedom to move about the world without having a point of view (judgment) about what anyone else is saying or doing. The entire point of allowing is to feel good as we flow from one loving moment to the next creating unconditional relationships along the way.
Building strong relationships can be a challenge especially when dealing with all the dynamics found within a family. My guest this week, Cheryl Bassitt, shares how your family can unwrap 4 gifts that will help you build a foundation of trust and become a team - a team that knows exactly how to listen, respect, support and celebrate one another.
In this episode, Maggie shared a format she has created called Heart Opening Communication Circles that can be used in any relationship and is especially effective for families, groups, and even organizations. Tune into the show to learn how to start these circles and about the incredible relationships that result from adopting this kind of communication.
The power of connection is a critical part of any relationship, organization or community. In this episode, Maggie and I talk about two of the three types of connection critical to creating a life filled with peace, joy and harmony, namely; your connection with your eternal self and your connection with your loved ones.
Are you ready to learn the secret to accessing your divine wisdom so that you can use that knowledge to live life to its greatest potential? In this episode, Debbie explains the difference between 2 very important parts of yourself and helps you understand why it's important you consciously decide which oneto put in charge.
We actually have a choice to see the Light, the silver linings, in our struggles because life is happening 'for' us, not 'to' us. When we shift from seeing ourselves as victims and become the objective observers of our lives, we will go into our days facing life head-on, in a calm, resilient, offensive position.
How good are you at attracting what you want into your life and fully trusting that whatever comes your way is perfect? My guest this week, Dina Marais, helps people learn to trust, let go, accept, surrender, appreciate...and so much more.
In honour of February being I Love to Read Month, I thought it would be nice to have someone come on the show that specializes in reading. To my delight, who should cross my path, but a 70-year-old man named Craig Collins, who has been helping people previously unable to read, become fluid readers in only 2 hours!
February 4th, 2018 was World Cancer DayIn this interview, David and Tamara will provide quick and easy mindful tips you can use to decrease anxiety and overwhelm and feel grounded and calm. They'll also share a breath technique that'll haveyou blissed out pronto.
Learn how to reconnect to your authentic feminine power! In this interview, Karen Parker talks about how Human Design can help you live a more aligned and authentic life as a woman and a mother, and how to step into the irreplaceable role you're meant to play in the world.
Jean Haner, says that the features of our face can tell us many incredible things about a person, such as; personality, need for exercise, how nurturing we are even whether or not you are good a remembering names! Tune in to find out how learning to read faces can help you be an excellent mom.
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