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We have rough gaming skills, but smooth voices on the Video Games NOW Podcast. Join Rodney and Will and a barrage of guests as we discuss current news in the world of gaming. We’ll review games and breakdown the good, bad and unwanted mechanics, game play elements and Story for you to make the call on if it’s good or trade-able. 

What sets us apart from the rest? We are an uncensored podcast that shows the true frustration, excitement and disappointment that the average consumer feels on everyday gaming sessions. We would like to build a community around what really brings us together which is ultimately video games! Be sure to also check out our website at to find all of our content and social media links!

99 Episodes
Rodney and Bradley complain and discuss all the games that are getting delayed right now. And we have some killer PS5 leaks that will blow your pants clean off your body!Remember we have a contest on facebook that could net you a custom esports jersey with your gamer tag on it! go to our website for details
Rodney and Cole excitedly talk about the newly announced expansion pass for Pokemon Sword and Shield. What could we find in the game with this content expansion? We explore this option on another VGN Podcast
Rodney and Cole have spent the last 5 straight days playing Strange Loop Games latest project called ECO, This game is absolutely amazing. Join us as we talk about our experience playing the game! Oh yeah and PS5 showed off their new logo... but don't get excitedRemember to head over to our Facebook page to take part in our contest where you can win a custom esports jersey. The contest ends February 2nd 2020
Rodney, Cole and Bradley Join forces to review the year that was a total failure in gaming, 2019 We'll look back on what didn't work and also look forward with a discussion on GTA 6. We'll also look back on the funniest moments of the Video Games NOW Podcast of 2019.In this podcast we announce our 100th Episode giveaway as well!
Rodney and Cole get into the holiday spirit with discussions about in game events to celebrate! We also talk about other random christmas things
Rodney and Bradley discuss the Game awards 2019 and the new Xbox console revealed at the event called Xbox Series X... What ever the hell that is.
Rodney is Solo on this episode of the podcast and he kills it bring you news, the recent update on clash of clans and his review of halo Reach. Join us in a few weeks where we are announcing a special contest for our 100th episode. You will see the details pop up on our website as well. Head over to our website for this weeks poll on your game of the year choice
Rodney and Will discuss their frustrations and thrills of Call of Duty Modern Warfare before the big season update. We also talk about the update, and Halo Reach for PCJoin us on our Facebook page for fun chatter and weekly polls
Rodney is joined by Cole and Bradley to talk about Star-wars and the Game Awards
Will and Rodney Make up for missing last week with a killer podcast on X019 and pokemon sword and shield
Rodney and Will talk about Luigi's Mansion 3 and all the gooie goodness with that! X019 is right around the corner, can we expect big news from Microsoft?
Will and Rodney Squad up and discuss COD: MW as well as Outer Worlds
Rodney and Bradley like true ADD fashion cant stay on topic for the Game Awards but your in for hilarious stuff like Behind the Scenes in the film industry, Hobo's Underbellies and MILF's
Rodney, Will and Cole are back and intriged with Epic on their Fortnite Black Out! We also discuss Everything available to us for Pokemon Sword and Shield, and Halo Infinite's lead producer leaving the team.
Rodney discovered a new FPS game called Hell Let Loose. Cole joins the show to share his experiences with this new squad based massive multiplayer game from BlackMatter
Rodney, Will and Cole chat about the Untitled Goose Game. Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta and share some inside experience with the Movie Industry
Borderlands 3 has been out for a weekend now and the Full Pull VGN Team is here to talk about it. Join us while we rag on Mark, Talk about literally everything but Borderlands 3
Will and Rodney talk about 5 games that we think for sure you never knew were in development. But Rodney has had 1 too many so his judgement is a little off
What started with a friendly podcast covering the Nintendo Direct from September 4th. Turned into a downward impidimp spiral of hilarity. You don't want to miss this one!
Rodney, WIll and Cole talk about current games they are playing and a bunch of other random fun times. WoW Classic is out and we talk about the nostalgia factor.
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