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Current film industry workers Will and Rodney are NOW flexing their gaming muscles, Join us as they talk about what is current with the video game industry from a consumer standpoint. Game talk, news, reviews, discussions, jokes and more! Be sure to also check out our website at to find all of our content and social media links!
83 Episodes
Borderlands 3 has been out for a weekend now and the Full Pull VGN Team is here to talk about it. Join us while we rag on Mark, Talk about literally everything but Borderlands 3
Will and Rodney talk about 5 games that we think for sure you never knew were in development. But Rodney has had 1 too many so his judgement is a little off
What started with a friendly podcast covering the Nintendo Direct from September 4th. Turned into a downward impidimp spiral of hilarity. You don't want to miss this one!
Rodney, WIll and Cole talk about current games they are playing and a bunch of other random fun times. WoW Classic is out and we talk about the nostalgia factor.
Will and Rodney Discuss Gamescon 2019 plus more random thoughts
Will Returns!! Let's discuss what a disappointment 2019 has been for games. Then Let's Discuss the games that we hope will redeem the year like Luigi's Mansion 3 and More. The Biggest game we are looking forward to is Greed fall. We will break down the gameplay trailer so you know exactly what you are getting into!
Rodney has just recently played through Wolfenstein New Order and New Colossus. I thoroughly enjoyed both those games and I could not wait to try Youngblood. However, when I heard that it was a co-op game. That got me a little concerned. Here is the Video Games NOW Review of Wolfenstein Youngblood.
Cole is beyond excited for Gears of War 5 and We are talking about the tech demo and the game as a whole. Join us for some GoW Discussions. We talk about new weapons, Gameplay and Overall thoughts of the Versus Mode of Gears of War 5
Will returns with Rodney to talk about Borderlands 3 and Greed Fall!
Rodney and Returning Guest Adam rave about wolfenstein and Rainbow Six Siege.. Hole lee fook these are good
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