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Author: Casey Regan, Jamie Kennedy, Josh Roth, Greg Hanson and King Pizza Records

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Welcome to Video High. Here, our teacher is always hung over and putting on a movie. Join hosts Casey Regan, Jamie Kennedy (no, the other one), Greg Hanson, and Josh Roth at the school where the rejects rule so they can take you down the rabbit hole of remarkably offbeat cinema. Class is now in session.
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Ep #27: Body Beat

Ep #27: Body Beat


Loosen up those feet and dirty up those dance shoes. This week, the classmates dance, dance, dance to the radical rhythms of BODY BEAT (1988) (known in the rock world as DANCE ACADEMY). INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
Ep #26: The Stranger

Ep #26: The Stranger


Don't let being dead get in the way of your dreams, kids. After kickboxing the whole world five times over, Kathy "The Punisher" Long rides into town as THE STRANGER (1995) to show Video High there's nothing you can't do with a mean right hook, a script full of one-liners, absolute omniscience, and other ill-defined ghost powers. INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
Happy one year at Video High, classmates!! Join us as we stroll down memory lane and watch the 'sequel' to our first assignment: Strike Commando 2. INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
Roberta Findlay's legacy in cinema has been reclaimed as a feminist auteur, despite staunch opposition from Roberta Findlay. But does this work-a-day cinepornographer have a horror classic in her oeuvre? Only THE ORACLE (1985) knows! Occult mysticism, murderous tchotchkes, problematic nonbinary representation, bongo solos, and over the top New York accents are in your future. And filmmaker Sav Smith (@transsexualicon) joins the class to help us find some #JUSTICEFORPAPPAS. INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
A squadron of absolute aces captained by Roger Corman, a young Tobey Maguire, an old Mickey Rooney, and a wisecracking haunted doll came together to pilot this hard PG family comedy with a body count. Michael McDonald of MadTV fame wrote a script full of punderful one-liners for the reincarnated Red Baron to quip while he mows down the rest of the cast. Take to the skies or face the Teutonic terror of the REVENGE OF THE RED BARON (1994)! INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
To sleep - perchance to dream. To dream of KADAICHA (1988)! This week, class has a bone to pick with our classmates down under. We'll learn about the birds & the bees and all the OTHER deadly wildlife while we're at it.
Ep #22: Funland

Ep #22: Funland


You're not gonna wanna miss opening day at Funland (1987), a true bait-and-switch sideshow oddity that's sure to give you a bit of coulrophobia (and spoiler - Josh has got it bad!). So don't be a JOKER and bite the big one! INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
After nearly being inducted into Lucifer's Gangland army, we caught up with director and PM Entertainment stalwart ART CAMACHO and talked about working with Coolio & Ice-T, running two major action set pieces without assistants, no-show actors, and horny monkeys! 
This land is your land, this land is GANGLAND (2001), a desolate wasteland crawling with mutants, disease, a red-eyed ubermensch named Lucifer and his wannabe brother Damien. It's also DEFINITELY starring Ice-T and Coolio. It says so on the box. From the backlot city, to the vine swamp lairs. Round house kicks for you and me. We held back Justin Ferraro for another lesson in nonsense population destroying plagues. It's his field. He also makes music, so be sure to listen to The Rizzos, Lowboy, and Half Moon. INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
We’re back! with an episode 65 million years in the making. Roger Corman, the T-Rex of t-rash, spared every expense to beat Jurassic Park to the box office—and WON. The nihilist's lizards-run-amok classic, CARNOSAUR (1993) raises two raptor claws in the shape of middle fingers to Spielberg’s legacy and says “Oh yeah? Well we have Laura Dern's mom rip a baby dino out of herself!" The debate gets heated when JUSTIN FERRARO, a musician behind some of your favorite podcast outro tracks, collides like an extinction level meteor into Video High! Check out Justin's killer bands: The Rizzos - Lowboy - Half Moon INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
We just know you're going to go APE (1976) over this ep! Welcoming our guest kaiju speaker Garrett Stiger, the class tackles cinema's baddest sinister simian. Kneel before your true king!
We loved "ACTION USA" so much, the whole class got in our sleek one and caught up to the movie's goodlooking lead, GREGORY SCOTT CUMMINS. The star of "Hack-o-Lantern", "Caged Fury," and "Dead End City" tells Video High about the joys of going from gridiron to grindhouse, putting on the network TV black hat, bringing friends back from the dead, and being choked out by The Boz. He's had a prolific career, but can he survive our crossfire questions? Don't miss Gregory Scott Cummins in Season 7 of "BOSCH" out this Spring on Amazon Prime! Instagram | Twitter | Facebook
Ep #18: Action USA

Ep #18: Action USA


Other movies may say they have heart but ACTION USA (1989) rips that out and sends it home to mama. It's a barrage of bullets, broken bones, and bravado set to screaming, frenetic guitar solos. By land, by air, by any means necessary!
Ep #17: Neon City

Ep #17: Neon City


Take a walk on the Ironside with the VH class -- next stop NEON CITY (1991)! Madder than Max, this DTV flick is DTF and looking for a little action on the wasteland.
After this...interesting year, class goes on a special field trip to find out how movies depict the coming 2021. And if our calculations are correct, we may soon all be shouting for room service.
Deck those halls and strap in for 1964's best Wizard of Oz ripoff THE MAGIC CHRISTMAS TREE, the holiday season's most mind-bending 59 minute journey from Halloween to Jesus' birthday that'll have you wishing for more. 
Ep #15: A Gnome Named Gnorm

Ep #15: A Gnome Named Gnorm


Move over Django, cause this G ain't silent. Tunneling up from the depths of our childhood psyches is A GNOME NAMED GNORM (1990). This Z'Dar studded buddy cop fantasy flick pairs Anthony Michael Hall with a furry friend who's got a different kind of po-po in mind. Take a little trip and see a horned up good-sized ground dweller come to life in monster maestro Stan Winston's madcap masterpiece. Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram
Rub-a-dub-dub. Thanks for the blood. Amen. This gobbleday season, we tear into the definitive 1970s Christian anti-drug parable cautioning against a life of sex, drugs, and turkey meat. What happens if our American appetites are turned against us in the form of a bloodthirsty man-sized Turkey beast? Director Brad F. Grinter asks this and many other incredibly specific questions in BLOOD FREAK (1972). Joining us at the big kids table this Thanksgiving is a friend as good as family, artist and winner of the wishbone pull Chloe Medghalchi. Check out her paintings on Instagram @lil.somethin Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter 
Ever consider switching between two movies on two different channels and trying to piece the plots together? THE POWER OF NINJITSU (1988) beat ya to the punch, friend! One of Godfrey Ho's ninjified gangster pickups had the class parsing out the physics of a sword fight wearing all leather...
Ah, November in an election year. Another HauntedWeen has come and gone. Now a new age of terror potentially begins - or ends, depending on who you ask. But like true Americans, VIDEO HIGH has done some extra credit so you have something to listen to while you vote. We got new thoughts, a couple mea culpas, chewing sounds, political intrigue, and we finally get the grapes to drag the Star Wars prequels. Enjoy some unabashed silliness, then FIND YOUR LOCAL POLLING PLACE AND GET OUT TO VOTE: Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Soundcloud
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