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The Video stores maybe all gone but Video Rangers is still open for business . Join us as we discuss the best and worst films from the 70s 80s and 90s as well as Classic tv shows. So be kind rewind sit back and enjoy.
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The Video Rangers Variety Hour is back with a few song and dance numbers and edge of your seat entertainment absolutely FREE! Chris Ranger goes back into his youth to remeber a local street gang known as the Get Nice Crew and decides he hates Eric Stoltz. The Rangers re-cast the Breakfast Club with other members of the Brat Pack. The Bradys are back on TV. Are the Video Rangers hypocrites? Alf, Mr. Belvedere, Punky Brewster, Mamas Family, oh my!
The Rangers are back and ready to hit the slopes. From the creators of Police Academy (well Pauls here) its the patrol thats out of control, 1990's Ski Patrol. A comedy with flakes perfect for a weekend rental. Hold on to your ski poles, and get ready to slide down a black diamond of comedic proportions. But are Eddie Martinez, Iceman and Jerry Cramer the best threesome this side of Tackleberry, Jones, and Mahoney? Suicde or Zed? Captain Harris or Murray? What will Chris Ranger say next? all this and more in this fun filled fruit rollup episode of the Video Rangers Podcast.
Welcome to a turkey day sex comedy extravaganza. Mike Ranger is gonna cook up trailers to 10 movies for you to stuff deep inside your Turkey. 10 wacky sex comedies you can watch this Thanksgiving guaranteed to keep you Up All Night!! Make the popcorn, lock your bedroom door and keep a clean up towel handy fire up the VCR and join us for a Video Rangers Thanksgiving. Be sure to grab a copy of Teen Movie Hell by Mike Mcpadden the official Teen Movie guide of The Video Rangers Podcast .Teen Movie Hell: A Crucible of Coming-of-Age Comedies from Animal House to Zapped!
The Rangers are back just in time for Frightober and what a spooktacular episode it is. This time the Rangers cover a episode from season 6 of Growing Pains called Happy Halloween. When a terrible storm hits Long Island the Seavers are forced to spend Halloween indoors and they share some ghost stories to pass the time. Join the tricks and treats as the Rangers talk Links Awakening, a Gamestop debacle, and a mini Summer Of Smut segment. Happy Halloween from The Video Rangers Podcast.
The Movie Madness Podcast and The Video Rangers join forces to come up with their top 5 favorite TV theme songs. Earlier this year Mike Ranger joined Doug on the Movie Madness Podcast and we are happy to feature that episode on our show. Doug did a great job putting this episode together and we hope you like it. Be sure to check out the Movie Madness Podcast where ever you get your podcasts.
Welcome to Ranger Talk, a grab bag of topics thrown around at random making for one of the most relaxed conversations the Video Rangers have had with the mics on. Mike Ranger talks about the latest games added to the Nintendo Switch Online Service. Chris Ranger shares some of his Empty Nest knowlege. Breakfast Club 2, and midgets behind Pizza Hut?
The Rangers are back in this experimental episode where the audio issues are as plentaful as the laughs. Mike and Chris Ranger lament about classic films Like Twins, Back To The Future and First Blood. Mike Ranger talks about 3 games you should play right now on your Nintendo Switch. Chris Ranger is a Mario Kart Wii celeberty. Then it gets really weird with a glimpse into Chris Rangers dream journal.
The Summer Of Smut returns! So we decided to pop our cherry with a smutty classic of in appropriate proportions, Little Darlings 1980, but don't let the title fool you. This summer the bet is on and whoever looses their virginity first, wins. Join in on all the fun and meet a 15 year old girl who can out smoke Dan Haggerty. The Rangers get some mail from their pen pal in Pittsburgh and Mike Ranger talks about a book written by Mike McPadden called Teen Movie Hell which is a must have for any fans of the Teen Movie genre.
The Video Rangers are back and that means Bad News for your ears. Its baseball season and this year we are celebrating americas past time with a true classic, The Bad News Bears 1976. Mike and Chris remember their Little League experience. The Sweathogs are training for a Royal Rumble with Bayside High. Chris Ranger talks to our listeners about safety standards and the Rangers answer more questions from their pen pals.
The Rangers return with their Power Gloves in hand to talk about some of their worst video game purchases and rentals. Mike Ranger finally beats Super Mario Bros 3. Chris Ranger remembers Chinese gum. Ninja Gaiden is hard but Castlevania 3 may be impossible. Mike finds a Nintendo Power Pad, and the Rangers answer listener questions. Chris has a Forest Gump theory and this time the Rangers go too far and Infirmary Media had to step in and censor the podcast before its pulled off the internet and Mike and Chris lose their day jobs.
The Rangers return with a jammed packed episode featuring everthing from the new Star Wars trailer to the Poison Ivy franchise. Mike Ranger doesnt follow modern movies and thinks Billy Dee has been dead for years. The Rangers talk about Stallones work after Rocky in 1976 and Chris has a idea for a new Rambo movie. The Rangers love the Golden Girls, Square Pegs and find out the facts of life about butt stuff. Can we talk about American Gladiatiors?
The good ol' boys have returned to cover the entire 7th and final season of the hit tv show The Dukes Of Hazzard. The Rangers climb into the old General Lee and jump all over this horrible season as they go threw the plots from all 17 episodes. Grab your daisy dukes and don't forget those store bought staples we're going to Hazzard County.
Have you ever watched an episode of Three's Company and said to yourself well I'd love to see Jack Trippers nuts? If so we've got you covered. Ever hear about the time Mike Tyson wanted to fight a gorilla? That's here too. The Rangers also gush about Super Mario Bros 3 after a controversial ruling on the latest episode of Dueling Decades. All this and more on another fantastic episode of a show no one listens to. Here is a link to take you right to John Ritters nuts
This time Mike and Chris Ranger go back into their childhoods to trace their spiritual and intellectual awakenings. The Rangers butcher more movie quotes than you can shake a stick at as they discuss made up games, neighborhood hijinks', and some of the meanest things you ever heard all right here this week on the best show nobody listens to the Video Rangers Podcast.
Let's do some blow with every ones favorite Long Island family the Seaver's. Growing Pains finally makes its way onto the Video Rangers Podcast as we discuss Episode 15 from Season 2 Thank God Its Friday which aired on February 2, 1987. When Mike, Eddie and Boner attend a party, they have no idea how much nose candy is being supplied in the bathroom. Will Mike and friends succumb to peer pressure? Thank god it's Tuesday so we can find out.
Another trip down the rabbit hole of Chris Rangers mind. The Rangers talk movies of the future, homemade wrestling moves, and more of Wonkas Chocolate Factory. Turn your dials to awesome as we discuss Mr. Belvedere, Growing Pains, and Mamas Family? It’s a pop culture palooza here on the Video Rangers Podcast.
The Video Rangers Podcast and Nancy Reagan invite you to Just Say No! This week we take on another very special episode from the writers of Diff'rent Strokes. Its the 22nd episode from Season 5, The Reporter. When Arnold finds out his friend Robbie is buying drugs on school grounds he sets up a drug deal with the hopes of getting a big story to win a contest with a local paper. No one believes Arnold until the first lady herself shows up with a anti drug message for the students of PS 406. And yes we know we called Robbie, Ronnie the whole episode but give us a break we were on drugs .
In this Holiday Special Mike Ranger is joined by the Vhs Bandits and all they want for Christmas is some VHS. These curators of dead media have made a VHS wishlist that they can only dream to find under the tree this Christmas Morning. Here’s a link to the vhs bandits bestest Christmas ever
The title says it all. This time the Rangers throw everything they've got into the airwaves. From beating up hordes of six year old's, to a Video Ranger Day Care Center where kids learn about two things Nintendo games and horrible sitcoms. But most importantly the Rangers talk all about their Dad's dicks. Happy Holidays!!!
Family Matters finally makes its way onto the Video Rangers Podcast. Cheese connoisseur Steve Urkel was once the Life Of The Party and had America moving its feet to a brand new dance on February 8th 1991 and he's about to do it all over again, Get ready to Do The Urkel! Mike and Chris Ranger share their thoughts on the controversial PlayStation Classic.
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