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View From the Penalty Box (Classic Hockey Stories)

View From the Penalty Box (Classic Hockey Stories)

Author: Cam Connor (Hockey)

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Cam Connor played in the NHL, winning the Stanley Cup, but he's known for two things: being one of hockey's toughest enforcers and telling a great story.

In this podcast, with his son Kristofer Connor, listen to Cam share some classic hockey stories, including being one of two players to play with Wayne Gretzky and Gordie Howe, growing up with his best friend Rowdy Roddy Piper and how he saw the hockey world - his view from the penalty box.
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VFTPB 16: Top 5 Toughest Players Cam Connor Has Fought
We're back from the holiday break. In this episode, Cam Connor lists the top 5 fighters he has ever fought and shares some stories of these players and the fights that happened.Stories include:-What was it like to play hockey outside in a Winnipeg winter?-Remembering hockey legend Johnny Bower, including a hilarious story of why Eddie Shack would only sign Johnny Bower's name when giving autographs and not his own name-Playing road games in Indianapolis, including when Cam was eating breakfast and saw a hostage taking involving a bank manager with a rifle to his head.-A question about whether we would ever make a View from the Penalty Box t-shirt.-Cam's asked if he's ever seen a fight like Joe Thornton's where a chunk of his beard was ripped off, which reminds Cam of a story where Bobby Hull's toupee was ripped off in a fight.Spoilers below on the top 5 fighters Cam fought, if you would rather find out on the podcast, don't scroll down...***************In no particular order...Behn Wilson. Cam talks about fighting Behn Wilson with a broken hand, which leads into a story about Tiger Williams and how he wasn't a great fighter.'Bad News' Gilles Bilodeau. One of the strongest fighters Cam has ever fought, but more of a goon.Al Secord.Jack Carlson of the Carlson/Hanson Brothers and what made Jack the toughest of the three brothers.Kim Clackson. They fought as opponents and even fought in the dressing room as teammates when Kim had skates on and charged at Cam who had bare feet. Cam kept trying to fight without getting his toes sliced off!Cam ends the podcast with who he would rank as the toughest player he ever fought.Send us your feedback, we'd love to hear from you:Email: viewfromthepenaltybox@gmail.comTwitter: @CamConnorNHLMERCH/T-SHIRT SALE: Use the below link for 25% off!visit:
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