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Inspiring talks from Vineyard national events, plus weekly Vineyard Insights from seasoned leaders.
290 Episodes
On the Thursday morning at NLC 2020, John Mark Comer shared with us how we become a non-anxious presence in the world through slowing, rest, deep relationships with others, and contemplative prayer.
“The gift of leadership is it will expose the inner architecture of our hearts - our trust structures, our motivations, and our source of emotional energy.” Recorded live at The Vineyard National Leaders' Conference, John Mark Comer challenged us to be leaders who are motivated by love, filled with faith and inspired by hope.
“What has God put on your heart? What has God put in your hand?” John Wright kicked off #NLC2020 by talking about multiplication, sharing stories of how God has been extending his Kingdom within our movement. He encouraged us to offer up the little that we have, being obedient to God’s calling and trust that he will multiply our offerings.
At The Vineyard National Leaders' Conference 2020, Debby Wright interviewed Kate Newman, Brian Blount and Andy Smith, asking them to share their journeys and stories of Kingdom impact.
“We never want to be the kind of people who stand on the riverbank and don’t move. That is not how he’s made us. That is not who he’s called us to be.” At The National Leaders' Conference 2020, Taryn Freeland looked at Joshua 1, encouraging us as leaders across the Vineyard movement to be strong and courageous, not simply standing on the edge but stepping into all that God has for us, knowing we are created to be people who bring about change.
“Power evangelism connects the proclamation and the demonstration. We were designed to live naturally supernatural lifestyles in the Kingdom.” On the first night of The Cause to Live For 2019, Clay Harrington spoke on Power Evangelism, reminding us to be a generation that understands the power and authority that we carry because of who we are in God.
"Evangelism is an invitation to partnership, that’s why it was called the great CO-mission, not the great mission." On the Saturday afternoon at The Cause to Live For 2019, Scott McNamara from Jesus at the Door trained the Cause generation on evangelism, before taking 160 young adults onto the streets of Nottingham where we saw a number of people give their lives to Jesus!
In this Vineyard Insight, Scott shares the 'Jesus at The Door' method of Evangelism and explains that this is a reaping tool, done in partnership with the Holy Spirit.
In this insight, Clay Harrington shares his journey with evangelism and encourages us to keep pressing in even when nothing seems to be happening.
Recorded live at The Cause to Live For 2019, Edgar King shares his journey leading a cross cultural church in Nakuru, Kenya with every step being in response and obedience to the Holy Spirit. He speaks about his heart for diversity and for every single nation to hear the good news - there really is a waiting world.
"I don’t think it’s good enough at best to just pray for people. We’ve got to give them a chance to accept Jesus!" On the Friday of The Cause to Live For 2019, Scott McNamara from Jesus at The Door challenged the Cause generation to stop simply sowing and get out into the reaping fields, to see people give their lives to Jesus.
Jeremy talks to us about how intimacy isn’t a song style, but a posture of the heart.
“What if instead of chasing counterfeit pearls, we spent our time searching for the treasure of the Kingdom? We find joy and freedom in knowing Jesus.” On the Saturday morning at The Cause to Live For, Amy Prinsloo challenged us to be a generation that will die to ourselves in order to come alive in Jesus’ presence.
“There’s two ways of living in the Kingdom – you can live as an orphan or you can live as a son.”  Jeremy redefines striving and unpacks what it means to be Christians who can discern the moment that they’re in – learning when to press in, labour and toil for God, and when to simply be still.
“We have got to stop being so sin-conscious and start being more son-conscious” Clay Harrington opened The Cause to Live For 2019 by reminding a generation who we are in God and that we must equip ourselves with this truth!
Jeremy Riddle gives us an insight into what his spiritual rhythms look like, highlighting the importance of rooting and grounding yourself in scripture, and how this is always the starting point for him.
Jeremy gives us his wisdom on cultivating and maintaining a posture of childlike wonder and awe of who God is, explaining that this is often found in the tension.
Oliver Nyumbu shares with us one piece of advice that he'd tell his younger self, including learning from heroes and heroines who have gone before you.
Tori shares with us what she'd say to her younger self, including to believe in yourself more, risk more and enjoy the adventure that God has you on!
In this insight, Rachel Turner talks about how both failing and succeeding shapes us all and therefore urges us to not be afraid of making mistakes, and to enjoy each step of our journey.
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