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Having hope in uncertain times, We're living in unprecedented times, how can we live with hope?
A dying person's last words often carry deep significance. On the cross, Jesus spoke several famous last words that lead – ironically – to life! This talk looks at how to receive forgiveness, forgive ourselves and forgive others.
As we begin Lent, we look at the story of Jesus being tempted in the wilderness by the devil, and how we counter his lies with God’s truth.
Acts - John Simmons - 16/02 /2020 by Vineyard 53
When we are fearful and feel like hiding how can we grow in courage? Gideon's story provides us with lots of wisdom
How is courage formed in us? This talk looks at the five objections that Moses raises with God as to why he has the wrong person. As well as the five responses from God back to Moses.
We all need courage for something. How could 2020 be a courageous year? This talk looks at Joshua and his journey taking over from Moses to lead the people into the promised land.
Through history there has been moments when something spectacular has happened in and through the local church. What are Revivals and can one be part of our story in the UK?
10 top tips to get the most from life in a culture surrounded by devices!
What does it mean to adore God? Why should we? And how do we do it? Continuing our series on prayer, this sermon explores how adoring God in our prayer can change everything, with simple exercises to try.
Jesus tells us he is the light of the world and because of him,we are too! We can shine in our work places, homes, universities, schools - bringing life wherever we find ourselves. This talk explores our identity as the light of the world, the things that hinder us from shining and why we're to shine. Its also includes the vision behind 'Take a Step Tuesday'
Why is it that some prayers seem to go unanswered? And how do we live with them? A chance to explore these questions.
If prayer is a two-way conversation, how do we actually hear God? More than that, how do we know it's him speaking to us and what is our response if all seems quiet?
So what can we pray for? It's it ok to pray for the things I need and want? Often when we think about “prayer,” we think about asking God for stuff. Prayer is much more than that; but it’s not less! Jesus commands us to “ask”. Let's explore why Jesus thinks that's so important.
When people watched Jesus pray, there was something that they noticed that seem to be so different. For Jesus, prayer was part of his day to day existence and He would encounter God and be transformed. Let's explore what he says about prayer.
Pete and Cecy refer to Word Made Flesh in this talk, a charity they worked with in Bolivia. You can find out more here: Jesus said the greatest commandment is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our strength and with all our mind. We’re made with this purpose in mind, for our whole being and our whole lives to intimately love God with everything and through everything. It’s from this place of God-centred living, love and intimacy that we find life in all its fullness and we experience transformation; He can do far more than we ask or imagine according to His power at work in us!
The Model - John Simmons - 21/07/2019 by Vineyard 53
Relationship Brings Transformation - Tracey Guthrie - 14/07/2019 by Vineyard 53
Living Life Well - John Simmons - 30/06/2019 by Vineyard 53
What To Do With A Dream - John Simmons - 23/06/2019 by Vineyard 53
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