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Our sedentary, cushioned lifestyles are making us and our planet sick. A major barrier to change in the fashion and footwear industry is a reluctance to discuss systemic challenges all Brands and Businesses are facing and the science supporting innovation and progress. The Vivobarefoot Podcast series ‘Sustain This?’ invites experts and rulebreakers to discuss the challenges we face for our plantery and human health.
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Nick Hounsfield is a British surfer and social entrepreneur, founder and chief visionary officer of The Wave, the first inland surfing destination in Bristol. Vivobarefoot Founder Asher Clark and Host Emma joins Nick to discuss ‘Blue Health'.Blue Health is based upon the concept and commonly held belief that spending time near or in water is good for us. Poor physical and mental health have huge negative impacts upon affected individuals, and the growing financial costs associated with treatment can be considerable.
Host Emma is joined by Kerry Turner, Nick Watkins and Luke Brbot. All have represented Australia in Water Polo and now champion youth sport in their current working life.They run through how sport can shape who we are, giving us the opportunity to learn how to deal with the challenges life throw us and why it is so important children have opportunity to take part and access it. 
To change the health industry it require systematic change. Dr Stacie joins Emma and Ben to talk through how we can drive change and the important role feet play in everyone's movement journey.Stacie is the founder and owner of The Physio Fix which opened in 2017. As a former collegiate gymnast, and current Olympic Weightlifter, Stacie has had her fair share of orthopedic injuries/ surgeries and understands how detrimental an injury can be for an athlete at any level. Stacie has a special interest in the treatment of sports injuries (she specializes in working with gymnasts and strength athletes), and her goal is to include sports performance enhancement & strength training into her treatment
This March we celebrate B Corp Month.Being a ‘better business’ means you prioritise constant improvement to ensure you continuously exceed the expectations, demands and needs of society and the planet. B Corps are examples of ‘better businesses’, proven by their verified B Corp score and their commitment to placing stakeholders at the centre of their decisions.Emma is joined by Thomas Bourne, Founder of Greenheart Consulting, impact advisor and Dirk Bischof, Founder of Hatch Enterprise, social entrepreneur. They talk through what is really means to be a business for good and how it can change the way business operates in the future. 
Sport scientist, physical therapist, coach and mentor Peter Francis joins Emma to dig deep on barefoot movement and the important role feet play.Peter has worked with teams and individuals in multiple sports at amateur, European and Olympic level.  An established researcher, he lectures in sport, exercise and rehabilitation science and conducts research into the prevention and treatment of running injuries. Specifically, he studies the role of foot development with and without shoes and the implications for movement skills and injury risk.
In this episode Emma and Ben are joined by Dr Jen Esquer: Physical Therapist and Movement Coach. Dr Jen has an incredible presence online, helping others improve their movement and live happier, healthier lives.We discuss the importance on understanding ourselves as whole, our foundations, the connections between our bodies and our minds, and our relationship with them. We are all on a journey of our own, and should explore the power of internal change, to learn how it can improve our external experiences.To listen to other episodes from the Sustain This? Podcast visit:
In this episode Emma is joined by Dr Angela Meade, the founder of Biome Algae, and Amy Plisbury,  a Marine Scientist with the University of Exeter and Plymouth Marine Laboratory.We discuss the misconceptions around seaweed, how it can be used within wider industry, as well as how it can be farmed and utilised as part of a more sustainable solution for the future of our oceans.To listen to other episodes from the Sustain This? Podcast visit:
In this episode Emma is joined by Luke Cook, an Australian actor best known for his role as Lucifer in Netflix's hit show: 'The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina'. Luke has recently raised over $10,000 for the Aminita Maternal Foundation by selling pictures of his feet to his fans online, meaning that the Foundation can now help safely deliver 100 babies to 100 mothers in Sierra Leone!Luke and Emma explore foot fetishes, reconnection, regenerative living, alternative health, and the importance of community. As well as discussing the power and capability of our feet, and why Luke chose to fundraise with his own.To listen to other episodes from the Sustain This? Podcast visit:
Our guest today is Ed Stafford: a British explorer, TV host and long-time Vivobarefoot ambassador. He holds the Guinness World Record for being the first human ever to walk the length of the Amazon River and more recently has been involved The Last Man Out TV series on Discovery Channel. In this episode, Emma and Ed discuss lockdown in the UK, the necessity for bush craft skills, and most importantly: how reconnecting to nature can benefit us all. If you are looking develop your own bush craft skills, then please head to Ed’s website: where you can find a variety of courses to get started with!To listen to other episodes from the Sustain This? Podcast visit: 
Our guest today is Satish Kumar, a former monk, an Indian-British activist and speaker, the Director of Programmes of the Schumacher College international centre for ecological studies, and most notably, has completed an 8000 mile peace-pilgrimage from New-Delhi to Moscow. These are simply extracts from an extensive list of notable accomplishments throughout his career as a peace and environmental activist.Satish insists that reverence for nature should be at the heart of every political and social debate, and we focus our discussion on the reasons why. Nature is our greatest teacher, and we have so much to learn from it going into 2021.To listen to other episodes from the Sustain This? Podcast visit:
In this episode, Emma sits down with our CEO Galahad Clark, to discuss Vivobarefoot’s first integrated annual report. It is a step change for Vivo’s reporting and one that truly embraces the radical transparency we preach. It is an amalgamation of financial and sustainability reporting and also delivers a holistic overview of our value’s, beliefs and performance this year, warts and all. Is the format a finished article? No. Is there still a lot of work ahead refining and increasing the detail contained? Yes. Is it a big, bold, barefoot, step in the right direction? Absolutely!We were not happy with any of our competitor’s efforts and as such enlisted the help of sustainability consultants to help create our own reporting framework, based around the WEF (World Economic Forum’s 'Toward Common Metrics and Consistent Reporting of Sustainable Value Creation') Sustainability Metrics.Do read the report visit the Vivobarefoot Regeneration website page: 
The Vivobarefoot team are joined by Jay and Steph Rose of Phase SiX, to discuss the need for a Natural Movement Revolution. Emma is joined by Ben Le Vesconte, Vivobarefoot's in-house barefoot expert, to explore the power of natural movement, and why the health and fitness industry should return to an emphasis on longevity and function. We discuss the behavioural shift that comes from focusing on more efficient training, how this can better inform our actions, and the impact that our decisions have on the environment around us.To listen to other episodes from the Sustain This? Podcast visit:
The Vivobarefoot team are joined by Amy Hanson a founder and the CEO of Small Steps project, a charity providing safe livelihoods for people living on the dumps and their children. Amy runs through the work the charity is doing to support the families and children who live on landfill sites across the world as well as deep diving to the huge consumerism crisis we are all facing. 
Vivobarefoot hosts Emma and Dulma speak to Michael Pellman Rowland about what impact investment means, and how it can offer solutions to climate change.Michael is Wealth Advisor, advising a global clientele on multi-generational wealth management, with a passion for impact investing. He was elected for Investment News' 40 Under 40 list and Forbes' inaugural list of America's Top Next-Generation Wealth Advisors. His passion lies in helping companies that offer innovative solutions to reduce the impact that agriculture has on human health, climate change, water scarcity, and animal welfareTo listen to other episodes from the Sustain This? Podcast visit:
Our guest today is Dr Christian Busch: a New York University and London School of Economics lecturer; the co-founder Sandbox Network, a leading community of young innovators in over 20 countries, as well as Leaders on Purpose, an organisation that convenes high impact leaders. Dr Busch is the author of the Serendipity Mindset, which explores the art and science of creating good luckOur discussion focuses on how to reframe the unexpected into an ally rather than a threat, and explores the shift in mindset required to help us to do so. Dr Busch helps us reconsider how we should connect the dots in certain situations, and places huge merit in the ability to spot the unexpected, and more importantly - do something with it. 
Our guest today is Kojo Annan: a successful serial entrepreneur, investor, change maker and father. He is the son of the inspirational global leader, the late former UN Secretary-General: Kofi Annan. In this episode we explore how his family values have affected the way Kojo conducts business,  his view on manufacturing, and brand-building in Africa. This episode is hosted by Dulma Clark, who runs our Livebarefoot Foundation, as we discuss his recent open letter to the UN on racial justice and equality in relation to our Basquiat collection launch. This collection  was influenced by Dulma’s visit to the Basquiat exhibition at the Guggenheim museum, displaying  photographs, documents, and artwork relating to the death of Michael Stewart from his injuries incurred while in police custody in 1983 - fast forward to 2020, and the world is still crying for empathy, justice and equality for all. 
Our guest today is Baroness Lola Young: a British actress, author, Crossbench peer, and Chancellor of the University of Nottingham. This episode is hosted by Dulma Clark, who runs our Livebarefoot Foundation, and explores Baroness Young's history, her role in the House of Lords in relation to modern politics, as well as how the arts, diversity and inclusion can drive social change. Our conversation is connected to Vivobarefoot's recent collaboration with Jean-Michel Basquiat, and focuses on Baroness Young's experience of reconnecting with Africa through the lens of ethical fashion.Baroness Young has a passionate desire for businesses to take action for the damage caused to people and planet when their focus is exclusively on financial returns, and forces us to really consider the question - Sustain This? 
Our guest today is John Elkington, a world authority on corporate responsibility and sustainable capitalism, a best-selling author and serial entrepreneur. In this episode, Emma is joined by Dulma Clark, who runs the Livebarefoot Foundation, and has a passionate commitment to social justice, responsibility and impact investment.Our discussion focuses on John's passion for regeneration, and what that means for the future of business; alongside the need for transparency across reporting, stakeholder engagement, and progressive impact investment. John also explores how recent events have led to a new awakening in business, and why there is a growing acknowledgement of the need for positive change. 
We invited a group of experts and thought leaders to discuss how we can unlock our human potential through nature. We took our guest too Snowdon, for wild swimming and hiking to help them reconnect before they shared their experiences on harnessing human potential. our host Emma Hamilton-Foster was joined by adventurer Ed Stafford, Movement & Yoga Coach Kim Hartwell, adventurer Sarah Leighton, endurance athlete Fergus Crawley and barefoot researcher Dr Peter Francis. This was our most unique podcast recording spots to date. Watch here:  To find out more visit: 
We invited a group of experts and thought leaders to discuss how changing our behaviours will lead to change that benefits people and planet. We took our guests in the wild to help them reconnect and share their wisdom on how we can all change our behaviour for good. Tony Riddle, Kim Hartwell, Peter Francis and Sarah Leighton joined our Host Emma Hamilton-Foster for the trip to Snowdon.This month's In The Wild recording took place the day before Tony Riddle set off on the 3 peaks challenge, running barefoot up the UK's highests peaks and wearing Vivobarefoot Primus Lite Bio on the roads between. Running 2 marathons a day he completed the challenge in nine days, seven hours and 18 minutes. To find out more visit: Watch In The Wild podcasts on YouTube: 
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