DiscoverVocal Warm-ups and Workouts with David Valks Singing School
Vocal Warm-ups and Workouts with David Valks Singing School
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Vocal Warm-ups and Workouts with David Valks Singing School

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A series of short vocal warm-ups and workouts for singers who want to exercise their voice. These can be your daily drills or you may want to dip in and out when your voice needs a bit of a workout.

As well as the vocal warm-ups, there will also be specific exercises such as articulation, dynamics, vocal placement, breath control, connecting breath with sound etc.

I always recommend that you have at least a few lessons with a singing teacher to ensure your technique is sound. A qualified singing teacher will give you advice on which exercises are best for your voice.
7 Episodes
Finding and building resonance is incredibly important in singing and speaking.   We really can shape our tone and build power without doing any damage to the vocal folds or having to 'push' too hard. If you want to read more about resonance, check out this great article - We do 4 different exercises in this episode... 1. Mmmmmmm-ahhhhhh, mmmmmmm-aaaaayyyyyyyy, mmmmmm-eeeeeeee (harder to write than sing) 2. Yawn to access our lower notes 3. Bee, bee, bee focusing on the strong buh of the B sound 4. Nyah - like the sound new but with an ahh on the end. Hope you enjoy. To hear more or learn more visit -
This is an epic episode for those of you who have a bit more time on your hands or those who want a really good warm-up before a lesson or a performance. We cover a really wide range of exercises to help with breath, placement, agility, shaping the vocal tract, articulation and much much more! 1.5 Octave Scale to mum, mum, mum 5 Note Scale - choose your own vowel sound with a B consonant - bah, bee, bae, boo, bye, boh etc 5th Jump - NG sound sliding into and Ahhh then sliding back down on the Ahhhh Many Men - to the William Tell Overture Balla Signora  5 note scale descending - using the sound Lah Vowel Sounds - Ay, Ee, Aye, Oh, You - think about creating space between the teeth and keep that tongue resting against the back of the bottom teeth. I hope that you enjoyed this episode. Just click here to find out more about me or to book your free trial lesson -
Vocal Warm-up for Kids (or the young at heart) You don't have to be a kid to do these exercises.  They are pretty fun so feel free to join in! In this episode we have 4 exercises: Many Men, Many Men - to the William Tell Overture! My Mother Makes Me Mash My Mini M&Ms on a Monday Morning - oooohhh ahh (it's a classic but a goody) My Car has Flat Tyres C Major Scale to Butterfly on the way up and Caterpillar on the way down. Enjoy! Find out more about me or book a trial lesson here -
Welcome back! In this 10 minute episode, we really give your tongue a good workout. We start with the 5 note scale humming, whilst making a chewing motion with your mouth. We then do a fantastic tongue workout routine that will really help you reach your goals with articulation as well as helping you to release some of that tongue tension, which can be very problematic. Then we look at the following exercise: The Tip of the Tongue and the Lips and the Teeth It's certainly a mouthful, but that's the point. Thanks for tuning in.  Enjoy
This episode is around 10 minutes and is packed with exercises to work different parts of the vocal tract: 1. Fracatives - were specifically used JJJJ, ZZZZ and VVVVV 2. 1.5 Octave scale using a dopey 'mum' sound 3. C major scale working the articulators with - Red Leather/Yellow Leather, Butterfly/Caterpillar and Better Butter I hope that you find this useful.   Visit for more info
This is a quick workout if you are pushed for time. We use 3 exercises: Octave arpeggio using your straw or to a humming sound 1.5 octave scale using a lip trill or tongue trill Sustaining vowel sounds to one note  If you have any questions just reach me at
In this episode we look at 3 SOVT exercises to help strengthen the voice. Read more about SOVT exercises here - It's a great idea to buy yourself a reusable straw as we will often do exercises with the straw in our vocal warm-ups and workouts. If you are keen to learn more about me or to book a trial lesson please visit If you have any questions or comments, please email
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