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Join comic book artists Mike Wagganer and Ed Siemienkowicz, and writer Carl Watkins, as they shoot the bull about the geekier side of life, and of course, Star Wars. Hilarious insight and frequent special guests! New episodes updated four times a week. More info at
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The boys sign off for a while, but not before making more sarcastic jokes, and playing the "What If" game about the future of Star Wars. What are your hopes and predictions for Star Wars? Comment below!
VOR does it's best to talk about the newest Star Wars movie, Rogue One. We get into the film's quality, impact on the franchise, and the impact of it's diverse cast. Like the movie, you'll either love it or hate it. Feel free to comment below!
While not *exactly* a Kessel Run, we do get riled up about Star Wars toys, and what's happening in the aisles today!
VOR Reunion!

VOR Reunion!


The original hosts of Voice of the Republic are back! We dragged Joel back to the mic, and got Carl, Mike and Ed, too! This week is all about our deepest, hottest Star Wars thoughts. Let's roll, Vode!
We're breaking up our much anticipated TFA discussion to hear from our amazing fans! Unedited feedback from them, and more inspired discussion from VOR!
As promised at the end of last week, we discuss Luke Skywalker's return and what it means for the franchise and the future of these characters. For the main character with the least amount of screen time, we sure found a lot to say.
This episode we talk about some of the returning Star Wars characters like Leia, Han, and Chewbacca! We also discuss perhaps the BIGGEST spoiler in the movie and if we saw it coming or not.
VOR continues examining the newest Star Wars film "The Force Awakens." In this episode Ed, Mike, and Carl talk about one of the franchise's newest characters, Finn.
In part 2 of our Force Awakens special, we explore and discuss one of the franchise's newest characters. The mysterious Rey is key to the galaxy's future, but her role remains unclear... but that won't stop us from speculating!
It has finally arrived, VORons! Star Wars Episode VII has hit the theaters, and our hosts are ready to share their opinions and feelings. This is probably going to take a few weeks to get through all of it, but here's the first part. ALL THE SPOILERS.
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