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Everyone is always warning you not to get lost in the weeds. But not Vox's Ezra Klein, Dara Lind, Sarah Kliff, and Matthew Yglesias. They love the weeds. That's where all the policy is. This is the podcast for people who follow politics because they love thinking about health care, economics, and zoning. It is not a podcast for people who like hearing talk about gaffes.

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BONUS: Worldly "Trump’s breakup note to Kim Jong-un, explained"
This episode comes from international news podcast, Wordly. Matt and Sarah will be back on Tuesday with a brand new episode of The Weeds.On a special all-North Korea episode of Worldly, Yochi, Jenn, and Zack talk about President Trump’s surprise cancellation of his planned summit with Kim Jong Un — a decision Trump announced literally as the Worldly crew was sitting down to record the podcast. Trump scrapped the meeting in a strangely personal letter to Kim that alternated between reading like the world’s worst breakup note and threatening to use America’s “massive and powerful” nuclear arsenal against the North. We would put jokes down here but it all happened too fast and we’re still processing.References:Trump’s letter to Kim Jong Un canceling the North Korea summitHere’s a piece with more helpful background on the lead-up to this summit collapse, and a longer C-SPAN clip where Trump answered some questions about his thoughts on the summit.We pulled clips of both National Security Adviser John Bolton and Vice President Mike Pence speaking about the Libya model.Jenn mentioned Pete Hegseth on Fox News suggesting that Kim Jong Un “probably doesn't love being the guy that has to murder his people all day long. Probably wants normalization." Zack mentioned that many international relations scholars see status as a motivator for countries’ actions. Zack and Yochi went back and forth on previous talks with North Korea.Jenn mentioned Pompeo’s meeting with Kim. Here’s a piece about Kim asking for US investment in North Korea’s economy, and what Pompeo communicated about those meetings.Talking about concessions North Korea has made, Jenn brought up the recent explosion at a North Korean nuclear test site.
Comments (8)

Griffin Steury

THANK YOU for posting references and further reading!!! Power in a world of widespread misinformation ✊

Jun 20th

Scott Judkins

haha 😂 these comments 💭 tho!

Apr 13th

Christopher Brown

Good show. Wish hosts didn't say 'like' so much. They sound like Valley Girls. Like totally like too much. Like for sure.

Feb 26th

Michael S Rosencrans

they solved nothing it was a total failure.. illegal guns will be there whether you get rid of legal guns.. do your fucking research..

Jan 1st

Ankush Sharma

who was that dumbfuck who said that we should just accept it just like car crashes....

Oct 17th

Oladayo Osuntokun

love this podcast

Oct 4th

Ankush Sharma

is the podcast by VOX YouTube

Sep 10th

firas chahed

Ankush Sharma yep

Oct 21st
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