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Stories are the best part of human creations. Listening to ANY story teleports us to our happy place. And that’s why I'd like to paraphrase everything - the books I have read, the conversations I have had. Cause, everything that we do has a story hidden within it. This is a lighthearted listen with no moral or message for the world. I would have categorised the show under “Musings” had one existed. Also, A Tamil Podcast.

Since social media is crowded already, I chose clean air instead. Know a great book that I can talk about? Leave a comment or write to me at
10 Episodes
The Story Continues to a time when the Beatles took a step back and restore a purpose to their life. In the middle of unending screaming parties, there was a silence. And as the fog spread, one Beatle found himself smitten by a different kind of music. Rather, Indian music. An excerpt from the book "Across the Universe" written by Ajoy Bose
The band of 4 that rocked the world with their music & mysticism. They came and conquered the land. They also came and won our hearts. When diversity was a myth, these musicians set the trend to see life beyond its customary boundaries. What made The Beatles walk the Indian soil? An excerpt from “Across the Universe” written by Ajoy Bose. 
An emotion that queens over every other feeling. Books are written and movies have been made for centuries on this subject. Yet, Almustafir has something more to say and it is refreshingly real. Hear it all, in this episode. Write : vyasaspeaking@gmail.comClick :
Can a war be won without a broken limb? a punctured skull? Hear it from a legendary War General, the world as ever seen ( or not seen ). Paraphrasing from the book, “The Art of Warfare” written Sun Tzu. Write : vyasaspeaking@gmail.comClick :
A theory that seems dark has a smattering of truth here and there. Nihilism, what about that?
Purpose is so overrated. The minute we realise that we have no purpose and that our existence is as purposeless as a bee nestling on a sunflower, life truly becomes blissful..
What happens before a sense of dread creeps in. What is fear made of ? Is fear even real or is it a figment of your imagination? Is it truly possible to get over this emotion ?Paraphrasing a passage from Osho's Fear.
Everyday, we think a million things and we do a hundred things. But do we stop and think why we do what we do? Why we think what we think? 
This little boy is truly a wonder. Paraphrasing a lovely chapter from Autobiography of a Yogi written by Yogananda Paramahamsa.
Who is Vyasa?

Who is Vyasa?


I love to read and gaze into the space. And I hope to translate magic and invisible wisdom into words. Hi, this is Vyasa here.