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Stories are the best part of human creations. Listening to ANY story teleports us to our happy place. And that’s why I'd like to paraphrase everything - the books I have read, the conversations I have had. Cause, everything that we do has a story hidden within it. This is a lighthearted listen with no moral or message for the world. I would have categorised the show under “Musings” had one existed. Also, an Indian Podcast.

Since social media is crowded already, I chose clean air instead. Know a great book that I can talk about? Leave a comment or write to me at
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About a language that is believed to be the oldest one. About a civilisation that is believed to have walked the earth first.Parapharasing a passage from the book, "Ariyapadaatha Tamizhagam" written by Tho Paramasivan.
It is ok. Sometimes, we need to tell each other this. It’s ok. You are doing good. You are doing great, rather. Ignore the cackling world and just march on. You’ve got this. Paraphrasing a snippet of Nora Seed’s life from The Midnight Library. Link to buy :
A lifetime is a bundle of non-essentials moments tightly packed together. The best ones while they happen, are usually breezy. They come and go unperturbed by our karma. But Ove was tired of it all. Imagine the universe conspiring against one person. Why the trouble? Because second chances are not “give-aways”Get your copy of the book, Someone called One in Amazon,
We all know what would happen when we test the universe - NOTHING. But what would happen if a spiritually evolved yogi tests the universe. Will the universe metamorphose its stoic nature to something more malleable? Find out what happened what happened to Paramahamsa Yogananda when his faith in the universe was put to test. Know more about Yogananda’s Childhood : between Yogananda met a Scientist :
If the life we are living is a story where humanity plays the cast, it is impossible for all to play the central figure. Not all can become Lord Krishna or Arjuna or Karna. Some might end up being Vidhura too. The blazing battlefield eclipsed the simple truth he lived.The dark horse who never rode to kill, betray or preach.Paraphrasing a snippet from, “Vidhura Niyathiyil Nirvaagam” written by Doctor Nalli Kuppuswamy Chettiar. 
Am I this body? No I’m not. Am I my senses? No, I’m not. Am I my organs that help me move, procreate, function? No, Im not. Am I the prana, the breath? No, I’m not. So am I the mind that thinks? No, I’m not. Then, WHO AM I?Paraphrasing a snippet from “Who am I?” written by Swami Ramana Maharishi. A reading experience that will make you re-question everything you know about yourself. 
Why start something when you know it is doomed to fail ?! The theatre man of Chennai bruised and beaten down in business, woke up to realise that he has his funny bone intact. Paraphrasing “Do Startup” by Evam Karthik! Know more about them here :http://www.evam.in
A book, every aspirating writer should read! Paraphrasing a chapter from "Memoir of the Crafts" written by ....
Dear fellow primates, time to face a fact. We have no idea why we think a certain thought? Our brains can ignore and obsess. We can reminisce, ramble and replay endlessly! But there is a lot of science behind all this. Paraphrasing a very interesting chapter from Tara Swart’s “The Source”. No medical jargon, I promise. 
When two opposites meet, will be chaos or will it be magical?Paraphrasing an excerpt from "Autobiography of a Yogi" written by Paramahamsa Yogananda.
What is Kriya Yoga?

What is Kriya Yoga?


Paraphrasing an excerpt from "Autobiography of a Yogi" where Paramahamsa Yogananda explains the science behind Kriya Yoga.
Paraphrasing an excerpt from the book "Autobiography of a Yogi" written by Paramahamsa Yogananda.
Who is Vyasa?

Who is Vyasa?


So I love to read and gaze into the space. And I hope to translate magic and invisible wisdom into words.