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Women in Electronics (WE) is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to the advancement of women in the electronics industry and related end user markets. Founder, President, and CEO, Jackie Mattox, interviews both male and female leaders to understand their "why" for leadership, uncover their go-to leadership principals, and discuss best practices for corporate diversity and inclusion practices.
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WE member, Sue Breault, joins us to discuss her fruitful leadership journey in the electronics industry at rep firm, Crowley & associates .  Sue is a partner that takes an active role in the sales effort in the organization and also stepped up as Chair of  the Women in Electronics Mentorship Program in its early inception.  Sue's passion for mentorship was fueled by the leaders that had mentored her personally and professionally along her road of development and she attributes experience as critical in our very sophisticated sales channel.  "There's no college course you can take to help you understand and excel in the business." Sue discusses the feedback from the Mentorship Program as being highly effective and valuable for our rising leaders and emphasizes the importance of volunteering as a legacy.  Sue refers to the John Maxwell quote, "The open door policy means more than just the open door. It should mean open eyes, open ears, and an open heart." Support the show
 "Have a vision for your life and career. The possibilities are limitless".  In Part 2 of our series with Kerry Turner,  she describes TE as being one of the leading powerhouse connector manufacturers in the electronics industry.  Kerry explains how her personal journey has been mirrored in her professional life.  Kerry attributes her strengths as a leader to humility, kindness (as a strength), passion, humor, and the mentality of curiosity.  Kerry encourages us to "embrace the feminine" in the workplace and believes you can be strong, powerful, and feminine at the same time.  Kerry gives us insights to take away such as viewing feedback as an area of opportunity verses weakness, the importance of leading yourself first, and the willingness to take risks.  "Do the work, be focused, and you will create something amazing.", says Kerry as she looks forward to the new, fresh  journey ahead.  Support the show
Wendy Covey of TREW Marketing talks about the importance of utilizing data analytics as a unifying mechanism for sales and marketing within an organization.  Tune in to hear more from Wendy and the resources available through TREW Marketing. Support the show
Jim Ferry, long time industry veteran, discusses his legacy, career and gives meaningful mentorship advice to rising leaders.  Jim encourages us to "lose battles to win wars" as we make strategic decisions to keep moving forward. "You don't grow unless you fail," said Jim. Jim shares about his family and his wife's sacrifices for his career, and how it is important to ultimately not look back once you make an educated decision. Jim expresses the importance of making a life and career plan and adds, "You can't sit back and let the future happen. You have to make your future happen."  Listen in to all the golden mentorship nuggets from an industry leader with a proven track record for integrity and success.Support the show
WE Founder and President, Jackie Mattox, chats with the WE European Division Leaders, Ruth Gray/Arrow Electronics; Kate Ziecina/Arrow Electronics and Elena Davidovska/Waldom Electronics regarding WE's global launch in Europe. The team discusses their excitement to unite the industry in Europe, both women and men, with an essential ingredient of inclusiveness as the key to success. Support the show
WE Founder and President, Jackie Mattox, talks with Marti McCurdy, CEO of Spirit Electronics, about progressive strategies in our changing world.  Her leadership advice is to "massage our muscles" regularly so that when change hits, we're strong and ready. Marti believes in taking advantage of down times by doubling down on talent, marketing, and innovation. Listen in for more mentorship principals and strategies that will help you rise above in both good and challenging times. Support the show
Meet Mike Calabria, President & Chief Executive Officer of Abracon. Listen to WE Founder Jackie Mattox ’s interview with Mike, who discusses advice to up-and-coming leaders in the electronics industry, ways to approach well-rounded career development, and keys to getting the most out of your mentor relationship. Mike is a firm believer in taking charge of your path to becoming a manager and evolving into a true leader—always thinking ahead about the position you’d like to grow into, and what you can do to help yourself get there.Support the show
Meet Kari Janavitz, Chief Marketing Officer of TE Connectivity. Listen to WE Founder Jackie Mattox ’s interview with Kari, who discusses the value of “outside-in” thinking, planning for the future to maintain momentum, and eliciting different perspectives to maximize your professional growth. Kari is a fierce agent for change and holds a strong belief that mentorship comes from all sides—including younger talent.Support the show
Diane Sweeney, WE Communications & Marketing Chair and Director global Sales Enablement for TE Connectivity, chats with Genae Mowery, Sales Enablement Digital Content Manager at TE Connectivity and Debbie Martin, Marketing & Communications for TDK Electronics, Inc about the value of their WE membership.  Support the show
Holly Good, National Chapter Chair talks with Aubrie Nooney, WE Mentee Chair/PEI Genesis and Sue Breault, WE Mentor Chair/ about the WE Mentorship Program and the value it brings to the women in the industry. Support the show
As an industry, do we understand and engage with the entire channel? Women in Electronics Founder & President Jackie Mattox, WE National Chapter Lead and Head of Membership Services, Holly Good (Cornell Dubilier Electronics), and WE member and guest speaker Taya Paige, CMM, CIS, HMCC (ITA Group, Inc.) discuss these dynamics in this week's WEdnesdays with WE. Support the show
In this 4th and final session of our 4 Part Series, Michael Knight, President of TTI Semiconductor Group advises industry leaders and rising talent to create their own destiny, live with integrity and purpose, and be authentic. He talks about the importance of staying curious and how continual learning is essential for personal satisfaction and professional development. Michael explains how his hobbies fuel his professional life through creativity.  He expresses his passion for the end user technical design process and the satisfaction it brings to be a part of innovating our world. Support the show
In Part 3 of the “WE” 4 Part Series with Michael Knight, Founder and President, Jackie Mattox converses with Michael regarding recruitment of youth into the industry and his speaking opportunities at University of Texas. Michael’s keynote presentation, “Coding Diversity into Technology”makes the case for diversity and unconscious bias awareness.  Michael advises us to consider succession planning in the industry, implement recruitment strategies, and invest in talent development. He encourages upcoming leaders to “work harder than everyone around you”, “think for yourself”, and “play to win”. Support the show
In Part 2 of the “WE” 4 Part series with Michael Knight, WE Founder and President, Jackie Mattox, inquires about Michael’s initial start in life as a biologist, falling into sales by chance, and ultimately becoming President of the TTI Semiconductor Group. Michael talks about the value of mentorship and strategic relationships being critical components of success in business and in life. Michael emphasizes a culture at TTI where the people prove to be the keys to success in times of crisis and challenge. Support the show
Interested in learning more about Michael Knight? Women in Electronics Founder and President, Jackie Mattox, interviews Michael Knight, President of TTI Semiconductor Group, in the first of a four part series. In this episode, Michael shares his personal passions and also describes how his curious nature fuels his continual thirst for professional development . He talks about his upbringing that taught him the value of hard work and determination, alignment with the right people, and the mindset of being a winner at every endeavor in life. Support the show
In this 3rd part session of our interview series, Don Akery continues the conversation with WE Founder and President, Jackie Mattox, regarding innovation and encourages us to learn the technical aspects of the industry (despite technical background), be disciplined in reaching our goals, and maintain a healthy competitive spirit in reaching the various levels in our career journeys.  Support the show
Monica Highfill, WE Executive Director and VP Sales Americas KEMET, chats with Cindy Eldridge, Western Area Director Supply Chain Services at Avnet and Terri Straube, VP at Straube Associates, about a mentor's perspective on career growth. Support the show
In part two of a Women in Electronics Radio three-part series, WE President & Founder Jackie Mattox continues her conversation with Don Akery, President, TTI Americas. Don discusses groundbreaking innovations taking place within the electronics industry and highlights new-to-market products incorporating these cutting-edge technologies. In addition, he emphasizes the importance of building trust when leading a team, especially in difficult situations such as a global pandemic, and details how to strategize for continued market growth with tactical acquisitions and an aligned value proposition.Support the show
Jackie Mattox, Founder and President of WE, engages in the first of a three part series with Don Akery.  In this session, Don’s talks about his career journey to become President of TTI Americas and Sr. VP for TTI Corporate Family of Companies (TTI, Sager, and Mouser).  Don discusses the keys to his success being hard work, a strong work ethic modeled by his father, and critical mentorship. He also expresses the importance of corporate values, the mutually beneficial relationship with their holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, and the importance of progressive strategies moving forward to attract more youth into the Electronics Industry. Support the show
Mick Mulcuck, Senior Director of Distribution at TE Connectivity chats with colleague, Diane Sweeney (also WE Communications Chair), and Jackie Mattox, WE Founder and President, about his road to personal awareness and enlightenment in regards to diversity and inclusion issues.  Support the show
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