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This episode features the insight of industry leaders from India, Ireland and Chile. Specific ‘hot topics’ covered include preempting future growth sectors, making an impact on labour market policies and taking stock of opportunities for the employment service providers in the so-called New Normal. Music from Pixabay.
This episode brings together industry experts from China, New Zealand/Australia and The Netherlands.You’ll hear about how the global HR services sector and the wider business community are responding to the extreme challenges brought by the pandemic, about seizing new opportunities and using compliance as a differentiator and about how flexible workforce solutions will help steer a path through the so-called New Normal. Music from Pixabay.
This episode brings together industry experts from the United States and Sweden as well as from two leading career management firms, LHH and Randstad Risesmart. You'll hear about some of the emerging world of work trends and challenges and what they mean for the HR services industry. In particular, guests discuss the evolving perception of work by individuals and how it leads them and organisations to seek more strategic advice for HR services experts. The podcast guests will share concrete examples from both the staffing and career management segments of the industry and will also touch upon the difference that the sector can make on inclusion and equality.Music from Pixabay.
This episode brings together industry experts from Denmark, Brazil and Canada.Guests take stock of the "New Normal" and what it means for workers and businesses. They look ahead at the role for the HR services industry and how they can add value in this new context, for instance on skilling for the new jobs that are emerging. The podcast guests finally touch upon the topic of well being and how the mental health agenda is more than ever at the forefront on  the minds of labour market experts.Music from Pixabay.
For episode 5 of World Views on the World of Work, Tom Hadley discusses with representatives of ASEMPLEO (Spain), CAPE (Argentina) and APSO (South Africa). They start the conversation sharing about the current labour market challenges they see in their respective countries, then dive into the issue of skilling for a job-rich growth. Private employment services experts also reflect on how businesses are coping with the new world of work and it is affecting the services that the HR services sector can offer. Music from Pixabay.
In this special episode, Tom Hadley talks with Bettina Schaller, President of the World Employment Confederation (WEC) and Roberto Suárez Santos, Secretary-General of the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) about the two organisations' recent joint position paper "Policy Priorities for the Road to a Sustainable Job Recovery". They discuss how the crisis has changed perceptions about diverse forms of work, how employers stepped up to address the challenges of remote work and take responsibility for their employees' well-being and how to reboot our economies after Covid, especially in countries where informality still remains dominant.Music from Pixabay.
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