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WFG National Title provides regular updates to its real estate industry partners with the WFG Insights Podcast. This podcast features WFG executives offering their perspective, along with industry influencers, agents and other real estate partners sharing their expertise and best business practices.
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Inflation persists impacting mortgage interest rates, and inventory is still scarce. But WFG Chairman and Founder Patrick Stone believes in the builders and an improving interest rate environment as we move through the year. In this episode, he delivers an upbeat forecast, but cautions there are several wildcards that could impact the economy and the real estate market conditions.
The real estate market is a media favorite for sensational headlines and clickbait. So it's no surprise the Missouri real estate verdict in the Sitzer/Burnett buyer broker commission lawsuit moved the needle. The outcome will no doubt change the way real estate agents conduct business, but to what extent? And how can the real estate industry come together to find consumer-friendly solutions moving forward? In this episode, WFG Chairman & Founder Patrick Stone offers perspective, insight and possible paths forward.
In a challenging time, its easy to be lured into social media posts, dire predictions and gossip about the economy and the real estate market. We are experiencing an unprecedented period, and while the circumstances may be different this time, its nothing new for our industry. In this download, WFG Chairman & Founder Patrick Stone calms concerns about market conditions and offers advice looking forward.
Expectations of lower mortgage interest rates this fall are no longer in the forecast and it appears Q4 of 2023 and at least the first half of 2024 will continue to be challenging for real estate professionals. So what should you be doing now to prepare for the next cycle? And when will the market bounce back? In this download, WFG Chairman & Founder Patrick Stone offers his advice for the here & now, and a forecast for the future.
In spite of dire predictions last year of another real estate market crash, home prices remain stable, competition is fierce is some markets, and consumers are adjusting to higher mortgage interest rates. WFG Chairman & Founder Patrick Stone remains one of the few voices of reason in the real estate industry, and correctly forecast the market we're in now. In this episode, he sets the record straight on today's sensational headlines, and offers advice to industry professionals. 
Headlines suggest a strong job market and slowing inflation. But WFG Founder & Chairman Patrick Stone always investigates what's beyond the headlines. Armed with that data and 48 years experience in the real estate industry, he sees things differently that most prognosticators. In this episode, Stone reveals what he's watching, and why the housing market could bounce back sooner, and stronger than most expect.
The spring real estate season has arrived but there hasn't been much change in market conditions. Mortgage rates are still higher than most consumers would like, housing inventory remains low, and until we see a significant uptick in construction these market conditions will hold. How long until things get moving again? What concerns are there in the meantime? In this episode, WFG Chairman & Founder Patrick Stone offers insight and direction.
Predictions of doom & gloom in the real estate market are beginning to brighten- and spring is still over a month away! What's driving this solid start? And why does WFG Chairman & Founder Patrick Stone feel so optimistic as we move through the year? In this download, he shares his reasons for optimism, along with key insight on The Fed, interest rates and why homeownership is more important now than ever.
There's no question the first half of this year will likely be the toughest real estate market ever. While the Great Recession was brutal, the industry was busy with foreclosures and short sales. This time, there are few transactions as the market is paralyzed due to higher rates, low inventory, and a significant lack of affordability. In spite of that, WFG Founder & Executive Chairman Patrick Stone explains why he's optimistic that things will turn around in the second half of this year. 
No one expects 2023 to be a good year in the real estate industry. So if you haven't already made the tough decisions, now is the time. In this episode, WFG Founder & Executive Chairman Patrick Stone offers a blunt assessment of the market and advice on how to manage through it. He also offers an optimistic outlook for the latter half of next year- with an asterisk.
It's almost impossible to ignore the real estate and economic headlines. If we're not already in a recession, we're on the verge, and there appears to be no end in sight to rising rates and energy prices. So what is the timeline? How long will this market downturn last? And how will we rebound and return to business as usual- if there is such a thing in the real estate industry! For answers, we call on WFG Founder & Executive Chairman Patrick Stone, who sets the record straight and pulls no punches on the pundits.
With business slowing and a challenging 12-18 month forecast ahead, it's natural to consider cutting back in response to the market. But in this episode, WFG Founder and Executive Chairman Patrick Stone leans in, announcing WFG's ambitious expansion plans in the builder market and commercial real estate. Stone also explains why you should invest in your business and customer service now instead of waiting for the market to bounce back.
Inflation appears to be cooling, albeit slowly- just as WFG Founder & Executive Chairman Patrick Stone predicted in previous episodes. Now, it's time for a check up from the neck up: Try to ignore sensational headlines and focus instead on improving your business while you have time. In this episode, Patrick offers his checklist for what you should be doing now to prepare yourself and your business for the next upswing in the market.
Inflation is raging, rates are on a rollercoaster and a recession is looming, or may have already arrived. But that's not necessarily bad news for the real estate market, as consumers and the industry welcomes an uptick in inventory while adjusting to higher rates. In this episode, WFG Founder & Executive Chairman Patrick Stone corrects the headlines, adds perspective and offers an outlook as we navigate through these uncertain times.
Many "experts" are calling current conditions a housing bubble and predicting a significant reset in the real estate market. But while inflation rages, rates rise and segments of the economy slow, WFG Founder and Executive Chairman Patrick Stone shares why real estate prices will remain elevated. That doesn't mean the market won't be challenging, and Pat also shares his outlook and advice for the remainder of 2022.
Inflation and high gas prices are impacting consumer spending habits. Mortgage rates have spiked to their highest levels since 2008. Supply chains are still impacted by lockdowns in China, and Russia's war on Ukraine has rocked the commodities market. Now, as the Fed raises rates to fight inflation, what will the impact be on the housing market? For that answer and much more, we call on WFG Founder & Executive Chairman Patrick Stone's perspective.
As mortgage rates flirt with 5% and inflation impacts consumer buying power, now is the time to adjust your game plan, if you haven't already. This episode is a must-listen, as WFG Founder & Executive Chairman Patrick Stone provides a game plan and offers an outlook for the real estate market in 2022. Plus, clarity on the headlines and how to help your clients in this uncertain environment.
WFG Founder and Executive Chairman has seen it all in his 40+ years in the real estate industry. But even the veteran industry expert admits he's never seen anything like we're experiencing in 2022. Russia's invasion of Ukraine, inflation, and Fed rate hikes are creating a conundrum for economists with no consensus on the outlook. In this episode, Stone shares what he's watching, potential scenarios, and his latest forecast on interest rates in the year ahead. Also, an update on the commercial retail, office and multifamily sectors.
With inflation pegging the meter at rates not seen since the 1980's, the Fed will be forced to raise rates. The questions are how much, how quickly, and what the impact will be on longer-term mortgage interest rates and the red hot housing market. In this episode, WFG Founder & Executive Chairman Patrick Stone addresses the hype in media reports, provides perspective on the housing market, and previews a more in-depth forecast coming in March.
With property values continuing to climb across the country, and a surge of buyers searching for homes as interest rates slowly rise, experienced appraisal technology and teams are critical. In this episode, we welcome Sean Pyle, President of WFG-owned appraisal management company and property valuation service provider Valutrust Solutions. Pyle discusses industry trends, and potential changes that could ultimately have a positive impact on valuations and closing timelines.
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