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At WHOOP, we are on a mission to unlock human performance. We measure the body 24/7 and provide detailed analytics to our members regarding strain, recovery, sleep, HRV and more. Our clients range from the best professional athletes in the world, to Navy SEALs, to fitness enthusiasts, to Fortune 500 CEOs and executives. The common thread among WHOOP members is a passion to improve. What does it take to optimize performance for athletes, for executives, for anyone? We've launched this podcast to dig deeper. WHOOP Founder & CEO Will Ahmed interviews a variety of athletes, experts and industry leaders.
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In a special Sober October compilation episode:NBA champ Marc Gasol says WHOOP helps him understand alcohol's effect on sleep (3:19)Gold medalist Ginny Thrasher details how even small amounts impact her data (6:15)Pro street skater Neen Williams credits getting sober for extending his career (7:33)Nike master trainer Kirsty Godso believes sleep deprivation is worse than a hangover (15:50)Pro golfer Scott Stallings notes that your body metabolizes some types of alcohol better than others (18:26)Superhero trainer Don Saladino says the calories from drinking are not what we should worry about (20:50)Basketball legend Sue Bird explains how WHOOP makes her more thoughtful about when she drinks (22:52)Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe shares his motivation for giving up alcohol and becoming a Buddhist monk (24:45) PGA Tour Champions leader Scott McCarron talks about why he doesn’t like to drink when he travels (26:58)The Ainsworth creator and HPLT founder Brian Mazza discusses his poor training behavior as a student athlete (28:27)Support the show
Biohacker Ben Greenfield discusses his background and how he got to where he is today (4:39), how his routine differs at home vs on the road (9:02), 15-minute morning recovery sessions (12:17), coffee enemas (16:43), his daily workouts (18:11), minimal effective training doses (20:30), the gym as a form of meditation (22:47), benefits of nasal breathing (23:47), why his kids are "unschooled" (27:48), what goes into his superfood smoothies (32:45), hunting with a bow and arrow (30:50), his many hacks for better sleep, including 4-7-8 breathing (41:07), tests we should all take to live longer and healthier lives (50:12).Support the show
For Sober October, VP of Performance Kristen Holmes and Director of Analytics Emily Capodilupo take a deep dive into how alcohol affects your body, including the myth that it helps you sleep (4:58), its impact on your sleep cycles (4:58), why it'll prevent you from seeing the benefits of a workout (8:24), what you'll notice in your WHOOP metrics after drinking (9:54), the story of a team that went sober and won a national championship (11:16), empowering collegiate athletes with data (12:47), a study that indicates hangovers may last 4-5 days (13:47), healthy behaviors than can help offset the effects of alcohol (18:07), increased risk of injury (19:28), behavioral change in military special ops (20:05),  whether tiny amounts can sometimes be good for you, especially with food (25:03), and why you should self-experiment with your WHOOP data (27:28).Support the show
Basketball legend Sue Bird discusses what's enabled her to have so much success for so long (4:37), the boxes she needs to check in order to perform at her best (11:29), the value of sometimes skipping practice to rest (14:59), whether or not morning shootarounds cause unnecessary strain (22:01), coffee naps and pre-game caffeine (26:51), using blood flow restriction to help strengthen her ailing knee (33:51), game-time adrenaline and how to fake it (37:05), what it's like being a world-class athlete couple (41:42), the effect alcohol has on her WHOOP data (54:11), stress and cardiovascular strain (55:34), her goal of having the women's national team play against celebrities (1:04:57), why NBA players respect WNBA players more than average Joes (1:06:33), and the lowest recovery she's ever had on WHOOP (1:15:44). Support the show
Powerlifter Jordan Shallow, aka "The Muscle Doc," discusses the ins and outs of his sport (6:49), why controlled breathing is so important (9:30), the process of dropping 30 pounds for a weigh-in (15:44), understanding the difference between strength and stability (24:09), how to dislocate a shoulder (26:43), what he's learned from various injuries and how he's recovered without surgery (33:11), flexibility vs. mobility (41:20), breathing as a gateway to the autonomic nervous system (52:09), what heavy lifting does to his HRV (53:38), why his athletes have "parasympathetic days" instead of rest days (58:25), optimization vs. adaptation (1:21:19), and why we should strive for allostasis instead of homeostasis (1:23:12).Support the show
VP of Performance Kristen Holmes and Director of Analytics Emily Capodilupo explain everything there is to know about WHOOP recovery, including how it's calculated (5:39), why heart rate variability is so important (6:25), an MLB study validating it (12:26), the impact of strain, rest and sleep (14:59), active recovery (18:18), why it may not match how you feel (22:01), how stress affects it (26:07), using it to optimize training (28:38), the value of auto-regulation (31:27), working out when you're in the red (32:09), self experimentation and factors that affect it (33:01), what to do to improve it (37:26), and why it's actually better if you're not always in the green (47:25). Support the show
PGA Tour Champions money leader Scott McCarron discusses how he discovered WHOOP (3:52), what's made him so successful at a later age (4:57), learning from some all-time greats (14:41), the mental aspect of golf (20:41), maximizing performance when in the red (24:12), improving sleep with CBD oil (26:33), meditation and focus on the course (30:06), lessons from TV broadcasting (35:53), things you probably don't know about Tiger Woods (37:18), balancing gratitude with BAMF (44:14), qualities of a great caddy (51:18), and the popularity of WHOOP on the PGA Tour (1:05:17).Support the show
CrossFit super-agent and President of Loud and Live Sports, Matt O'Keefe, along with VP of Strategic Development Dylan Malitsky, discuss their backgrounds and how they got to where they are today (5:18), working with Mat Fraser and other top athletes (9:46), lessons for success (14:29), how the sport has evolved in the past 5 years (16:33), the popularity of Wodapalooza and replicating that with other competitions (18:32), event programming and inside information (28:53), if the Games season is too long (40:30), what WHOOP does for CrossFit athletes (45:32), using recovery, strain and heart rate data in live broadcasts (48:19), comparing your HRV to the world's best (48:34), and growth through innovation and trying new things (50:16).Support the show
Olympic Gold Medalist Ginny Thrasher discusses how she took up the sport of air rifle (4:18), going from a beginner to an Olympic champion in only 5 years (8:59), the research she did as a West Virginia University student that led to her getting on WHOOP (14:33), increasing accuracy by lowering resting heart rate (15:53), her Ted Talk and the growth mindset (21:34), affirmations and journaling (23:44), mantra-mindfulness (24:49), HRV's affect on shooting (30:33), what improves her sleep (34:56), her training diet (40:31), factors that influence performance (44:28), optimism takes work (48:01), and training for the 2020 Tokyo Games (50:41).Support the show
The Science of Winning: Kristen Holmes, a national champion field hockey coach, and Mike Lombardi, a former US rowing coach, share what it takes to sustain success in athletics. They talk about the idea that performance is a choice (4:30), defining success (6:57), using data to individualize training (10:23), coach-athlete trust and accountability (14:35), building a perennial contender (20:06), playing as if the score is always 0-0 (25:43), opportunities not opponents (26:19), measuring capacity with WHOOP (37:06), what a coach embodies (42:05), the vital role of sleep (46:28), data trends (52:28), and their favorite recovery modalities (56:38). Support the show
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