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At WHOOP, we are on a mission to unlock human performance. We measure the body 24/7 and provide detailed analytics to our members regarding strain, recovery, sleep, HRV and more. Our clients range from the best professional athletes in the world, to Navy SEALs, to fitness enthusiasts, to Fortune 500 CEOs and executives. The common thread among WHOOP members is a passion to improve. What does it take to optimize performance for athletes, for executives, for anyone? We've launched this podcast to dig deeper. WHOOP Founder & CEO Will Ahmed interviews a variety of athletes, experts and industry leaders.
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On this week’s episode of the WHOOP Podcast, Kristen Holmes sits down with Chris Mosier, the first trans man to represent the United States in international athletic competition. Chris is a trailblazer in the world of sports. He successfully challenged the International Olympic Committee’s policy on trans athletes and has made Team USA 6 times in duathlon and triathlon. Chris discusses advocating for trans athletes (4:10), his fear of losing sports after transition (7:01), finding yourself (11:44), supporting trans youth (14:47), sports and life lessons (21:32), recovering from two mini-strokes (24:31), finding running (26:14), painkiller abuse (31:08), using WHOOP (33:50), learning from the WHOOP Journal (39:03), and his motto to live by (43:05).Support the show (
Jason Hehir directed the Emmy award-winning series The Last Dance, chronicling Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. It was the most-watched documentary in ESPN history and is already regarded by many as one of the best sports docs ever made. He sits down with Will Ahmed to talk about his never-ending quest to find out what makes the greatest athletes on earth human, the obstacles his team had to overcome to finish all 10 episodes on-time, and what it was truly like interviewing Jordan. Jason discusses following his dream (2:22), what it's like interviewing elite athletes (5:17), how The Last Dance became a reality (12:37), working at light speed to get the series finished (16:00), finding the humanity in world-class athletes (21:41), dealing with criticism (23:41), the breakthrough moment interviewing Jordan (30:29), betting with Mike (34:31), the iPad (39:49), the flu game (43:50), Scottie Pippen (50:09), Jerry Krause (52:23), Phil Jackson (56:49), the memorable ending to Episode 7 (1:04:05), and Jordan's unmatched desire to win (1:07:14).Support the show (
Rory McKernan, the face and voice of the CrossFit Games and the CrossFit Open for the past decade, sits down with WHOOP Performance Manager and resident CrossFit expert Mike Lombardi to talk about the evolution of the sport over the years. Rory discusses what the future of the sport might look like (5:05), his experiences covering elite CrossFitters (10:55), writing a book with Katrin Davidsdottir (12:16), growing into his job as a writer and broadcaster (13:02), the role of data in CrossFit (16:14), learning about strain (18:10), how to define fitness gains (20:28), the next stars of CrossFit (21:55), why focusing on one sport isn't a good idea (26:17), winning a football state championship with a young Drew Brees (26:39), and overcoming injuries sustained during pickup games at CrossFit HQ (28:47).Support the show (
Dr. Kevin Sprouse is one of the leading sports medicine and exercise physiology experts in the country. He works with some of the best athletes on the planet, including baseball and football players, Olympians, and some of the top golfers on the PGA Tour. Kevin is also the medical director for EF Pro Cycling, one of the top 10 cycling teams in the world. WHOOP is the official wearable of EF and Dr. Sprouse shares how his team is using WHOOP data science to monitor rider well-being and to help optimize their performance during the Tour de France. Kevin discusses why he got into the field (2:29), why cycling and sports science go hand-in-hand (5:17), how recovery leads to success during the Tour De France (9:36), what his team does to improve recovery (15:25), learning how you best recover (17:38), antioxidants and free radicals (21:13), glucose monitoring (23:48), absurdly high strain data from the Tour de France (27:34), why 24/7 health monitoring is critical (31:12), understanding how alcohol affects your body (39:27), avoiding over-reliance on medication (42:57), and why the top cyclists in the world are, in his opinion, the fittest aerobic athletes on earth (45:42).Support the show (
There probably aren't too many professional video game players who are also professional bodybuilders, but Jackson Bliton is one of them. Jackson is one of the most popular video game streamers on the planet and is better known as "Bajheera" in the gaming world. Each day, thousands of people watch Jackson play World of Warcraft, while thousands more tune in to watch him broadcast his workouts. He joins WHOOP CTO and Co-Founder John Capodilupo to discuss why World of Warcraft is his chosen game (2:20), having a dream job (8:01), dropping out of school to pursue his dream (10:24), why convincing his parents that gaming could be a career wasn't easy (11:00), getting into training, weightlifting, and bodybuilding (14:53), finding success as a pro bodybuilder (20:11), why workouts are good for the body and soul (21:29), using gaming as a recovery tool (24:00), how fitness helps him perform as an elite gamer (24:33), learning from WHOOP (29:27), his training philosophy (32:53), taking the first step toward self-improvement (35:48), and how to overcome poor recoveries (39:48). Support the show (
Sam Dancer, one of the top CrossFitters in the world, joins the WHOOP Podcast to discuss the keys to recovery and healing. Sam was one of the first athletes on WHOOP and describes the profound impact it has had on his life, helping him cut out prescription drugs, coffee, and tobacco. He also explains how WHOOP has improved his relationships with others and his relationship with himself. Sam discusses how he found CrossFit during a self-described identity crisis (2:58), competing with a broken leg at the CrossFit games (7:20), discovering WHOOP (8:09), how he stopping taking prescription drugs (10:36), the impact stress has on recovery (15:57), why WHOOP has improved his spiritual life (18:08), love's affect on recovery (21:05), listening, observing, and reacting (21:57), staying present (25:01), the keys to success (27:24), and finding peace and happiness with WHOOP (36:38).Support the show (
Dr. Bob Arnot returns to the WHOOP Podcast to share his tips and tricks for defying aging and talk about his new book, Flip the Youth Switch. Dr. Bob dives deep on why age is just a number and details how you can lower your “biological age” by improving your heart rate variability with WHOOP. Dr. Bob discusses how he competes athletically with 25-year-olds at the age of 72 (3:15), how WHOOP taught him to recover (5:28), why wearables are changing medicine (15:05), optimizing workouts and recoveries (19:54), advice for millennials (22:46), how to tackle your 30s (29:04), the importance of finding a lifelong sport (35:14), what we learn from athletics (41:12), appreciating the advances of modern medicine (46:19), and his best tips for people as they grow older (46:52).Support the show (
Arizona Cardinals left tackle Kelvin Beachum joins the WHOOP Podcast to detail his journey from 7th-round draft pick to established NFL starter. Kelvin is one of the most thoughtful athletes in sports. He discusses his use of visualization to help achieve his goals, what he’s learned about how to succeed in his career and in life, and why he’s always thinking about what comes next after football. Kelvin dives deep on how he transformed his body to become an offensive lineman (4:03), why he’s doing more mobility work than ever before (6:45), the rigors of the NFL season (9:00), how he uses WHOOP (10:05), why he views sex as a primer for workouts (11:50), prescription drug use in the NFL (13:23), concussions (18:10), a day in the life of an NFL player (19:51), taking care of his body (26:27), why visualization is one of the keys to his success (28:33), performing on the big stage (30:49), and the importance of embracing the present (35:15).Support the show (
Professional golfers Jessica and Nelly Korda, both ranked in the top 20 in the world, talk about growing up with pro-athlete parents (3:45), why they make great teammates (8:30), what got them on WHOOP (15:38), exceptional HRV and resting heart rates (17:42), WHOOP teams they are on with other pros (19:02), measuring what you can't feel (20:25), the stress of the Tour and the strain it causes (23:08), being child phenoms (27:24), strength training and how their workout plans differ (36:40), how they recover (42:01), why today's athletes may or may not have longer careers than the previous generation (44:11), what keeps them focused (46:10), and playing in the time of COVID-19 (56:54). Support the show (
Kristen Holmes and Emily Capodilupo are back to detail a critical update to the WHOOP recovery algorithm. We have long calculated recovery by tracking heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and sleep performance. Now, we are excited to add respiratory rate as the fourth pillar of our recovery score. This powerful update reflects the latest research in health monitoring and provides members with an even deeper understanding of their bodies. Kristen and Emily discuss our COVID-19 research (2:17), the origins of the WHOOP recovery score (3:48), the science behind heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and sleep performance (7:57), adding respiratory rate to recovery (12:05), the factors that can alter respiratory rate (16:59), why an increased respiratory can predict a decrease in performance (21:39), how COVID-19 can change WHOOP data (25:32), tracking your baselines (28:17), and the importance of third-party validation (30:46).Support the show (
WHOOP is ready to help you get back to work. Our Chief Business Officer, Deborah Poole, makes her WHOOP Podcast debut to talk about how we’re helping businesses, sports leagues, and organizations around the globe keep their employees as safe as possible by providing them with 24/7 health monitoring. Deborah and Will discuss the origins of WHOOP Back to Work and our partnership with the PGA (4:14), why temperature checks don’t keep employees safe (7:08), tracking respiratory rate (8:33), rethinking employee benefits (11:50), a groundbreaking partnership helping the University of Tennessee get back to campus (13:26), why WHOOP is being worn at the world’s largest construction site (15:07), how smokejumpers are fighting forest fires with WHOOP (17:47), the importance of 24/7 health monitoring (21:34), how privacy is core to our mission (24:19), why WHOOP pays employees to sleep (27:00), and the documented health benefits of wearing WHOOP (30:12).Support the show (
Crosslifter Obi Vincent talks about his remarkable transformation from an overweight teenager to one of the most recognizable fitness figures in the world today. Obi candidly details his struggles with anxiety and an eating disorder, and shares what he’s learned from those experiences. He discusses what got him into fitness (4:37), his eating disorder (6:28), how his bad relationship with food began (7:37), overcoming his struggles (8:28), the negative side of bodybuilding culture (11:48), how he’s learned to express vulnerability (15:21), adjusting to the COVID-19 lockdown (17:28), why people should try as many workouts as possible (23:47), how WHOOP has helped him (25:00), his recovery techniques (28:08), an unhealthy obsession with counting macros (32:16), patience and fitness goals (38:45), learning to listen to your body (43:17), and how WHOOP changed his approach to sleep (47:23).Support the show (
Our research team has been working around the clock to uncover insights about COVID-19, and a few weeks ago we announced a major finding that showed tracking respiratory rate with WHOOP can help detect coronavirus before you feel any symptoms. VP of Data Science and Research Emily Capodilupo dives deep into our respiratory rate findings, along with a separate study that showed WHOOP members have seen improvements in sleep and cardiovascular health during the physical distancing period. Emily and Will Ahmed discuss how WHOOP discovered the importance of respiratory rate (3:51), the COVID-19 detection study (5:59), unlocking your body's secrets (11:57), HRV and resting heart rate during coronavirus (16:35), exercise intolerance as a potential COVID warning sign (18:55), what you should look out for with your respiratory rate (22:42), the COVID-19 Resilience Project (23:53), how physical distancing changed WHOOP data (30:31), how small changes in sleep patterns can have meaningful health impacts, and what's next for our research (37:37).Support the show (
Pro golfer Nick Watney, the first player on the PGA Tour to be diagnosed with COVID-19, details how his WHOOP data led him to getting tested for the virus. Watney shares how he became alarmed by a sudden rise in his respiratory rate and how he experienced no other symptoms that would have alerted him to the presence of the virus. Nick discusses his current health (3:28), his significant respiratory rate spike (6:05), why he was immediately concerned (7:21), testing positive (9:59), his quick action to protect those around him (11:00), the impact of WHOOP (12:15), the PGA's procurement of 1,000 WHOOP straps for players, caddies, and tournament staff (13:30), sharing his story to help others (15:52), what he has learned from WHOOP (21:31), and a detailed rundown of the hours and days leading up to his positive test (22:25).Support the show (
World-renowned sleep expert Dr. Chuck Czeisler joins Will Ahmed and Emily Capodilupo to discuss everything you need to know about sleep, and to announce the launch of the COVID Resilience Project. WHOOP is collaborating with Dr. Czeisler’s team, along with researchers from Harvard’s Brigham Health, Harvard Medical School, the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health at Monash University, the Institute for Breathing and Sleep at Austin Health, and ARCHANGELS, to learn how the COVID-19 pandemic and its mitigation have impacted our members’ physical and mental health using a comprehensive survey. Dr. Czeisler details the connection between stress and sleep (7:07), how insufficient sleep significantly lowers testosterone levels (9:01), the dangers of not getting enough sleep (11:43), the most exciting research in sleep today (14:26), his Harvard course on creating time for sleep (17:50), why we need to sleep (21:50), the COVID Resilience Project (24:52), why researchers need your help (27:32), how you can help (29:44), the role of WHOOP in the study (36:13), and how this study will affect public policy (36:47).Support the show (
WHOOP and high-performance apparel brand Rhone have teamed up for an all-new drop of WHOOP clothing. Rhone CEO and Co-Founder Nate Checketts joins the WHOOP Podcast to discuss the partnership, his views on the role of technology in our world, and how he uses WHOOP to optimize his own life. Nate talks about why he was always cut out to be an entrepreneur (1:56), leaving his job at the NFL to start his own business (4:03), why he loves his WHOOP (7:30), his relationship with former NBA Commissioner David Stern (8:06), how WHOOP is a part of his toolkit to manage diabetes (10:43), his philosophy on business (12:35), pioneering technology advancements in fabric (13:13), the new WHOOP/Rhone clothing (16:21), what he's learned about late meals from his WHOOP data (27:30), why he's cherishing more time at home during COVID-19 (30:52), and his advice for potential entrepreneurs (34:34).Support the show (
World No. 4 golfer Justin Thomas joins the WHOOP Podcast to talk about the highs and lows of his career, and how WHOOP helps him train, sleep and perform better. Justin discusses his upbringing and how his dad and grandfather inspired him to be a golfer (3:09), his friendly rivalry with Jordan Spieth and battling it out for the 2012 NCAA National Championship (10:50), seeking advice from Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Tom Brady (14:42), taking lessons from disappointment (18:15), his friendship with Tiger and teaming up with him at the Presidents Cup (20:42), what qualifying for the PGA Tour was like (27:22), his disappointing finish at the 2017 U.S. Open and how that helped him win his first major two months later (31:47), discovering WHOOP through Rory McIlroy (37:48), what he's learned from WHOOP (40:22), his "world-class" sleep data (42:14), how he analyzes sleep and recovery (50:13), measuring WHOOP data on the course (58:47), dealing with nerves in big moments (1:00:54), what he thinks is good for golf and bad for golf (1:04:18), plus which big-name golfers he's on a WHOOP team with (1:14:15).Support the show (
Jennifer Jacobs is one of the world's most recognizable personal trainers. She is the founder of J Method Fitness, spent 3 years as an instructor for Peloton, and has been training people virtually for more than a decade. She discusses how she got into the digital space (2:09), the keys to leading a successful workout (5:06), her training philosophy (6:37), why home is the optimal place to workout (11:22), how boxing is a great workout (14:26), her approach to nutrition (16:54), why she's against counting macronutrients (19:51), the buy-in needed to reach your fitness goals (21:50), how COVID-19 has changed her motherhood experience and how she gets her kids to get moving indoors (27:33), the importance of mental health (29:26), and her recovery tips and tricks (31:50). Support the show (
Ryan Holiday is one of the most popular writers in the world and has authored bestsellers such as The Obstacle Is the Way, Ego Is the Enemy, and Stillness Is the Key. His books have become wildly successful among high-performing people and teams, including Rory McIlroy and the New England Patriots. Ryan discusses finding his calling as an author (3:15), dropping out of college to pursue writing (4:22), writing his first book (9:33), managing ego (12:34), the difference between confidence and arrogance (13:33), The Last Dance (15:00), defining stillness (21:35), trusting WHOOP to tell him to rest (26:23), practicing patience (30:03), weighing different points of view (37:18), using autonomy to measure success (41:48), his goals (43:39), why greatness shouldn’t be determined by external factors (46:38), and how WHOOP helps him optimize his life (48:32). Plus, Will answers your questions in this week's mailbag (50:40). Support the show (
The tables have been turned for this week’s podcast. Will Ahmed changes roles from host to guest as we share his discussion with NOBULL founders Michael Schaeffer and Marcus Wilson on their podcast, Behind the Horns. Will dives deep on the founding of WHOOP and our mission to unlock human performance. He shares what WHOOP is all about (2:13), why Lebron James and Michael Phelps were among the first WHOOP users (3:09), the inspiration for creating WHOOP (4:08), trying to unlock the secrets of the human body (5:05), how WHOOP tracks strain and recovery (11:04), understanding HRV and why it plays a huge role in recovery (12:07), how WHOOP measures sleep (15:16), the importance of slow-wave and REM sleep (16:11), how WHOOP can indicate you might be getting sick (19:28), the guiding philosophy in designing WHOOP (24:17), why high-performing people focus on sleep and recovery (28:20), how WHOOP helps parents (33:02), and ways to better optimize your travel (39:51). Plus, Will answers your questions in this week's listener mailbag (44:16),Support the show (
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