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"WHOREible decisions has quietly become one of the hottest.... raciest, rawest podcasts on the internet"

"What it’s like to suck a d**k from the back. How it feels to have two c**ks in your p***y. The pros and cons of “paying for penis.” These are some of the more tepid topics that were touched on the first time I tuned into the Whoreible Decisions podcast." Wilbert Cooper - VICE

Tune in for a new episode every Monday, hosts Mandii B & WeezyWTF sit down and discuss with an array of guests such as: Couples, Doctors, Pornstars, Doms, Subs, Activists, Celebs, and more about their sex lives and craziest kinks!!!

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Ep174: Growing Heauxs

Ep174: Growing Heauxs


On this week's episode of Whoreible Decisions the ladies catch up on their love lives and locations during cover and discuss the debacle of a messy love triangle between August Alsina, Will & Jada and share their thoughts on what's going on just one week after the throttle episode! After a previous episode resurfaced of with some questionable takes, the ladies take this episode to share things they have changed their minds about over the years and the personal growth each of them feel like they have experienced throughout WD. Both hosts take full accountability and apologize to anyone who was offended and the trans community. Make a difference! Sign the petition to hold the US Army accountable for the missing and death of Vanessa Guillen. Sign here: Keep up with the podcast by following on social media: Twitter: @whoreiblepod and #whoreibledecisions Instagram: @whoreible_decisions Mandii: @fullcourtpumps Weezy: @weezywtf All caught up on Whoreible Decisions? Find over 70+ Bonus episodes at Bonus Clip: Bonus Ep5:Hoe Catch Up, Hoe Mail & Hoe Advice Air date: May 12,2018
On this week's episode the duo is joined by a throuple, James, Shenay, and Shante of the 3lationship Goals Podcast. We discuss ask the perfect way to bring a 3rd into the bedroom in any relationship and the couple shares how they keep from jealousy, how they communicate and how being in a throuple is different from any other type of relationship. They also have a great tip on finding the love language that works best for your relationship. Communication is key! Make a change! Sign the petition to reopen the case involving the death of Tamla Horsford here: Follow this week's guests on Instagram @perfecttriangle60 and tune in to their podcast 3lationship Goals wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts Become a patron! Support the brand and find over 70 bonus episodes awaiting you now at
On this week's episode the duo is joined by DJ Damage, 1/3 of Hollywood Unlocked to discussed dating in today's society and getting past having different views than your partner. What if your partner stands for All Live Matter? What if your partner is a cop? Along the way to that conversation, we discuss a man who was arrested for having fun with flip flops, sacral massages, and how your voice can be used as a means of foreplay. THERE'S LEVELS TO THIS!! Follow this week's guest on social media @therealdjdamage Justice for Levena Johnson- Sign the petition mentioned in this week episode here: This week's episode is brought to you by Adam & Eve: Use Promocode WD50 to receive 50% off almost any one item + more Follow along and share your thoughts on this week's episode and follow us on social media Twitter @whoreiblepod and Tweet using hashtag #whoreibledecisions and on Instagram @whoreible_decisions All caught up? Want more from Mandii and Weezy? Become a patron and listen to over 70 bonus episodes at
On this week's episode the duo is joined by a faithful listener, Lauren, who works as a sales associate at one of the largest sex shops in the DMV. She shares stories about common misconceptions of going to a sex store, her normal clientele, and which toys get purchased the most. There is a whole segment as well to help you choose the right butt plug to prep your bootyhole for anal. All the tips and tales are shared in this light-hearted episode! Justice for Tete (Otis). Read more and Sign the petition here: This week's episode is brought to you by: Adam & Eve- Use promocode WD50 to get 50% off almost any one item PLUS free gifts + free s&h Blue Chew- Try Bluechew for FREE. Just pay $5 S&H using promo code: WHOREIBLE Watch new episodes of "I May Destroy You" on Mondays at 9pm on HBO and stream it on HBO MAX All caught up on Whoreible Decisions and craving more? Become a patron! Visit
*Trigger Warning: This episode brings up conversations that could be triggering for some. Please proceed with caution. On this week's episode we revisit previous conversation involving race, police brutality and the use of the N-word amongst other POC. Mandii relives her traumatic experience in London where she realizes the PTSD from police brutality in America (Ep109), Weezy goes off on a white listener who wrote in regarding feeling "socioeconomically" effected by a previous black sex worker and her experience with white supremacy (Ep41) and for many, a large portion of a bonus episode featuring Brianda from the Super Trip Talk Podcast discusses colorism in the latinX community, the use of the N word along with inclusivity as it pertains to the WD audience. Continue in the conversation by following us on social media @Whoreiblepod on Twitter & @whoreible_decisions on Twitter. Be sure to use the hashtag #Whoreibledecisions and subscribe and rate. Follow the hosts Weezy @Weezywtf and Mandii @fullcourtpumps on both Twitter/IG to keep up with them Want to hear more bonus content? Become a patron at



I have been blessed with a platform that I will use to my greatest ability. This is my statement on what is currently going on and how I am personally affected. We all will process things differently but it is important that we seek change. Black Lives Matter. #IveHadEnough and we will get justice for George Floyd. This must stop! Protest, Riot, Make Noise! BE SAFE!!!!  Find below links/petitions where you can make a difference: Cashapp $nopeace2020 to assist Whoreible Decisions with helping protesters get bonded out of jail Call the DA to immediately charge and arrest the officers responsible for the death of George Floyd @ 612-348-5550 Mike Freeman Use #blacklivesmatter hashtag to spread awareness and VOTE! VOTE TO GET THESE PEOPLE OUT OF OFFICE!
On this week's episode of WD we are joined remotely with another podcast duo, Lex and Drea Nicolee of Pour Minds. We break the ice with some pretty wild questions followed by baby mama drama and Future. Oh we go there! Then we discuss what a big d-ck balla is AKA a BDB. Enjoy this week's episode!



On this week's episode of WD, the duo is joined by friend of the show Van Lathan! Long awaited, the group dive into podcast business after the fall out of very large girl duo podcast splits. The hosts shed their opinions on the situation before getting into the Boosie backlash and the conversation surrounding sex and children for both little girls and little boys. Van opens up about his first sense of sexual arousal to kitties before we discuss him overcoming his porn addiction and how his weight-loss journey impacted his dating life and his moves in the bedroom. Follow Van Lathan on social media @VanLathan and keep up with his shows. Follow along on the conversation. Tag @whoreiblepod #whoreibledecisions on Twitter and follow the brand on Instagram @whoreible_decisions Upcoming WD Live Tour shows have been CANCELLED until further notice. This means you should be seeing your tickets refunded by Ticketmaster. If you purchased tickets for the Toronto show, simply request a refund on Eventbrite. Refunds are automatically approved once a request has been submitted. All caught up with Whoreible Decisions and can't get enough? Become a Patreon and get an extra 3 episodes every month and catch up on over 60+episodes of bonus content. Sign up now at
This week's episode features one of the top 0.01% creators on OnlyFans, a friend of the show and our favorite OF creator Miss BNasty. We open up the show with a catch up on our last orgasms. Weezy shares how she's kept it interesting during quarantine while Mandii maintains her innocence in abstinence. Miss BNasty shares how she orgasms everyday through masturbation and how she is able to achieve squirting by herself. Then the ladies dive into OnlyFans. Why our guest chose to do it, how long she plans to do it for, and what the weirdest request she has ever gotten. Also a dive into pricing and marketing an OF page. Follow this week's guest on social media and subscribe to her onlyfans: Twitter @missbnasty Instagram @brittneeraebaby2 If you or someone you know is in need of antibody donations during COVID-19 you can reach out to or @chefboyarbrii on IG This week's episode is brought to you by: Adam & Eve- Get 50% off almost any one item + Free gift + FREE shipping & handling using Promcode: WD50 BlueChew: Try BlueChew for FREE and pay only $5 S&H using promo code: WHOREIBLE at checkout All caught up? Want to support WD? Become a patron now at and get 3 bonus episodes every month + over 60 episodes of Whoreible Decisions BONUS content
This week's episode we are joined by Aidian and Carmen from the Bull & Bunny Podcast. As a couple who identifies as an ethically non-monogamous couple, we dive into how they got there and the conversations they had to have with themselves and together. Striving in an 8 year relationship, they discuss how virtual orgies have been a way to keep it spicy in quarantine and they also discuss the ups and downs of bringing others into the bedroom while still maintaining a very healthy relationship. Follow this week's guests on Instagram: Aidian @aidianbds Carmen @citycurlsvibe Bull & Bunny Podcast @bullandbunnypod and listen to this podcast wherever you listen to your favorite shows! Available on all podcast platforms This week's episode is brought to you by Adamandeve. Get 50% off almost any one item + 10 gifts + Free Shipping&Handling when you use PROMOCODE: WD50 at checkout All caught up? Want more episodes! Become a patron now at to support the show and become an official member of the Whorehive with bonus episodes and more. The clip at the end of this episode comes from: Bonus EP 18: Don't Masturbate, You'll Turn Gay (Nov 2018)
On this week's episode, the duo is joined by a couple from one of Weezy's favorite television shows [Redacted] let's say 89 Day Pre-Wedding title. lmao The conversation revolves being quarantined with your lover and keeping up with the sex demands as well as a dive into interracial dating from the perspective of an African-American male dating a European white woman. Who gets the most slack from their family and peers? Was color a factor at all? How do cultural difference effect the relationship? All of these questions answered in this week's episode. Follow the conversation on Twitter by tweeting @whoreible_pod or using the hashtag #whoreibledecisions Also follow us on Instagram @whoreible_decisions Weezy @Weezywtf Mandii @fullcourtpumps Follow this week's guest on social media: Blake @hollowbrooks & Jas @jasminaniel and be sure to check out their Youtube channel
EP 1: TIGER KINGS. Every Tuesday you'll listen to Eddie and myself cover a random topic, give you facts about it, to make you a subject expert by the end of the episode! This is our spin on learning together with some unfiltered and hilarious commentary. Follow us at @weezyWTF @eddiedellasiepe and subscribe to our podcast! FOR FACTS SAKE! IG: @FFSPOD twitter: @FFSAKEPODCAST
Finally! This week's episode is a podcast mashup featuring the hosts of Cocktales: Dirty Discussions Podcast with Kiki and Medinah Monroe. The girls share about sex during quarantine. Mandii shares about hosting NSFWs virtual sex orgy and Kiki shares about her quarantine threesome that lead to her and Mandii becoming eskimo sisters. Weezy dry humps her man's knees and Medinah is out here playing with poop. The episode is full of laughs and odd questions like "Would you stay with your partner if you found out they were your biological sibling?" Check out this week's episode and tweet along on social media using hashtag #WhoreibleDecisions Tweeting @whoreiblepod or following us on IG @whoreible_decisions Tune in and subscribe to Cocktales: Dirty Discussions Podcast where you listen to your favorite podcasts and follow this week's guests on Instagram: Kiki @kikisaidso Medinah @cofeebeandean This week's bonus clip comes from BonusEp30: Recappin Dat Heaux and to hear more bonus episodes become a Patron at
On this week's episode the duo is joined by 1/3 of the Friend Zone Podcast, Fran. Fran drops in to share her experience with choosing to abstain from sex for the last 4 years. The ladies dive in with some ice breakers before discussing their first time having sex, regrets and if they wish they would have waited longer. Also, find out how a couple entered into a Poly relationship with a sex doll. Enjoyed this week's guest? Follow her on all social media platforms @HEYFRANHEY and tune into The Friend Zone Podcast wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts This week's episode is brought to you by: Blue Chew- Try Blue Chew FOR FREE using Promocode: WHOREIBLE Just pay $5 for shipping and handling Adam & Eve- Get 50% off almost any one item on PLUS receive 10 tantalizing FREE gifts + FREE Shipping & handling when you use Promocode: WD50 All caught up with 163 episodes of Whoreible Decisions and crave more? Become a patron now and receive 3 bonus episodes EVERY month. Over 60 episodes are available now on Patreon. Visit for more
On this week's episode of Whoreible Decisions, Mandii & Weezy are joined by a couple of pups...literally. The discussion this week starts with a former guest and sexpert Michelle Hope for the Vanilla Shit segment where we dive into the rise of domestic violence during lockdown and quarantine. We discuss the last time we orgasm along with healthy sex toy choices before getting into the Whoreible Decision of pup play. How are we still finding new kinks? We don't know either. Follow this week's guests on social media: Cody: @cody_carter24 on twitter VIncent: @be_convinced on twitter and instagram Enjoyed this week's episode? Share on social media using hashtag #WhoreibleDecisions and tweet @whoreiblepod and on Instagram @whoreible_Decisions Donate to the Rent Relief Fund Organized by Michelle Hope @mhsexpert here: This week's episode was brought to you by: Adam & Eve- use promocode WD50 and get 50% off almost any one item + 10 free gifts + Free Shipping BlueChew- Try for free using promocode: WHOREIBLE and pay just $5 shipping & handling All caught up? Become a patron at
**Please excuse the audio in this week's episode. We will work to provide a better listening experience for next week.** On this week's episode of WD, the duo is joined by Andrea Jackson, host of the Our Mirror's Reflections Podcast. The trio start off with an Ice Breaker game of Have You Ever.... and then get into this week's vanilla shit where chlamydia was found, WHERE? The Whore'derve for this week focuses on masturbation. Since everyone should be practicing social distancing, figured we would focus on solo sex tips this week. Keep the conversation going! Join us on Instagram @whoreible_decisions and on Twitter @whoreiblepod and use hashtag #Whoreibledecisions This week's episode is brought to you by Adam and Eve. Use Promocode: WD50 to save 50% off almost any one item but get 10 free gifts including 6 movies, a gift for him a gift for her, and more + Free shipping!! Enjoyed this week's guest? Tune into her podcast Our Mirror's Reflections podcast and follow her on social media IG @andreapjackson_
The Corona Virus isn't stopping this show! This week we are joined by sex educator, kink coach and 1/2 of the Never Have I Ever Podcast, Miss Cory B! We catch up on how covid-19 is affecting our day to day lives before playing a game of Never Have I Ever and then sharing the things we have done sexually and will NEVER do again! This is followed up by discussing boundaries and unwanted sex acts during consensual sex before the WD leads us into our journeys navigating sex. Cory shares her introduction to the sex world and Mandii & Weezy both share what has changed for them in understanding sex since the inception of the show. Enjoyed this week's episode? Let us know by tweeting us @whoreiblepod or using the hashtag #Whoreibledecisions. Also follow along and comment on @Whoreible_decisions on IG Keep up with this week's guest everywhere! My Instagram: @misscoryb My Twitter: @miss_coryb Podcast Instagram: @nhiepodcast Podcast Twitter: @nhiepodcast All caught up with regular Whoreible Decisions episodes and crave more? Become a patron and get 3 bonus episodes every month! Sign up at
Looking for something to binge during quarantine? Well we have something for you! You can now binge watch The Sopranos and then tune in to Made Women: A Sopranos Re-Watch Podcast. It's like recapping episodes and discussing your favorite characters with one of the actual characters. Made Women. Summary: Actor and Sopranos star, Drea De Matteo and her best friend, entrepreneur & New Jersey native Chris Kushner, invite listeners into the ultimate inner circle with Made Women, a Sopranos re-watch podcast exploring one of the most essential crime-dramas of all time. Fans of the iconic mob series will head back to the New Jersey Turnpike, diving into the notorious mafioso world with De Matteo and Kushner as they break down the series episode-by-episode, offering exclusive insight, never-before-heard stories from behind-the-scenes, and so much more. Click here to listen to Made Women: Subscribe, listen and download wherever you tune in to your favorite podcast!
On this week's episode of WD Weezy recants the ratchetness of the Orlando live show that leads to a steamy exchange. Back on track however, the ladies discuss compliments that make they like to receive from their partners, actual cum time response for men and women, and then dive into discussion with their thoughts on relationship what-if questions that derived from this season of RHOA. Questions like: does your spouse have to hate someone if you hate them? Can a man be a good man even if he's a cheater? Also find out how WD is to blame for ruining someone's relationship in this week's hoe mail. Follow in on the conversation on Twitter by using #Whoreibledecisions and tweeting @Whoreiblepod. Follow our IG @Whoreible_Decisions and follow the shows hosts Mandii @fullcourtpumps and Weezy @weezywtf on Twitter/IG All caught up on Whoreible Decisions? Become a patron now at Over 60 bonus episodes and more!
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and here i am happy that my man makes 25,000 a year

Jun 24th

Monnie Moores

No one cares when you had an orgasm...with all of the bad shit going on in our world, you choose to waste this opportunity on crap.Im pretty sure that people know all about their own sex lives and dont give a shit about yours.There are too many of these shows and they are nothing more than pornography without photos.Which do you think that our world could use right now..?....A show about black and all lives matter or show about the last time you got off ?.....Well, I see whats important to you.......Go, Go, Butt Plugs!!!!!!!

Jun 17th

Candialayiah McCray

ok that was good

Jun 11th

whitney ward

such a boring episode

May 4th


yall stay callin this a Black ass podcast. We'd rather hear just you two than them.

Mar 30th


No thanks for the WW.

Mar 30th

Mary Campbell

fuck anti vaxxers hard

Mar 19th

Ariell Holmes

wowowwwww I had no idea what I was signing up for with this episode but I'm intrigued... 😂

Dec 5th
Reply (1)

Marissa Candace

y'all need a different perspective on vegans. I get that a handful of them are militant assholes but at the end of day it's a compassionate thing and dose make a difference on this burning earth lol. Wezzy, food is food homie. dose it matter what we call it? What's a hot dog? Mandii, I make a mean vegan black Mac recipe. Don't knock it until you try it. just like how I suggest this podcasts to others. listen to it, don't judge by the title. Vegans have better sex?! Ask a hand full of them why. xoxoxo love you hoes. See you in December with some gifts.

Oct 7th
Reply (1)

Marissa Candace

loved that when my Bluetooth headphones died and my phone loudly plays "having sex with animals" while I was around six others at the hospital 😂

Sep 24th

Marissa Candace

again listening to older episodes..I really like what you guest had to say about her views on threesomes. "they gotta be in love with me" I have wanted threesomes for the wrong reasons. For some guy I love and it should be something I really want to do also.. and while making a tinder to find a unicorn for daddy and myself I quickly became embarrassed for being "one of those couples" searching for bi women. seeing all the profiles specifically asking not to be contacted from a unicorn seeker gave me the insight I needed. gah

Sep 23rd

Marissa Candace

I actually like this man's input. going back and listening to the older episodes where y'all have had some whack ass male energy.

Sep 16th

Carls Berg

topics are interesting but good god stop saying "bitch" and "ho" like that's a normal way to speak. serious eye roll.

Sep 13th

Christina Michelle Scott

lmao I just listened to this episode! I just want to say that yall are fucking awesome! Anyways I grew up in Jacksonville Florida and when mandii told the story of the love bugs I just laughed because I had believed that for soooo long but it is a myth!

Sep 6th

Seed Royal.

I don't have any STI or STD.

Aug 19th
Reply (2)

DJ Outlandish

This sounds like Wax.

Aug 14th
Reply (1)

Sarina Grey

So people can claim a podcast to be "black" and its okay but if white people did it the whole world will go insane. typical

Aug 12th
Reply (1)

Walter Carter

Wow, skank ho’s!

Aug 9th

chaqzza Njalaleh

do they make sure the guests are tested before they get there?

Jul 29th
Reply (1)

King Juan

wats the deal wit mandi wanting to give credit to other podcast?

Jul 19th
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