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Amnesty International sheds alarming light on an NSO Group surveillance tool—and the gaps in Apple and Google's defenses.
Eliminating the global feed is a good step. But until the platform offers privacy by default, it remains a liability for many of its users.
The country's hackers have gotten far more aggressive since 2015, when the Ministry of State Security largely took over the country’s cyberespionage.
The security researchers used an infrared photos and third-party hardware to best Microsoft's facial recognition tech.
In response to mass protests, the country has been blocking social media and communication platforms since Sunday—an increasingly common action worldwide.
The hackers posed as recruiters, journalists, and hospitality workers to lure its victims.
Regulators are trying to force adult sites to introduce age checks for users. Now one of the largest in the world faces a total block for refusing to do so.
Starting with a beta that launches today, you'll no longer have to route all of your messages through your smartphone.
Attackers are increasingly attuned to the power and potential of remote management software.
The company released a patch this week but security researchers say the root of the problem is beyond its control—and symptomatic of a larger issue.
There are 150 child sexual abuse laws around the world. Now, metadata is making it easier for countries to work together.
What you look for online is up to you—just make sure no one else is taking a peek.
Companies are racing to track everything about you. It could be a convenient way to reduce fraud—or seriously creepy and discriminatory.
Thinking about selling your smart speaker? Be aware that you can't completely delete personal content from the device.
Security researchers warned Kaseya about its IT management software in April, but the patches didn't come fast enough to avert last week's disaster.
More details have come to light as to how the notorious hacking group pulled off its unprecedented attack.
An apparent supply chain attack exploited Kaseya's IT management software to encrypt a "monumental" number of victims all at once.
Everyone hates the old ways of authentication. But while change is closer than ever, it comes with its own drawbacks.
While SolarWinds rightly drew attention earlier this year, Moscow's Fancy Bear group has been on a password-guessing spree this whole time.
The minimum hardware requirements for Microsoft’s next operating system will leave plenty of PCs stranded.
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