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Author: Danielle LaPorte

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A one woman show about self-realization from Danielle LaPorte, a member of Oprah’s Super Soul 100 and creator of The Desire Map. How do you create a spirituality that’s more rock n’ roll than oppressive, turn your anxiety into power, and live more deeply but lighten up? Danielle keeps it practical while riffing on the divine—from compassion and self-help fatigue, to sex, joy, and serving the world. She is, as Eve Ensler describes, “a force field of energy, wonder, humor, and love”, and her authenticity will have you feeling a little less crazy, full of possibility, and clearly part of the solution.
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We’ve got to fall for some lies to get to our truth… These are the lies that dogma, false power, and all kinds of commercial industries are built on. And many of us have built our spiritual lives on one of these shaky foundations.  This is a wake up call:
Divorce…? Balance and striving…? Longing to help, but feeling spread thin…? It’s a Q&A fest. I’m offering compassionate reframes and metaphysical tools.  Keep what resonates, leave the rest…
When (not) to give up.

When (not) to give up.


Should you give up, or stay the course? Preface: This post is full of contradictions, so if you’re looking for a straight shot… it’s better to look within. As always. But! I have an array of options, my friends. Sensitivity note: I start in the realm of general life stuff: Should I quit my job? Leave this relationship? Exit the church? And then we move into the deepest possible query: whether to stay on the planet. As in, choosing to stay alive. Light to dark and all the hues in between…
I receive so many substantive, well-written, messy, articulate, deep, precise questions. Gives me hope in humanity, actually. In this episode: grief, enlightenment, whether or not we should indoctrinate our children, the meaning of life… you know. Regular stuff. Go there with me:
When we say, “We're going with the flow,” what we're really saying is that we’re riding The Creative Principle. The stuff of LIFE FORCE. Flow isn’t New Age chillaxin’—it is alert relaxation. Wide awake trust. When you’re in the flow, you're constantly responding to the subtle cues that Life is giving you. Tango with the life force:
“I've gone through my entire life holding everyone at a safe distance… how do I make friends now?” Our fear of judgment prevents us from getting the love that we're longing for. Twisted, no? But being a stranger to someone doesn’t have to be an impediment to intimacy. This is where courage comes in.
Naked Prayer

Naked Prayer


For so long my prayers were a nuanced negotiation. I thought if I gave The Divine my best self then I’d earn what I was asking for. But if I can’t bring my darkness to the (capital L) Light, then where can I go to be healed?  I was overriding my most tender pain. And here’s what I know now: Your pain is what God is most urgently interested in—like any parent with their child. “Let’s get this healed so you can go out and play.” And that is how we "give it over to God." We bring our pain to the surface and then The Divine can take it from there. For the inspiration and validation to bring your whole self upward… please listen to the full episode:
I think external psychic input can be extremely valuable for navigating. I’ve had seers on my payroll. And… We can often sense what's coming ourselves—we just don't recognize our own power. Wanting the encouragement of somebody else's gifted perspective is natural. And we want to make sure that craving for input doesn’t become a dependency. Keep your power within your own being. Free will, free will, free will. And PS: free will.
This is about suffering (mine in particular). And the radiance that comes after we all suffer. This isn’t a woe is me recount. I offer my stories for the sake of community, for potentially softening your learning curve, and for hope. I’m convinced that by sharing our stories of getting through struggle, we help each other heal. In this episode I also POUR ON THE HOPE AND ENCOURAGEMENT for those of us in similar circumstances. Please listen if you’re in need.
My fellow grown up, let’s get you centered in your truth and prepped for family gatherings… so you don’t end up in the bathroom drunk-dialing your therapist, or your highschool sweetheart (who’s now married with 3 kids).  You have the inner resources. Acceptance! Self respect! Compassion! And so much LOVE! I have some ideas for staying sane (and ideally: being your most loving self), even if you want to get the hell out of there: PS: A gift for podcast listeners… Get a hardcopy of my White Hot Truth book. In the mail. For free. (Just pay shipping.) How to’s: Head to:  Add the book to your cart.  Use the promo code PODCASTLOVE at checkout.  Rejoice! Hug your delivery person.
You’d think that as empathetic humans, who are so attuned to our own feelings, we’d know immediately when someone has jacked into our own life force. But we just keep tolerating toxic dynamics in the name of compassion. Here’s how to apply your compassion with DISCERNMENT when it comes to narcissists…
So many of us grip our mistakes because we never want to make them (and hurt anybody) again. But the moving forward can only happen when you can really forgive yourself. It’s possible. And there’s a sequence to it. Here’s how I practice:
Loss brings out our truest self. And while grace doesn’t come naturally to all of us—especially when we lose—it can be cultivated… if you go out of your way to be grateful. Let me tell you a story. It all starts in the ladies room, in a snowy city, five minutes before my curtain call…
When you feel like you have nothing to offer—TRUST your rhythms. Rest. Regenerate. Do what it takes to be well. Our culture confuses productivity-output-achievement with self-worth. To unhook from that fiction:
When things are brutally difficult with somebody, sometimes the healthiest thing is to have a non-verbal, encouragement convo. When you can’t safely/bravely express yourself in this realm, then use an esoteric channel—speak to the other person’s Higher Self. It might be the best conversation you’ve ever had.
I’ve gotten in the habit of creating a “What I Trust” list before a big gig or opportunity, or when any situation feels wobbly. Often we’re fixated on firing up endorphins (and there are times for that), that we forget that feeling assured and comforted is where the real power is. Calm and centered is magnetic. The “What I Trust” list is for focus and soothing your nervous system. Instead of mustering bravado about things that we hope are true, we root into what we viscerally know we can rely on. So… what do you trust?
It’s too late in the day, and too hot, crowded, and a little too painful on the planet, to be focused solely on personal attainment. Manifestation is a technology, and like all technologies, I pray that we use it to generate more loving realities for ourselves and for each other. You can still reach for the dream job, the healthy bod’, and the love of your life. You get to want what you want. Always. I’m saying: want all of those things, AND incorporate other people’s wellness in your vision. Pray that when you receive those things, it will make you more generous, more joyous, more healthy… more able to contribute to the collective happiness of everybody around you. This episode is a roundup of the potential mis-steps of popular manifestation techniques, and an invitation for something deeper and unifying.
The first thing to do with that inner critic voice is to have compassion for it. (This is counterintuitive because we live in a performance-based culture that thrives on judgement.) Approach with love—then instead of creating further separation from your heart, you’re building a bridge. Anytime you bring compassion to a situation you will see it more clearly. Compassion is the light of Love. It’s the true power source. Speak of it often. Here’s some direction:
Our Shadow Self is not an evil-twin personality that we have to master. It’s our neglected inner child—our deep sensitivity. Our greatest opportunity for building strength comes from the work of healing our woundedness. I know this because I lived it: learning to love my most wounded self was my ultimate restoration. Encouragement for your journey:
Making new friends in your 30s, 40s, and onwards — it’s never, EVER too late. Your longing for sisterhood is both primal and divine. Friendship is the medicine. It's the elixir that we need right now, more than ever. Your desire is so HEALTHY. Friendships are my primary religion so here’s what I suggest…
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So beautiful, thank you so much for your work

Nov 22nd
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Great Podcast! I love mornings! This podcast does make a ton of sense! I super enjoyed! Thank you for your work! I'm in Gratitude 🙏

Sep 15th

Mae Lanie Añano

You are amazing, Danielle!! Thank you for all that you do and all that you are.

Sep 3rd

Mina Masoumi

its fantactic..everything of you.your voice your feeling..i love you more and more. .you make me perfect

Aug 31st


Listening is the recipe for loneliness!🥰 Loved lazy Vegan!😆🤣 "I will lick bacon!" Girlfriends are everything!!!! Thank you!! loved podcast!!

Aug 27th
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Love it! Looking forward to this podcast!!

Aug 26th
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