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WOMENACE to SOCIETY is a podcast series hosted by comedian Lisa Landry featuring socially relevant interviews with artists, activists, anarchists, dreamers and doers across America. Landry chats with quirky visionaries working to reform what’s broken from coast to coast. Their tales will surprise you.

Real People. Real Stories. Unreal World.
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Lindsey Boylan is running to represent New York State in the United States Congress and if she's elected, she will be the first woman to represent her district in fifty years! We chat about what's making Lindsey run- she's doing this for her daughter, Vivienne, and all the other girls and women of New York. Lindsey comes from a working-class family. Her dad is a veteran and her mom was a single mom at the age of 16. Lindsey's focus on inequality, mental health, and climate change, and she wants to restore hope to so many who feel the American Dream is dying.
Summer Wesley is running for State Representative because Oklahoma needs leaders with the right knowledge and expertise to move us forward. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma School of Law and has years of experience as a social worker and community advocate, helping the most vulnerable Oklahomans navigate hardship and take control of their lives. Currently, Oklahoma is at the top of all the lists that no state wants to be on. Our schools are failing, staggering numbers of our citizens are suffering without healthcare, incarceration rates are alarming, and our infrastructure is literally crumbling. Summer will make a great Representative for Oklahoma’s House District 100. She understands law and policy, and how they directly affect each of our daily lives.
Sabrina Matthews is one of the first comedians to ever appear on Comedy Central where you may have seen her half-hour special. She is also one of the very first queer comedians to appear on TV, perform around the country, tour the world, and she was a semi-finalist on NBC's "Last Comic Standing". Sabrina and Lisa chat about Socrates, monsters & animals, and what it means to be an artist.
Marty Percy is an investigative journalist and author who is interested in Justice Reform. He live-tweets Oklahoma City Council meetings for everyone who can’t make it to the meetings- which is pretty much everybody with a family or a job since they are held bi-monthly on Tuesday mornings at 8:30AM. We discuss how local politics affects our daily lives more than national politics but most people don’t know that so that which is one big reason we're getting messed over as citizens. Marty connects homeless individuals with bikes through his foundation, The Wheels Project, Inc.
Dr. Darnell Blackmon is an orthopedic surgeon and medical cannabis investor in Tulsa, Oklahoma who recommends medical marijuana as a healthier alternative to patients suffering from opioid abuse and to relieve the severe pain caused by cancer. Lisa and he discuss Oklahoma’s overwhelming acceptance of a plant most here find extremely beneficial. In fact, there are now about 700 dispensaries in OK and cannabis use may be completely legal for everyone 21 and over within a very short time throughout the state.
Bryan Scott is a California dad and American citizen who was disgusted when he found out an Orange County Judge he thought was a no-nonsense conservative guy who made tough decisions was actually impaired with massive bias and had a reckless history of giving lenient sentences to child rapists. So he worked with other activists in California and Illinois to have the judge recalled from the bench.
Juanita Broaddrick is this week's esteemed guest WOMENACE. One of the original (and reluctant) #metoo’s before there was even a #MeToo Movement, her 1978 sexual victimization by the General Attorney of Arkansas William J. Clinton heavily impacted the 2016 American Presidential election, and she only returned to our national consciousness because she responded to a tweet Hillary Clinton sent in 2015. Please welcome Juanita Broaddrick to the podcast. Please Stand With Survivors. 
Based in Chicago, Mike Volpe is a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in The Daily Caller, Front Page Magazine, Washington Examiner, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference Newsletter, Crime Magazine, and Counter Punch. Mike investigates judicial misconduct and corruption, has written three books, and joins Lisa to explain precisely how fathers who sexually abuse their children invoke “Parental Alienation” as their defense in Family Court.
You may recognize our wonderful guest Nanine McCool from her Jumbotron appearance with Tony Robbins, where he tried to intimidate her in front of everyone attending his worship in an arena. But I know this former Family Law attorney from Facebook, where I first noticed her for losing her bar card because she refused to pretend her client's ex-husband wasn't sexually abusing her children. Please welcome Nanine McCool.
Part 2 with our esteemed guest, Family Court Winner and Mom Rachel Bruno. Rachel and I chat more about her lawsuit against the social workers and the rest of the "professionals" who trafficked her sons through CPS and California Family Court because she brought her 4-month-old baby to the ER with a brain injury. Did the nanny get arrested? Are her son's okay? How did Rachel have the strength to make it through this horrible ordeal? Please enjoy Truth Teller and Advocate for Family Court Reform, Rachel Bruno.
Our esteemed guest, Rachel Bruno details how her children were trafficked by social workers, a doctor, hospital staff, and cops working under the jurisdiction of the State of California while the nanny who may have been responsible for her 4-month old’s brain injury was protected from prosecution… because she was married to a cop? Because the State makes money from placing our children in foster care? Because the Constitution does not apply in Family Court? Part One of our chat with Rachel Bruno, Family Court Winner, Truth Teller, Advocate for Family Court Reform.
Dr. Michael Horton, Executive Director of the Coffee Bunker, an outreach center for American Veterans. Michael is a psychologist and former UASF so he knows the battle our soldiers face coming home, like PTSD, physical trauma, moral injury, and military skills that don’t seem to fit on corporate resumes. “These are all people who have stood up and taken an oath to defend, not the flag, not the President, not Mom and apple pie, but to defend the Constitution, a living and sacred document that we hold dear.”
Noemie thought she landed her dream job at the age of 26 when she was offered the job of managing three dispensaries in Las Vegas. Then her boss suddenly couldn't pay her and another almost 200 employees. What caused the cash flow problem in a state that enjoys cannabis so much they sold out of it almost immediately after going legal? Find out what Noemie discovered about her boss as she tried to get paid. Like, how a few months before he hired her, he woke up next to the non-responsive body of the woman he was partying with the night before, moved her body, and had to explain that he wasn't actually trying to bribe the guy who called 911.
The first African-American woman elected to represent Georgia in the U.S. House of Representatives served a total of six terms in Congress and ran as the Green Party's Presidential Candidate in 2008 is our esteemed guest this week. Dr. Cynthia McKinney shares what she thinks of the FBI, American involvement in Ukraine, and what it's like to be targeted and blacklisted for telling the TRUTH, standing up for everyday people, and trying to keep America from going to war with Iraq.
Our favorite lady biker Nytro is back to tell us what BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) is doing to help survivors Break the Chains of violence in Arizona! Now in 22 countries worldwide, BACA encourages and protects victimized children, helps them stay safe and testify against their predators by giving them love, protection, and bringing them into the BACA Global Family, one brave kid at a time.
Please welcome former surgical nurse turned culinary student and Founder of Abolition Bakery, Rita Ballenger. Human trafficking is the third-largest industry on the planet- 40 Million People are living in enslavement right now. Rita and her staff of volunteers are raising awareness and money for survivors in Cleveland, Ohio.
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and DV affects us all. Mildred Muhammad was married to the D.C. sniper, John Muhammad who was killing innocents so he could assassinate his ex-wife & win custody of their kids. Media blacked out the truth of his intent. Please enjoy this rebroadcast of our interview with Mildred- international speaker and author - recently denied access to speak on domestic violence in China.
We're back again this week with a whole different kind of episode. Please welcome Truth Raider to the podcast as he details exactly what Bitcoin is about and how anybody can start using this new financial system which more or less eliminates the need for banks and minimizes bankster influence.
Richard Prange is a funny Phoenix comedian and news producer who was born with a rare disease called Jackson Weiss Syndrome, a deformity that affects the face and head. Since early childhood, this Emmy-winning producer has survived nearly 20 reconstructive plastic surgeries. Rich chats about the recent surgery that changed his life and how that personal win is connected to his Emmy.
Episode 110: Stan Chen

Episode 110: Stan Chen


Stan Chen is one of the hardest working and funniest comedians working the circuit. He’s also a commercial pilot for FedEx. We’re at Big Pine Comedy Festival in Flagstaff Arizona. Stan has been on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. Please welcome Stan to the podcast. Enjoy.
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