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A podcast about entrepreneurship in the arts. Join host, Ryan Freeman in the pursuit of creative excellence and entrepreneurial success.
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Jon Flowers is a street and portrait photographer based in Toronto, Canada. We met when we were in high school and I’ve seen him pursue the art of photography now as a professional photographer full time. It’s been extremely inspiring and motivating to see him take the plunge and throw himself 100% into his craft and business. He’s extremely positive, introspective and always raises up the people around him.Jon
Sal Patel is the new Managing Editor at Shopify and is based in Toronto, Canada. Before recently going to Shopify, he worked at The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) as the Managing Digital Content Producer for 5 years. He oversaw strategy, production and distribution of TIFF Digital Studio content, which is editorial, podcasts, video, social and photography. He grew TIFF’s audience by 66% and engagement by 1700% in 15 months in partnership with Apple, CNN, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.Sal
THEBROSFRESH consist of twin brothers Thurman and Torrence Thomas based out of Geismar, Louisiana, USA. Together, they successfully run a Creative Consulting practice and have worked with a few brands you might have heard of: Ford, Netflix, Wendys, Lulu Lemon, and Adidas, just to name a few. But their creative endeavors do not end there. They are music producers and writers. They have a book soon to come out called, 'Connected' - How to work together as one force, and last but not least they run a non-profit called, Tank Proof - giving underserved youth the gift of
Jaime Derringer is the founder and Executive Editor of Design Milk, one of the internet's most popular websites for everything Art, Design, & Architecture. Before all of the millions of followers and visitors, she taught herself how to code and built the website into the successful digital publishing platform that it is today. Jaime and her team have launched multiple offshoot brands under the Design Milk name. There’s Dog Milk, Adorn Milk, Milk Factory, a job board and a Podcast called, Clever. On top of all of that, she’s an artist, painter, sculptor, and a techno music producer.Jaime
Jakob de Boer is a fine-art photographer working out of Toronto & Paris. He just finished his new photography series called, Where Ravens Cry. The series will premiere in 2019 and will also be published as a book by Nazrali Press. His team is in the middle of organizing exhibitions for the series with various galleries and museums around the world.Jakob de
Josh Janssen is a podcast host and content creator based out of Melbourne, Australia. His podcast is called The Daily Talk Show, a podcast that releases a new episode every weekday. Josh and co-host Tommy Jacket launched at the beginning of 2018 and just surpassed episode 200. In the times of fast content, Josh has consistently brought a high level of production quality, providing value for their listeners in forms of insightful conversation and guests they bring on the show.Josh
Jay Melilli is a creative director based in Los Angeles, California. He’s currently the art director for and his company, where they create new products that combine fashion and technology. Through Jay’s work he highlights sophistication and a deep understanding of the art of human connection. He’s clients include Vevo, Juxt, Warby Parker, Marriot, Ubisoft, Gennetech, and Cisco, among others.Jay
01: An Introduction

01: An Introduction


This podcast is for the writers, the painters, the musicians, the filmmakers, the dreamers who want to leave their 9-5 job and monetize their passion.I think it’s important to constantly work at being a better artist and entrepreneur, and what’s a better way to get better than talking to the best in their respective fields. That’s why I’m making this podcast. This is an invitation from me to you. Join me in the pursuit of excellence.I'll be speaking with other creative entrepreneurs and artists from a variety of industries, breaking down their process, specific projects, and discussing particle lessons they learned throughout their life.Through conversation, we’ll unpack what has made my guests successful or unsuccessful, abstracting their attributions, and habits so you can learn and apply. I’ll be asking golden questions like: "How can you be seen and heard in today's diluted digital landscape?" and “How have you been successful in monetizing your art or creative service?”, among other questions, of course.I’m Ryan Freeman, filmmaker, music composer and creative entrepreneur.Ryan
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