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Author: BobWP

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In the WPeCommerce Show, host BobWP interviews a variety of individuals who use WordPress for their eCommerce site. Each week we have store owners, developers, product owners to experts in social media, marketing and content marketing give their tips, insights and experiences to help you grow your WordPress eCommerce site.
152 Episodes
In show 155, TJ and Topher give some insights into prepping your store for the holidays and what you can do now.
In show 154, Katie Keith shares some tips on why and how you can customize your WooCommerce shop page, archives and more.
In show 153 I have Chris Klosowski share with us the ins and outs of the Strong Customer Authentication that has gone into affect in the EU.
In episode 152, I had the chance to ask Tina about what store owners should and shouldn't consider doing when sharing on social platforms.
In episode 151, I chat with Lindsey about your online authority, link building through organization affiliations, podcasts and sponsorships
In episode 150, I had a great chat talking with Robert about using multisite with your WordPress online store.
Chris Lema returned to our show for episode 149. Instead of a specific topic, I ask Chris 6 very random questions that he can run with.
Listen in as Daniel and I chat about how to use messages on your online store effectively and to boost your conversions.
In this show I chat with Kathy about the big security issues of 2019, PCI compliance and growth, managing your security as a DIY'er and other great tips and insights.
Eric Busch with shows us the right way to use affiliates when building a WooCommerce online store.
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