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Author: Michelle Ames

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Welcome to WPCoffeeTalk, where we talk to all kinds of people in the WordPress community!

One of the best ways to get to know someone is to sit down over coffee and “shoot the breeze.” Here at WPCoffeeTalk, we do just that.

Find out what’s in their cup, what they do with WordPress, how they got started, some of their favorite things, what they’ve learned along the way, and more.

You never know what might happen over coffee.
80 Episodes
Amy Hall is an email marketing wiz. Honestly, she knows more about harnessing the power of MailChimp than I could hope to learn. And she shares that knowledge with others while doing amazing things for her clients email marketing at the same time.
If anyone understands how to create value, it's Jan Koch. A digital mastermind, Jan creates community and content by leveraging both his technical know how, and the wisdom and knowledge of those in the community to create online events worth attending.
Kathy Zant is a WordPress treasure! Full of compassion, creativity, knowledge, and love for the WordPress community, Kathy is one of those people that you are so happy to call friend. Here we talked about WordFence, WordPress, and the film, Open, her passion project and a give to WordPress.
I first met Rene Morozowich at WordCamp Kent, and quickly discovered what a genuis she is at teaching web designers and developers how to manage their business (and personal) finances. She's a pretty badass WordPress developer, too!
David Martin has been using technology since he was a child learning to code on an Apple III. He's used that passion for technology to create his web design business. And he's a pretty rad saxophonist, too!
Wolf Bishop is the founder of WP Top Hat, managed WordPress hosting. He's a big fan of all things WordPress, and a great supporter of the WordPress Community. Say hello to Wolf!
Vito Peleg is a WordPress titan. He has a true talent for envisioning the goal and creating the right team to make it happen. WP Feedback is a prime example!
Nate Maingard is an amazing singer, story-teller, and one of the most kind-hearted people I've met. He uses WordPress for his music and for supporting his musical endeavors by accepting sponsorships online. After you listen to this episode, give his music a listen, too!
Joe Casabona is a podcasting guru! It would have been intimidating if he wasn't such a nice guy, willing to share info, and so easy to talk to. His courses on small business growth and his posts on podcasting help people all over do a better job at managing their businesses.
Sean McKay is a hometown WordPress hero for me. Also based in Rochester, New York, Sean teaches others how to use Google's tools to increase SEO on their sites, in addition to running his own agency.
Otherwise known as the "Bootleg Chris Pratt," Alex Vasquez is just as entertaining, and a blast to have on WPCoffeeTalk. Keep an eye on him for great things to WordPress Crowdfunding!
Roy Sivan is a family man, software engineer, and believer in the WordPress Community. His proudest accomplishment in WordPress is trolling Ben Meredith through Hi Roy!
David Wolfpaw knows WordPress, serves his customers well, and still finds time to advocate for diversity in the WordPress community, and representation for everyone. He's kind of my hero.
Meet Chandler Weiner, the owner of ObsessiveWP. He calls the WordPress community "incredibly generous, open, and kind" and that's exactly how I'd describe Chandler.
I first met Brent at WordCamp Toronto a million years ago. He continues to be a leader, an innovator, a great guy, and still a little crazy. I hope you have as much fun listening to this episode as I did recording it! (Bonus...if you head over to the episode on YouTube you'll get to see him "dance.")
It was fun to turn the tables on Amy, one of the hosts of the WomenInWP podcast, and interview her. She's a fun, dedicated agency owner, proud WordPress community member, and a really amazing person.
Vraj Shah is passionate about building content. His marketing efforts showcase his clients in a way that helps them succeed. Through it all...he's a WordPress enthusiast, too!
Tevya Washburn is all-in on both WordPress and living adventurously. He's the man behind Starfish Reviews, and he's currently living in Mexico with his family for a year. He's also a community supporter, and an early member of the Boise WordPress meetup group.
Miriam is one of those people that when you meet her you want to be her  friend. Once you learn about her business and her vision you want to be  part of it. Kind, insightful, intelligent, and forward-thinking, Miriam  is building not only a business, but contributing to WordPress in new  and innovative ways.
Sebastiaan van der Lans is passionate about blockchain. And WordPress. And putting them together. In his own words: I'm interested in discovering ways to operate the whole galaxy on these principles; empowered by WordPress and blockchain!
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