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Author: Michelle Ames

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Welcome to WPCoffeeTalk, where we talk to all kinds of people in the WordPress community!

One of the best ways to get to know someone is to sit down over coffee and “shoot the breeze.” Here at WPCoffeeTalk, we do just that.

Find out what’s in their cup, what they do with WordPress, how they got started, some of their favorite things, what they’ve learned along the way, and more.

You never know what might happen over coffee.
121 Episodes
Jill Binder is fiercely invested in diversity and inclusion in tech, but particularly with WordPress. Chatting with her about her passion in this area was a real treat for me, and really informative for all of us.
Chris Lema is a mentor, sure, but he's more than that. He's a cheerleader for each of us in WordPress offering advice and more through his blog, talks, and Twitter - all while being the VP of Product at Nexcess/Liquid Web.
WordFest is a global celebration of WordPress, and an extension of Big Orange Heart. In this episode we break from our usual format to talk to the organizing team, learn about how WordFest came about, and what's in store for the next event!
Robert Jacobi is one of those people who loves the community, helps wherever he can, and does it all with a smile and a great sense of humor!
Chris Ford is delightful to talk to, knowledgeable about SO MUCH, and a true advocate for underrepresented folks. She's a WordPress gem!
Lesley Sim is the brilliant and delightful developer behind Newsletter Glue. Getting to know her on this episode was so much fun!
Prem Tiwari is all in when it comes to helping the WordPress community! Not only does he work as a software engineer, but he also contributes across several WordPress teams, as well as in his local meetup and WordCamps. Enjoy this interview!
Wunderkind doesn't even begin to touch the talent that exists in Adrian Tobey. CEO of Groundhogg doing what he loves at a young age, and contributing to the WordPress community all at the same time.
Bet Hannon inspires me. The work that she does for her agency's clientele is top-notch, and her participation and willingness to give back to the community in many ways is admirable. And she's super talented at what she does!
Allie Dye is a dynamic, breath of fresh air in the WordPress space. A real go-getter who doesn't let chronic illness hold her back, I'm in awe of how much she accomplishes.
Drew Griswold specializes in marketing and advertising. I'm fortunate to work with him at GiveWP, and enjoy both his expertise and his awesome sense of humor.
Jeroen Rotty is all in for WordPress, from organizing meetups, contributing to the open source project, freelancing, and working support for Yoast. Get to know him here!
Tom Fanelli is a visionary when it comes to WordPress hosting. He's also fun to talk to, and a great community contributor!
Meg Phillips is a brilliant problem solver, and I love that she uses WordPress to solve so many problems. From creating a charter boat booking plugin to helping school teachers with online management, Meg's goals are always helping others.
Sabrina Zeidan is a ray of sunshine! And she's relentless about site speed. And helping others have faster sites, too.
Joe Simpson has an amazing WordPress story. How he discovered the community - and how his near-death experience formed all of his future involvements is a testimony to both the WordPress community and Joe's dedication to giving back to it. I always count myself fortunate when our paths cross.
Megan Rose exemplifies what it is to be a community-minded WordPresser. She's been an organizer for WordCamp Kent, WordCamp Northeast Ohio, WordCamp US, and Big Orange Heart's WordFest. Her helpfulness extends to all she meets, and her cheerfulness is contagious.
If you've thought about creating online courses, chances are you've come across Chris Badgett. Passionate about education and learning, Chris is the CEO and co-founder of LifterLMS, a learning management system that works really well on WordPress. In this episode we talk about WordPress, online learning, and much more.
Zack Katz is the CEO at GravityView, a plugin that makes displaying the information collected from your Gravity Forms displayable (and searchable) on your website. If that wasn't enough to make you like him, he also collects gifs and videos to make a bad day better, shares music to make you happy, and always finds a way to make others smile.
The first time I met Andrea was at WCUS 2016 to talk about making the Rochester meetup "official." I mentioned doing a WordCamp "someday." She said, "why not this year?" And the rest is history. So happy to have her as a colleague and friend.