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Author: Michelle Ames

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Welcome to WPCoffeeTalk, where we talk to all kinds of people in the WordPress community!

One of the best ways to get to know someone is to sit down over coffee and “shoot the breeze.” Here at WPCoffeeTalk, we do just that.

Find out what’s in their cup, what they do with WordPress, how they got started, some of their favorite things, what they’ve learned along the way, and more.

You never know what might happen over coffee.
57 Episodes
BobWP is a WordPress podcasting icon and a true enthusiast. Through his episodes he and his guests share great information and help countless WordPress users with their businesses. It was an honor and a blast to have him on WPCoffeeTalk with me!
Christie Witt is an integral part of the WordPress community in Ottawa, Canada. A true community builder, Christie has taken it to the next level by offering WordPress classes through WPProgression and focusing on the annual WordCamps in Ottawa. Enjoy this fun convo with her!
Michelle is amazing at what she does. An inspired artist and designer, Michelle creates for her customers bespoke designs and sites that not only meet their needs, but do it with style and grace. She also happens to be a generous WordCamp speaker and WordPress community member.
Allison is a content maven, skillfully creating stories to connect your site to your customers. She also uses her expertise to advance the WordPress community in the Niagara Falls area of Canada. She's a gifted community builder. I know you'll enjoy meeting her!
Machielle Thomas represents one of the best aspects of Bluehost - the people. She's intelligent, fun, caring, and community-minded. As a matter of fact, she represents the best aspect of the WordPress community - people helping people. If you have the good fortune to meet Machielle at a WordCamp, you have been fortunate, indeed!
Taylor Waldon is a gifted content marketer. Besides her work at, she runs writing courses, is a poet, a ghost writer, and a fierce warrior for people with disabilities.
Sam Smith is one of the kindest, gentlest, funniest firefighter turned web developers I know. (He's also the only one.) I also get to work with him at GiveWP (you can all be jealous). It's always fun to talk to him, and this episode is proof of that.
In this episode Chrissie Pollock turns the tables and interviews ME! I'm excited to be your podcast barista at WPCoffeeTalk. This is my heart's work and my love letter to the WordPress Community. Facilitating the stories of amazing people in WordPress is my honor and my pleasure, and I'm eternally grateful for my amazing guests!
Rahul Sarker is the CEO of Peergrowth Technologies, providing WordPress Development & Consultation services. Rahul says that for him, the WordPress Community is like family, which he enjoys meeting at WordCamps. Meet Rahul!
Alison Knott is a fun, zany, lay-it-all-out-there designer and marketer who really knows her stuff and loves to help others. She is also the founder of WordCamp Halifax and an inspired WordCamp speaker. You can't help but be enchanted by her!
If you want to meet someone who goes out of his way to help others in the WordPress space, look no further than Kyle Maurer. Kyle is well-entrenched in everything WordPress from his full-time job, to speaking at WordCamps, to hosting podcasts. He's also a really gracious gentleman, and a total comedian at the same time. Say hello to Kyle!
Dan Maby saw a need and decided to build toward a solution. The result is WP&UP, an organization that helps the WordPress community have access to mental health counselors, as well as information and help with physical and business health. It takes a special person to care that much about a whole community. Dan is that person.
Carole Olinger is what I call a real go-getter. This year she joined WP&UP to be the Crew Chief for, a huge undertaking where she and anyone else who wants to join will bicycle from Germany to Portugal for #WCEU 2020! Spending time with Carole was inspirational. I know you'll agree!
Paul Oyler was one of the first friendly faces I knew in the WordPress community outside of New York. A staunch supporter of the WordPress community, and a supporter of mental health for WordPress users, Paul can frequently be found at WordCamps in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and beyond. Say hello to Pappy Oyler here on WPCoffeeTalk!
Ben Townsend appeared in my Twitter feed one day, and from there a beautiful friendship (or several hundred?) were born. Ben blogs about all things WordPress - plugins, themes, core, the community - and in his day job is a Marketing Manager. Say hello to Ben on Twitter, and you may end up with several hundred more followers, too!
James Laws might like coffee even more than I do. He's also a huge believer in collaboration, community, and sharing knowledge. Co-founder of Saturday Drive (Ninja Forms, Ninja Shop, Caldera Forms, and Send WP - and a COFFEE SHOP), James also has a podcast. Maybe we're long lost siblings?
Michele Jones collects WordPress friends wherever she goes. A true community builder, Michele is always ready to share the love of WordPress. She's also tech-savvy, which she shows every day in her work at Thrive. Once you meet her, you'll want to be her friend, too!
Cami Kaos is more than a community organizer for WordPress. She's also its biggest fan, cheerleader, and supporter. I first met Cami in launching WordCamp Rochester in 2016. Over the years I've watched her fiercely protect and advocate for the community while delighting in watching it grow. It's an honor to introduce you to her through WPCoffeeTalk.
Steve Grunwell is a Sr. Software Engineer for the Managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting platforms at Liquid Web. He's also an accomplished plugin author, speaker, and blogger. I hope you enjoy meeting him as much as I did!
WPCoffeeTalk: Adam Silver

WPCoffeeTalk: Adam Silver


Adam Silver is a salt-of-the-earth, skilled, friendly, and humorous WordPress community member. And wait until you hear what's in his coffee mug! If you don't already know Adam, it's my pleasure to introduce you to him here.
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