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The WTF1 Podcast covers all the latest F1 news, races, incidents and controversy. Who was at fault for the crash? Who needs to step up their game before they get the sack? What can be guaranteed… there will be arguments and there will be memes. What more could you possibly ask for?
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Another classic in Monza! We discuss who was at fault for the Hamilton and Verstappen collision, whether Danny Ric is back and if the Sprint format should stay for future races. Express VPN:  LinkedIn jobs:  Join Team WTF1: 
George Russell to Mercedes, Alex Albon to Williams and Valtteri Bottas to Alfa Romeo! It's been a busy week of driver announcement, so we answer your questions on the changes and discuss who'll be getting that final seat alongside Bottas at Alfa. Get 20% off + free shipping with the code WTF1 at
2021 Dutch GP Race Review

2021 Dutch GP Race Review


The Dutch Grand Prix wasn't the greatest for overtaking but the atmosphere was incredible! We discuss whether it deserves a place on the F1 calendar, Mercedes' strategy mistakes and a live reaction to Bottas joining Alfa Romeo. Join Team WTF1 at
The shortest race in F1 history... if you can even call it a race? We discuss whether it could have gone ahead, if the FIA know their own rulebook and whether George Russell's podium is deserved. Join Matt, Tommy and Katy for a WTF1 Podcast far longer than the race itself. Visit with promo code 'WTF1' to receive 20% off plus free shipping Join Team WTF1 at
What a qualifying session! We discuss what George Russell can do from the front row tomorrow, whether Spa is unsafe and how the future of F1 is looking bright!  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedIn dot com/wtf1 Beer 52: Silverstone Track Experience:
With the Japanese Grand Prix cancelled and more under threat, how many races we'll see in the second half of the season? Does Nyck de Vries deserve an F1 promotion? Should  F1 teams pay for the damage if it wasn't there fault? All this and more in our latest WTF1 Podcast. -Visit with promo code 'WTF1' to receive 20% off plus free shipping -Go to to get an extra three months FREE Silverstone Track experience:
2021 F1 Mid-Season Review

2021 F1 Mid-Season Review


What a season we're having! We look back on the best moments so far in our mid-season review podcast and also grade every driver in ABCDEF1 Go to to claim your free case now.
WHAT. A. RACE! We discuss Esteban Ocon's unexpected win, Fernando Alonso's incredible defence and Valtteri Bottas's bowling skills in the latest WTF1 Podcast. Get 20% off + free shipping with the code WTF1 at
A usual of day of Free Practice running is back but does it feel worse now we've had a taste of Sprint weekends? What happened to the Ferrari hype? Might Bottas be staying at Mercedes after all? All this and more in our Hungarian Grand Prix preview podcast. Visit to post a job for free.
The British Grand Prix at Silverstone was full of excitement and controversy as Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen collided on the opening lap. Who was at fault? Should either have backed out? Was the penalty fair? We discuss this and more in the latest WTF1 Podcast. Visit and use promo code WTF1 you’ll receive 20% off plus free shipping and a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.
The 2021 British Grand Prix Sprint Quali certainly delivered some action. Will we see this format permanently in the future? Does it promote better racing? We discuss this and more in the WTF1 Podcast. Visit to get an extra three months of ExpressVPN for free!
The Austrian Grand Prix was a chaotic race with many, many, many penalties! We discuss all the decisions from the weekend in our latest WTF1 Podcast. Get 20% Off + Free Shipping, with the code [WTF1] at
The Styrian Grand Prix may not have been the greatest race but it still provided us with plenty of talking points. Is Max Verstappen ready to take the championship? Can Mercedes fight back? Should Leclerc REALLY have got Driver of the Day? Join Matt, Tommy and Katy for our race review podcast. JOIN to TeamWTF1 WTF1 Clubhouse
The 2021 season is so good that even Paul Ricard was epic! We discuss that incredible tactical battle and whether Mercedes are struggling under the pressure of a title fight.  Visit to post a job for free
The first day of action at Paul Ricard was surprisingly eventful with track limit controversy, more of that spicy FIA radio graphic and Bottas Porridge making a comeback. Join us for our French Grand Prix preview podcast. Visit to get an extra three months FREE.
Baku provided another race full of drama! Will it prove to be a title deciding moment? Is the old Vettel back? What's happened to Bottas? All this and more in our Azerbaijan Grand Prix race review
Mercedes were 11th and 16th in FP2 at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix but are they really struggling? Can Ferrari continue their impressive Monaco form? We discuss all this and more in the WTF1 Podcast.
The title fight is very much on between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton! What happened to Mercedes? Will Leclerc ever finish Monaco? Will this podcast get interrupted by a Lance Stroll replay? Find out in our Monaco Grand Prix race review.
After Ferrari's promising opening day in Monaco, we discuss whether the Scuderia can genuinely challenge for victory this weekend. This and more of your questions answered in our Monaco Grand Prix preview podcast.
Did Perez cost Verstappen victory? Was Red Bull's strategy really that bad? Should Bottas have made it easier for Hamilton? We discuss all this and more in the latest WTF1 Podcast. Visit right now and get three extra months of their service for free.
Comments (25)

Vivian Silveira

"mic drop" 🤣🤣

Sep 13th

Craig Pearce

F1 must have the worst fans in sports.

Aug 31st

PrasunJW ★[BLUE]

I agree with Tommy that F1 is doing this is make Friday more interesting, and trying out different stuff. However, I also agree with Matt that it takes away from the cresendo of "It's lights out and away we go" and not much incentive for teams to do hard racing in Sprint

Apr 30th

Sam Humble

Can you bump your audio at all? I adore this podcast, but it's so quiet every week!

Feb 22nd

Bastian Nederveen


Jan 21st


All I will say in regards to the Mazepin situation is we don't know or need to know the results of the investigation. Any punishment should be dealt with behind closed doors, at first, for a young man like Mazepin. Not everything that happens on social media needs to be resolved on social media/public view. If something like this happens again then absolutely it will need to be dealt with publicly and harshly. Who knows, maybe part of what the team has required is counseling and a media interview before the season starts.

Dec 28th

Hugo Stiglitz

I'm sorry but did I see a completely different video from everyone else? Not only was mazepin only covering up a nip slip. if a girl did that to a friend, no one would be saying a damn thing. also, that's his girlfriend!!!! if you really think F1 is no longer a safe space because a man covered up his girlfriends nip from showing on camera or that it triggers your memory of a past assault, you're not only an idiot but you've clearly never been in a healthy relationship. the thing people should be mad about is that he was stupid enough to post it not that he covered up a nip slip lol I've always known that Matt and most of social media are the most sensitive cancerous pieces of shit in our society but this just continues to prove it.

Dec 24th
Reply (1)

Hugo Stiglitz

typical safety first horseshit that the media has instilled into brainless NPCs in the world like these 2 guys. risk is apart of life, fucking get over it. I do like this new girl. she made some great points about perez

Nov 17th

Sam Humble

I love this podcast. It's always a great listen, unfortunately your audio levels are so low. I'm on full volume and can only just hear you when walking along a road even with sound cancelling on. Bump it up just a tad, a little bit. The pre-roll ad's are always at the perfect volume.

Nov 11th

Chris Abele

29:15 "I don't understand... blank slate" Mr. Tilke did explain in an interview once, that he was not given a blank slate, but had to stay within certain confines, as there were already some buildings there.

Sep 29th

Maxime Lietaer

mat where can I find comments of you about the decision of Nico to retire? I would love to know your thoughts on it, because you briefly mentioned it

Aug 25th

Hugo Stiglitz

what is this idiot on about with wanting to get rid of practice sessions? is he mental?

Jul 29th

Sina Manic

I enjoyed this episode more than many laps of the race itself (:

Jul 15th

Hugo Stiglitz

The livery thing is so stupid. Sick of companies pandering and virtue signaling. frankly matt and Tommy complaining that people are pointing out hypocrisy is pathetic. especially his comparison of coke having cocaine in the past vs merc making vehicles for the nazi's was just hilariously stupid.

Jul 2nd

Hugo Stiglitz

more than a match for perez? how can someone who follows f1 say something like that? it's like they forgot what actually happened when they were teammates and who won

Jun 8th

Hugo Stiglitz

damnit. jess is leaving?? that sucks. she's my favorite part of the podcast

Mar 10th

Mitch Allan

Audio levels felt all over the place

Oct 21st

Hugo Stiglitz

no jess on this one 👎

Oct 17th

Nathan Alexander Brown


Sep 25th

Lexie White

Abon for the podiam second race in to redbull

Aug 29th
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