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Each week we bring you the best stories from around the Wabash community. From professors and alumni, to coaches, administrators, and current students, the podcast format allows for longer, more in-depth, open discussion about the issues surrounding Wabash College. Verging on inspirational, it’s our job to find, and sometimes uncover, the amazing stories that surface from individuals whose lives have been positively enriched from being at Wabash.
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Rich sits down with senior David Riggs, class of 2020, discussing leadership as a role of communication, the hands-on experiential learning at Wabash, and the daily difference between 1.01 and 0.99 (Episode 272).
#271: Damon Mohl

#271: Damon Mohl


Rich sits down with newly tenured Associate Professor of Art Damon Mohl, discussing why you can’t really rest at Wabash, waiting intuitively for the idea, and cultivating a continual drive to do the next thing (Episode 271).
#270: Annie Strader

#270: Annie Strader


Rich sits down with BKT Assistant Professor of Art Annie Strader, discussing how to advocate for your art, demystifying creativity, and seeing your art in an installation for the first time (Episode 270).
#269: Career Services

#269: Career Services


Rich sits down with Associate Director of Professional Development Emily Hall and Assistant Director of Career Services Roy Kaplan as they discuss how they joined Wabash in the past year, the quick wins they suggest for new students, and their method that avoids holding the students’ hands (Episode 269).
Guest host Ryan Horner ’15 sits down with alumnus Dr. W. Richard McCombie ’77, discussing the impact of genomics on medical innovations, his advice to students interested in graduate studies, and three books he’s been trying to read since Wabash (Episode 268).
#267: Dr. Brad Carlson

#267: Dr. Brad Carlson


Rich sits down with newly tenured Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Brad Carlson, discussing the training of a scientist, sabbatical plans, and the impact of data on his field of study (Episode 267).
#266: Dr. Matt Carlson

#266: Dr. Matt Carlson


Rich sits down with newly tenured Associate Professor of Philosophy Dr. Matt Carlson, discussing his clarifying moment in college studies, how studying music taught him discipline, and the puzzle of why video gamers talk about in-game actions from a first person perspective (Episode 266).
Rich sits down with three Jakes of the freshman class of 2023, in three separate recordings gathered over their first Wabash semester. The three discuss falling into the Wabash routine, learning the simple chores of life away from home, and the feeling of growing up (Episode 265).
Rich sits down with returning members of the Chemistry of Wine classroom immersion trip to Napa Valley, discussing grape diseases, organic fermentation processes, and a more natural approach to the science and art of chemistry (Episode 264).
Rich sits down with new head golf coach Tyler Schmutz, discussing his approach to recruitment, team leaders up-and-coming this season, and why he loves to play the game (Episode 263).
Rich sits down with new head tennis coach Daniel Bickett, discussing his coaching philosophy, the difference between coaching and club training, and the benefits inherent to Wabash Tennis (Episode 262).
Rich sits down with Alexandru Rotaru ’22, an international student from Romania studying in the pre-engineering track and award-winning writer for The Bachelor. They discuss the value of meeting math with gender studies, his first day in America, and why it is hard to start and maintain a new campus club (Episode 261).
Rich sits down with Rogeno Malone ’20, discussing his position with Goldman Sachs after Wabash, being forced to take risks while studying abroad, and his favorite Wabash moments, mentors, and friends (Episode 260).
Rich sits down with seniors Nathan Gray and Aaron Webb, GHI Fellows currently running a free shuttle service for residents needing assistance getting to medical appointments around Crawfordsville. They discuss social determinants of health, how small steps impact a whole community, and the gift of a dozen eggs (Episode 259).
#258: Manual Cinema

#258: Manual Cinema


Rich sits down with members of the Manual Cinema collective before their performance in the college’s Visiting Artists series. They discuss the economy of actions when acting in projection, horror stories back stage, and breaking down the etiquette of theatre (Episode 258).
Rich sits down with Sam Henthorn ’20, after his conference title win in the NCAC Cross Country Championships this fall. They discuss how monuments become everyday places when abroad, Sam’s training for the upcoming Nationals, and advice for his freshman self (Episode 257).
Rich sits down with an alumnus who will attend his 50th consecutive Monon Bell Classic this year, Jeff Birk ’74. The pair discuss his favorite Monon moments, his pre-game preparations, and his nearest miss in attending (Episode 256).
Rich sits down with participants in the Moot Court Finals this year, Caleb Dickey ’21, Bryce McCullough ’23, Cooper Smith ’23, & Jake Vermeulen ’21, discussing how to succeed in the court, locking eyes with a state supreme court judge, and wiccan communion wafers (Episode 255).
Rich sits down with seniors from the Little Giant Wrestling, Basketball and Swimming teams respectively, Darden Schurg ’20, Harry Hallstrom ’20, and Hunter Jones ’20. They discuss favorite moments in their sport, new teammates, and what to expect from each team this season (Episode 254).
Rich sits down with Para-Triathlon National Champion and disabilities advocate Nicole Ver Kuilen, discussing her journey as a para-athlete, racing down the 1500-mile West Coast, and helping others one volcano at a time. (Episode 253).
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