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Due to my mental health challenges and needing to take a break for self care and treatment I am stopping the podcasts for now.
Holy moments in the midst of anxiety; Depression and a shrinking world; Is there value in daily podcasts?; Gratitude.
It is a slow moving sleepy meditative Sunday; Examining my life as piece by piece things disappear and all is stripped down to essence, what remains?
A day when anxiety flutters at the edges like curtains at an open window; A wonderful new book about anxiety by Sarah Wilson; Mary Oliver's poem "The Journey"; It's time to write my book.
Recapping a day out and what it's like to be An Agoraphobe on the Road; Buying flowers for Noni and I; Arriving home; Jonah Berger and what my message is.
I was asked to share some of the work that I do so here is a series of exercises to help us bring our broken places into the light, to heal them, and to love them.
Recording after therapy and dealing with fear and anxiety, even wondering if I should publish the podcast; Pugs and white tile floors.
Gaining confidence in myself again; The incredibly powerful Ted Talk on Wabi Sabi by Cheryl Hunter; You don't have to want to be a writer, you just have to tell your own story.
The first day is Spring and the Christmas tree is down!; Not feeling anxious but uneasy and melancholy; What do we do when we have important work to do but we begin to doubt ourselves?
Reading into the wee small hours about creating a heart-centered business for women; Teaching The Wabi Sabi Woman's Way; A Worldwide Wabi Sabi Women's Circle.
Sleeping in after a long week; Working on combatting the fear of everything; Finally taking down the Christmas tree!
With my medical procedure behind me I am finally starting to relax; A therapy session with 2 big dogs; How a little girl pug takes care of me.
There were no podcasts for 2 days because of a medical procedure; The crippling affects of anxiety that are paralyzing and how to manage and why to speak openly about it.
In the midst of a busy week I look around me and discover, with surprise, what my work is, and isn't; The delight of meeting and becoming friends with my muse, May Sarton.
A rare snowfall; waiting for anxiety to pass before recording; May Sarton, solitude vs. loneliness; The past is like the ocean. More...
The wild cats in the woods; A slow moving day; Finding a way to begin again and create something new in a barren landscape where once there was magic.
Susannah Conway's book on grief, loss and beginning again; Realizing that I had never properly grieved the life lost after the fire; What remains? The work that has always been in my heart and is still here..
Help from friends on Facebook after a paralyzing panic attack; Dealing with doctors, the importance of help and support; Continuing with these podcasts.
Delving deep to discover the true purpose behind my work; Reaching out to others through podcasts; The gifts in brokenness; Mental health issues and forgiveness.
How I manage when I wake up afraid; Living with agoraphobia; The importance of reaching out to others.
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