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A daily Global News podcast released every afternoon just in time for your commute home. The world moves way too fast and it’s easy to fall behind the news cycle. Host Tamara Khandaker takes you beyond the headlines to reveal the full story, explore new angles, ask tough questions, and talk directly to the people most affected by the big stories.
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Twenty-two percent of Canadians say that one of the top three issues that that's going to drive their vote in the upcoming federal election is climate change, according to Ipsos. That’s ahead of the 20 percent who say it's the economy. Which political party is going to be able to capitalize on this newfound climate consciousness come fall?Host Tamara Khandaker speaks with Ipsos vice-president Sean Simpson on where voters are saying their priorities are going to be come election time. She also talks with Amber Bennet, an Alberta-based communications consultant with Climate Outreach, on how to sell Canadians on climate action.
Prince Edward Island resident Gilbert Sark sees the impact of climate change everyday from his home on Lennox Island, which is under threat due to erosion and rising sea levels. Floods, wildfires, and heat waves torment other parts of Canada. As a response to climate concerns, the House of Commons passed a motion declaring a national climate emergency. Host Tamara Khandaker speaks with Lennox Island resident Gilbert Sark about how his home has been transformed by climate change. Also, Simon Donner, professor of climatology at the University of British Columbia, speaks to the urgency of climate issues in Canada. 
Since he took office, Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s popularity has plummeted, with his approval rating currently sitting around 20 percent. Last month, his chief of staff Dean French resigned amid allegations of nepotism after it was revealed that he had personal connections to two people appointed as trade representatives for the government. Several other resignations have followed. Host Tamara Khandaker speaks with Travis Dhanraj, the Queens Park Bureau Chief for Global News about the cronyism accusations lobbied against the Ford government and how the scandal plaguing the Ontario government could impact Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives in the upcoming federal election.
The Apollo 11 mission was a testament to human ingenuity and creativity. As we gear up for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, and as the race to return to the moon gains momentum, we take a look back at Canada’s integral contribution to the original mission.Host Tamara Khandaker speaks with Mike Armstrong from Global National about his new documentary, The Moon Landing and the Maple Leaf: Canada’s contribution to Apollo 11. She discusses Canada’s impact on the Apollo 11 mission, and why scientists think we’ve merely scratched the surface on all there is to learn about the moon. 
Comedian Aziz Ansari returns to the comedy scene with his new Netflix special Right Now. A year and a half ago, Ansari briefly left the scene after an unnamed woman called Grace accused him of sexual misconduct on a date.Host Tamara Khandaker speaks with Inkoo Kang, a staff writer at Slate. She discusses the allegations Ansari faced, and his effort to come back with the new comedy special.
Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is facing new charges of sex trafficking of underage girls. This follows a 2008 case where Epstein, who has been linked to powerful people like Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, pleaded guilty for using a minor for prostitution and took a controversial plea deal, avoiding federal prosecution. Host Tamara Khandaker speaks with senior White House reporter Josh Gerstein of Politico. He breaks down the entire Epstein saga, including this week’s developments.
There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the film Unplanned, set to release in Canada on July 12. The film is based on the memoir of Abby Johnson, a Planned Parenthood clinic director in Texas who became an anti-abortion speaker. Many have taken to social media to organize boycotts of Cineplex for screening the film across 14 theatres - but the controversy surrounding the film may be more complicated than it seems.Host Tamara Khandaker speaks with Norm Wilner. He’s the senior film writer for NOW magazine.
The RCMP just agreed to it’s second multi-million dollar class action lawsuit in the last three years over sexual harassment and discrimination claims within its ranks. Canada’s national police force has an extensive history of harassment claims. Some question if the culture has changed as a result of these settlements. Tamara Khandaker breaks it all down with Jane Gerster. She’s the national features reporter with Global News who investigates the RCMP.
Kawhi Leonard finally made his free agency decision and unfortunately for Raptors fans, it wasn’t what they hoped for. But some basketball fans in Canada don’t think the superstar's departure will lead to the decline of basketball growth. Canada’s basketball history began long before the Raptors even came to Toronto and the sport will only continue to grow.Tamara Khandaker breaks is all down with Ryan Sidhoo. He's the director and creator of the docuseries "True North: Inside the Rise of Toronto basketball" 
Whether or not you like Taylor, one of the most polarizing figures in the music industry, the drama that’s unfolded since her Tumblr post last weekend is interesting. It gives us a window into the relationships between artists and record labels. And it’s sparked a conversation about who should own and control someone’s art. Today on the show, we’re gonna catch you up on this feud and talk to Alan Cross to get at whether or not Taylor Swift’s outrage actually makes any sense. 
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Lyndsay Moore

love this podcast!!

Jul 5th

Ob Niprut

great job with the podcast Tamara! Top notch stuff.

Jul 2nd

Guillaume Paradis

I dare you to spend a year in country with Sharia law

Jun 20th

D.j. Veenendaal

what station and officer was this?

Jun 18th
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