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Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall gets you up close to your favourite heavy metal/hardcore/pop-punk rock bands and musicians whilst updating you with the latest music news, reviews, tour announcements and playlist to get your week started heavy and loud.
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Pop Punk Is Alive and thriving in Australia and one band who is leading the pack at the moment is Syndey's Stand Atlantic who are on the verge of releasing their new album Pink Elephant on Friday through Hopeless Records so naturally, we had to get frontwoman Bonnie Fraser on the show to chat about it. A true pioneer for being yourself, Bonnie's hilarious antics online shine through her personality but also she takes time to reflect on the more personal side of her life which she shares through her strong, metaphorical (yet hard-hitting) lyrical content, something the band have nailed on this new release. Podcast host Browny and Bonnie, both members of the LGBTI community, also share a moment to offer insights to their personal life in hiding (back in the day) and serve up some helpful advice for those struggling with their sexuality, identity and hilariously remind you that there's nothing wrong with who you want to bone! We've also enlisted the help of Wall of Sound's resident pop punk expert Tamara May to bring you a plethora of upcoming and established bands flying the flag for new age pop punk from Australia and around the world. Featuring bands like Yours Truly, Grenade Jumper, Neck Deep, Sleep On It, Homestate, Paperweight, Hot Milk and heaps more... See for privacy information.
In the wake of all of this COVID-19 pandemic, bands have persevered and stuck to their guns with releasing the music they've been working hard on for all of us to appreciate, but none hits harder than what In Hearts Wake have been making for their latest album Kaliyuga which is set for release next week. The boys have been trying to tell us for years that we need to make changes in our lives to save the earth and now, they're screaming harder to get their point across. On this week's episode we're joined by frontman Jake Taylor who sheds light on the current climate crisis which he has been an advocate for, for a number of years now and how the window for change is closing. The best way to get his point out was to scream it on their new album, which also features a sample of globally recognised activist Greta Thunberg, which hits harder than expected. Jake also talks about our misunderstood heavy music scene, getting off the grid and in touch with nature (something we should all do at some point) and the crossroads he and former girlfriend Georgia Flood reached in their relationship which resulted in one of Kaliyuga's most hard hitting tracks. Podcast host Browny also takes time out to give you all a Mental Health Check with everything going on in the world, offering advice and playing helpful tracks from bands like The Devil Wears Prada, The Amity Affliction, Polaris and Make Them Suffer to get you motivated to make positive changes in your life. There's also New Music from Alpha Wolf, Spiritbox, Strange Fiction and Poppy + heaps more! See for privacy information.
Every so often, a great Australian band crosses your path and you've just gotta check them out because you never know, you could be missing out on your next fav discovery and that's how we feel about ADKINS from Tasmania who popped up with their debut album The Wrong Side of Fame and have since won us over. The boys grew up with old school metal loving parents and that influence has continued on through their music as frontman Sam Adkins discusses on this week's podcast. Podcast host Browny dives deep into the band's early beginnings, their diverse debut release and if their band name is a situation akin to that of Bon Jovi (named after the last name of the frontman). Get to know the lads and hear a collection of tunes from their new album. We also take a look at Chester Bennington's first band Grey Daze and their new album Amends, as well as Seether's Latin influenced new album Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum and what it means. There's also throwbacks from Pearl Jam, Audioslave, Stone Sour and Metallica, New Music from Evanescence and Bring Me The Horizon + heaps more! #WoSUATW #ADKINS #AustralianBands #TheWrongSideOfFame #HardRock #Grunge #Metal #GreyDaze #ChesterBennington #PearlJam #Evanescence #BreakingBenjamin #Audioslave #StoneSour #CoreyTaylor #Metallica #Seether #BringMeTheHorizon #BMTH #InHeartsWake #WallOfSoundAU #Podcast #MusicPodcast See for privacy information.
There's no other band on this earth quite like The Ghost Inside. They've overcome one of the most tragic events ANYONE could ever go through and they've returned to the music scene with what we've dubbed the PERFECT comeback album which is out on Friday and to celebrate, we grabbed drummer Andrew Tkaczyk for a chat all about it. Join podcast host Browny as their pair discuss the tragedy the band overcame, their slight deviation from the metalcore genre that made them a household name and, despite the curveball life threw at them, how they jumped back on the musical horse and refused to give up. Turns out Andrew is also a mad keen horror movie fan and you have to hear about some of the incredible memorabilia he's collected over the years, including one piece which manages to scare the shit out of anyone who sees it for the first time. We also take a look at the chaos across America surrounding the wrongful death of George Floyd, the serious issue in our own backyard with over 400 deaths of Indigenous Australians in police custody (which have gone unanswered) and the tracks I Prevail, Fever 333 and Sum 41 released over the past week which are more important now, than ever. There's also New Music from Emmure, In Hearts Wake, Attila and Northlane, throwbacks from The Beautiful Monument, A Day To Remember, Bring Me The Horizon and more! #WoSUATW #TheGhostInside #TGI #EpitaphRecords #InHeartsWake #Polaris #AlphaWolf #Emmure #Attila #BringMeTheHorizon #BMTH #Northlane #TheBeautifulMonument #ADTR #ADayToRemember #IPrevail #Fever333 #Sum41 #TheShowMustBePaused #InThisTogether2020 #WallOfSoundAU See for privacy information.
Love. Loss. Hope. Overcoming. Four big words used to describe the story of love and the fallout that sometimes occurs, something with PVRIS frontwoman Lynn Gunn has been writing and singing about for years and this week we get to go inside her mind as she co-hosts the latest episode of our podcast and you better believe it's gonna bring up a whole bunch of emotions you should probably address. Podcast host Browny goes deep with Lynn about their forthcoming album Use Me and their incredible Hallucinations EP which the band dropped last year and took the world by storm. Hear her stories, her heartbreak, how she didn't want to write songs about certain people but gave in when they become something so special that had to be shared with the world and hear her advice for those going through a similar situation. There's also plenty of new music to churn through including Angels & Airwaves, Fame On Fire, The Pretty Reckless, The Ghost Inside and a throwback to your MySpace phase with Cobra Starship and Aussie newcomers Necronata! #WoSUATW #PVRIS #LynGunn #UseMe #Hallucinations #AngelsAndAirwaves #AvA #CobraStarship #Necronata #MySpace #FameOnFire #Reliqa #AustralianBands #TheGhostInside #Cliffhanger #MusicPodcast #WallOfSoundAU  See for privacy information.
When a band grabs your attention the second they take to the stage and you're stuck in metal awe for the duration of their set, you HAVE to follow them up and see what they're all about afterwards hey! Well, that's the story behind how we discovered DREGG last year at Big Sound. The band who cross genres more then we cross borders these days have been fats making a name for themselves in Australia with their wacky on-stage antics, costumes and hardcore sound which, caught the attention of Epitaph Records who signed the lads not too long ago. This week frontman Chris Mackertich joins the podcast to chat all about their signing amidst a world struck down by COVID-19 and what this means for them moving forward. He also discusses the band's plan to not follow suit of what other acts are doing, to stand out from the pack and be themselves + his ideas for creatives (and anyone else stuck in self-isolation) to pass the time and make the most of this situation. Podcast host Browny also takes a look at the coronavirus parody band Vermicide Violence who teamed up with YouTube star Jarrod Alonge to release their pandemic deathcore anthem which went viral amongst the heavy music community! There's plenty of new tunes from In Hearts Wake, Make Them Suffer, Trivium, Lamb of God, Virtues, Fit For A King and heaps more so jump in and cure your boredom! #WoSUATW #DREGG #AustralianBands #EpitaphRecords #InHeartsWake #Virtues #FitForAKing #MakeThemSuffer #VermicideViolence #JarrodAlonge #Malevolence #Trivium #LambOfGod #AugustBurnsRed #ParkwayDrive #WallOfSoundAU #Podcast #MusicPodcast  See for privacy information.
Violent Soho are back baby and they've got a brand new album under their belts which they're keen to show off to all of the supporters who have helped them along the way in their 18 year career as a band. Guitarist James Tidswell joins the show this week to chat all about Everything Is A-Ok getting released at a time when everything in the world is pretty much the complete opposite to the album's title and the band's progression and (for lack of a better word) maturing sound on the new release. He also shares a very special moment he had on last year's Good Things Festival run when he got the opportunity to meet his musical idol and inspiration Mark Hoppus and the wholesome AF encounter his daughter had with the icon, on stage, during their set in Brisbane. Grab the tissues, it's pretty good! Podcast host Browny tries his best to lift the spirits of those of us in lockdown while this dreaded coronavirus strips us of our fun and free time by getting on a bunch of classic tracks of yesteryear from Nirvana, Hole, blink-182, Vast and Smashing Pumpkins as well as showing off the new breed of Australian alt-rock bands keen to take over including Dear Seattle, LOSER, Sly Withers and Being Jane Lane. #WoSUATW #ViolentSoho #JamesTidswell #AustralianBands #SlyWithers #LOSER #DearSeattle #blink182 #MarkHoppus #BeingJaneLane #Nirvana #Hole #SmashingPumkins #Grunge #AltRock #Dregg #MusicPodcast #WallOfSoundAU  See for privacy information.
We're back with music industry veterans Silverstein who are celebrating two decades in the heavy music scene and the forthcoming release of their tenth studio album A Beautiful Place To Drown! Frontman Shane Told is this week's podcast guest and he's ready to bare all for the fans who have followed them from day one or jumped on the bandwagon recently. He discusses the importance of finding the right record label to sign to (especially after being in the game for as long as they have), their almost disastrous appearance at UNIFY Gathering earlier this year and Browny even plays a game of "I Wish I'd Been Told... With Shane Told" where he grills the vocalist about topics he wishes someone spoke to him about before starting a band! There's also new D.R.U.G.S. too... err the musical kind, as Craig Owens returns to his game changing band Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows and offers up his first taste of new music in almost ten years! Talking about New Music, we spin the latest ones for Spiritbox, ATLVS, Slowly Slowly and Lauren Babic, throwbacks from SKYND, Wage War, Beartooth and more! #WoSUATW #Silverstein #ShaneTold #PostHardcore #Spiritbox #DRUGS #DestroyRebuildUntilGodShows #CraigOwens #LaurenBabic #WageWar #SlowlySlowly #Beartooth #ATLVS #SKYND #MusicPodcast #WallOfSoundAU See for privacy information.
It's almost here! Polaris are set to debut their second album The Death Of Me NEXT WEEK and to get you all kinds of ready for the masterpiece, this week we've got drummer/songwriter Daniel Furnari co-hosting the podcast to chat all about it. It's no secret the band have absolutely exploded over the past couple of years, scoring rave reviews from fans and critics alike, receiving an ARIA Nomination for their debut album The Mortal Coil and taking international audiences by storm every time they visit... But despite all of their success, the band still see themselves a long way away from where most of us place them and Dan discusses their rise to fame, their progression as musicians and how no matter what direction their music journey takes them, they'll always be trying new things to find their place in the heavy music world. One of the humblest blokes you'll ever come across so dive right into the world of Polaris before you get left behind. Podcast host Browny also takes a look at Enter Shikari's newly announced album Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible and their first single from it 'The Dreamers Hotel' as well as the beginning of the end of Dream On Dreamer who announced they'll be calling it quits after 11 years of making music together. There's plenty of New Music from Ocean Grove, Four Year Strong, Stand Atlantic, Static-X, The Used and Falcifer, throwbacks from Rolo Tomassi and Fit For A King + heaps more! #WoSUATW #Polaris #TheDeathOfMe #Metalcore #DanielFurnari #OceanGrove #EnterShikari #DreamOnDreamer #FitForAKing #Falcifer #RoloTomassi #TheUsed #StandAtlantic #FourYearStrong #NewFoundGlory #PopPunk #StaticX #MusicPodcast #WallOfSoundAU See for privacy information.
We're back for 2020 and kicking it off with Dan Brown of The Amity Affliction who joins the show to chat about the band's forthcoming album Everyone Loves You… Once You Leave Them and the band's highly impressive return to heavy which is sending tongues wagging throughout the heavy music scene. Podcast host Browny pulled Dan aside backstage on their recent All My Friends Are Dead Tour where they visited smaller, rural towns they haven't been through in a few years (or at all) and the pair reflected on the band's progression over the years (including long before Dan's time with the band) and how they're still trying to give back to the fans who can't always make their large scale, capital city shows as well as the fans who have been floating about since the early 'Glory Days' if you will. We also check out the BIG Green Day tour teaser which will see them bring their Hella Mega Tour to Australia alongside Fall Out Boy and Weezer, something which we never thought we'd see down under at all. There's also New Music from Kill The Lights, Code Orange, Saviour, In This Moment, Patient Sixty-Seven, Sylosis and Volumes + heaps more! #WoSUATW #TheAmityAffliction #AmityAffliction #TAA #DanBrown #AustralianBands #PVRIS #Saviour #PatientSixtySeven #Convulse #InThisMoment #GreenDay #HellaMegaTour #Code Orange #Sylosis #AllMyFriendsAreDead #EveryoneLovesYouOnceYouLeaveThem #Metalcore #Volumes #KillTheLights #Polaris #MusicPodcast #Podcast #WallOfSoundAU  See for privacy information.
Summer Music Festival Season is upon us and the BEST one to kick it all off with is Good Things Festival which showcased a plethora of heavy, alternative and quirky bands on their 2019 lineup that catered to a wide range of musical preferences. We hit the ground running at the Melbourne and Brisbane legs of the East Coast run to get you up close and personal with a stack of bands from the roster. Podcast host Paul 'Browny' Brown was joined by Wall of Sound writers Carys Hurcom and Tamara May who caught up with the likes of Parkway Drive, Simple Creatures, Ice Nine Kills, Violent Soho, Reel Big Fish, Enter Shikari, Poppy, Simple Plan and Slowly Slowly to get YOU up close and personal and asking the questions YOU want to know... Does Winston McCall from Parkway Drive care about the ARIAs? What does the forthcoming Simple Plan album sound like? What part of Australia do the boys from Reel Big Fish want to visit that not many Aussies have ventured to themselves and how does pop punk icon Mark Hoppus react when seeing a tattoo of his face on a massive fanboy?  Well, guess you'll have to take a listen to find out as Wall of Sound goes backstage at Good Things Festival 2019 with our 'Good People Doing Good Things' special! #WoSUATW #GoodThingsFest #GoodThingsFestival #ParkwayDrive #SimpleCreatures #IceNineKills #ViolentSoho #ReelBigFish #EnterShikari #Poppy #SimplePlan #SlowlySlowly #MusicPodcast #WallOfSoundAU  See for privacy information.
YEAH THE BONES! An expression of appreciation fans of Sydney hardcore punks Bare BOnes shout with pride any time these lads are in the closest vicinity and we'll be screaming it more often now that they've unleashed their sophomore album Rival Minds upon the world which is tearing up Australia's heavy music scene and proving these guys are the next big thing in genre-crossing rock and metal. Frontman Tom Kennedy is welcomed back to co-hosting duties this week chatting all about the album, it's "mature" sound and how they've pushed themselves harder since sharing the stage with big name acts like Prophets of Rage, Stone Sour and Rise Against over the past couple of years.  The lads are here to prove they've got more than just a heavy, party atmosphere sound and they're not afraid to express it with their latest offering (which you should be all over by now) Podcast host Browny also takes a look at Polaris' new single 'Masochist', their forthcoming album The Death of Me and highly anticipated tour alongside some pretty big names in metalcore. There's also plenty of new tunes this week from Ocean Sleeper, Fever 333, Violent Soho, Once Human and Raised Fist, throwbacks from Crystal Lake and Trophy Eyes + heaps more! #WoSUATW #BareBones #TomKennedy #ResistRecords #AustralianBands #HeavyMetal #Metalcore #Hardcore #HardcorePunk #OceanSleeper #TrophyEyes #KillswitchEngage #Polaris #CrystalLake #TheLastMartyr #Fever333 #RaisedFist #OnceHuman #ViolentSoho #MusicPodcast #WallOfSoundAU  See for privacy information.
'Good Things 2019 Preview'

'Good Things 2019 Preview'


Good Things Festival 2019 is fast approaching and if you can't tell, we're so bloody keen for the East Coast run to arrive, so much so, we've tracked down a few of the bands featuring on the lineup for a chat including Enter Shikari, Ice Nine Kills and Trivium. Join podcast host Browny as he FINALLY gets closure from Rou Reynolds (Enter Shikari) about their latest album The Spark which was arguably their most heartfelt release to date and find out why it's taken them over two years to get down to Australia to play songs off it for us. Talking about touring delays, Spencer Charnas (Ice Nine Kills) also discusses why his band took their time to make it to Australia and how he came up with the ideas behind their incredible new album The Silver Scream which features songs written about horror/thriller movies from your childhood. He also talks about what the late Wes Craven meant to him and if the band would consider doing a sequel album with more movies they missed out on. Then Matt Heafy (Trivium) jumps in to talk Dad chat, how their latest album The Sin and The Sentence has been universally praised and how he still fanboys over metal heroes, just like we do with him. We also take a look at the festival's sideshows, how YOUR BAND could potentially play at the event and thrash songs from bands on the lineup including Simple Plan, Gravemind, Thy Art Is Murder, Poppy, The Damned Things, The Veronicas, Windwaker and more... #WoSUATW #GoodThingsFestival #GoodThingsFest #EnterShikari #IceNineKills #Trivium #FallingInReverse #SimplePlan #Poppy #Windwaker #ThyArtIsMurder #Gravemind #ParkwayDrive #TheDamnedThings #TheVeronicas See for privacy information.
Mental Health Struggles hit the best of us, including stacks of our favourite musicians, which is why we turn to their music as an avenue to help us feel better momentarily before we look at other professional options and one bloke who has been fighting his own battles and sharing those struggles with us through his music is Frank Carter of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, who joins the podcast this week to chat about his personal life and to pass on the important reassurance that there's always hope at the end of it all. Dark clouds pass and this is something we all need to take into account when going through rough patches. Podcast host Browny also addresses Frank's inspirational "Girls Only" moshpit movement which he will be doing at every single show he performs at following the praise he received from fans when it made global headlines at Reading Festival back in August. He's also got a very important message for those who criticise the movement and you know what, we couldn't back him any more than what we already do. We also take a look at last week's ARIAs Nominees and play New Music from Dream State, WAAX and Simple Plan, throwbacks from Clowns, Marmozets, Violent Soho, Royal Blood and heaps more... #WoSUATW #FrankCarter #AndTheRattlesnakes #EndOfSuffering #RoyalBlood #Marmozets #68 #Clowns #WAAX #VolentSoho #Tired Lion #DreamState #PrimrosePath #SimplePlan #EnterShikari #MusicPodcast #WallOfSoundAU  See for privacy information.
They only made their debut in Australia back in March for Download Festival and they impressed the masses so much, they heading back almost a year later for their own headline shows so we can really see what New Years Day are made of and to get you all keen, frontwoman Ash Costello is this week's special guest co-host. The two-toned rocker goes back in time with podcast host Browny to talk about why it's taken the band so long to get down under and what the go is with her mesmerising hair! The pair also go over her influences growing up, blending pop with metal and why you'll never see her making an acting cameo in a movie, despite being a HUUUGE Harley Quin fan and her band appearing on the Suicide Squad soundtrack. We also check out the two powerful new songs from We Came As Romans, their first taste of new music since the passing of frontman Kyle Pavone last year, a segment that'll surely bring a few tears to your eyes as you get through their latest offerings. Plus there's throwbacks from Marilyn Manson, My Chemical Romance, AFI, Paramore, Crazy Eighty-Eight and Motionless in White, new music for Five North and so much more! #WoSUATW #AshCostello #NewYearsDay #Unbreakable #DLAUS2019 #MarilynManson #NuMetal #GothRock #MotionlessInWhite #Paramore #AFI #MyChemicalRomance #TwentyOnePilots #SuicideSquad #CrazyEightyEight #30SecondsToMars #30STM #WeCameAsRomans #FiveNorth #TylerPosey #ScottEckel #FrankCarter #Podcast #MusicPodcast #WallOfSoundAU  See for privacy information.
It's bittersweet when a band have to release an album following the passing of a key band member (or any member for that matter) but HELLYEAH are in this exact situation following the sudden death of drummer Vinnie Paul last year, just after he had wrapped up recording his drum parts for the band's new album Welcome Home. Instead of shelving the idea and band completely, the members decided to keep Vinnie's legacy alive and continue on with the outfit and the release of his last pieces of work he ever did. On this week's podcast, frontman Chad Gray goes into detail about the journey he and his bandmates faced following the tragedy, including where he was when he received that dreaded phone call, what made them push through and finish off the album and just how much of it Vinnie heard before he left this earth. Now there's wasn't much room to ask questions because Chad had ALOT to offer and talk about in what podcast host Browny has called one of the most emotionally driven interviews he has ever conducted in his entire career. Strap yourself in, grab the tissues and get ready to hear all about this incredible piece of work from HELLYEAH. There's also plenty of New Music to get through from Bad Wolves, Bare Bones, Lindemann, Ghost, Jinjer, New Years Day and SHVPES, throwbacks from Pantera (of course) and Disturbed + more! #WoSUATW #ChadGray #HELLYEAH #VinniePaul #WelcomeHome #Pantera #Disturbed #BadWolves #Korn #BareBones #SHVPES #Jinjer #Lindemann #Ghost #NewYearsDay #Podcast #MusicPodcast #WallOfSoundAU  See for privacy information.
When you think of iconic Australian bands from the late 90's, you can't go past Grinspoon who have been tearing up stages for the better part of the past 24 years (yes we're including the hiatus too, eat me!) and they're set to do it all again celebrating their BEST songs for a special edition vinyl which will coincide with a massive Australian tour and this week frontman Phil Jamieson joins the show to talk all about it.  Join podcast host Browny as he takes a look back at the band's two and a bit decades in the music industry and the pair reflect on where they've come from to what's next. Is there new music on the way? What hasn't Phil crossed off that "bucket list" yet and what about those rumours of him appearing on Australian Survivor last year? Were they true and would he consider it in future seasons? All that and more are covered in the pair' chat.  Plus, we go wayyyyy back into the Australian music scene and revive songs from bands you probably haven't heard in a long time (or at all) including classics from TISM, Gyroscope, Lash, The Vines, Happyland, Kisschasy, Frenzal Rhomb, Killing Heidi, Silverchair, Regurgitator, Bodyjar, 28 Days, Wolfmother and the brand new single from The Butterfly Effect even gets a spin too.  #WoSUATW #PhilJamieson #Grinspoon #ChemicalHeart #AustralianBands #TISM #Gyroscope #Bodyjar #28Days #Kisschasy #Happyland #TheVines #Lash #KillingHeidi #FrenzalRhomb #Regurgitator #Silverchair #Wolfmother #TheButterflyEffect #Hellyeah #Podcast #MusicPodcast #WallOfSoundAU See for privacy information.
BIGSOUND is done and dusted for another year and we can safely say there are a lot of us reallly feeling our ages now that it's all said and done, but the best part is we have now uncovered the next batch of Australian bands who are set to take the heavy music scene by storm and luckily for you, we caught up with a whole bunch of them to get you closer than ever before and hopefully put you on the right path to supporting their next big moves. Podcast host Browny caught up with the likes of Reliqa, who despite only graduating high school in 2017, have been taking the scene by storm supporting some big named acts and scoring some pretty impressive streaming hits for their latest Eventide EP. Wither who have been screaming their way into our lives with a fantastic sound behind them. Being Jane Lane, an all-female bunch of punks who set out to have fun and have been gaining a huge reputation (and opportunities) left, right and centre ever since. The Gloom In The Corner, who are some of the nicest, yet, most intimidating deathcore blokes you'll come across from Melbourne hellbent on world domination (through their music duh!). LOSER who absolutely, positively do NOT live up to their band name and are some of the funniest and musically driven guys you'll ever meet (with plenty of unfortunate stories to tell about their travels) and one of the greatest bands produced in Australia since (well, ever!) Outright, who are hardcore punk specialists with a brilliant sound behind them, a fantastic purpose and motivation and seriously, an incredible group of individuals doing their part to make the scene inclusive, welcoming and eradicated of the scum which sometimes seeps its way into it (despite not being welcome). They may have a vast array of musical styles between them, but together, they make up some of the next big bands you're going to be hearing about (or moshing to) within the next few years and it's our pleasure to bring you this podcast so you can get to know them ahead of time, as well as featuring songs from Dregg and LO!, two bands we didn't get a chance to chat with but who rightfully deserve a mention too. Strap yourself in and check out Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall 'The Big Sound 2019 Special' #WoSUATW #BIGSOUND #BIGSOUND19 #Reliqa #Wither #BeingJaneLane #TheGloomInTheCorner #LOSER #Outright #IndustrialMetal #HeavyMetal #Metalcore #Punk #PunkRock #Deathcore #AlternativeRock #HardcorePunk #Hardcore #AustralianBands #WallOfSoundAU #MusicPodcast  See for privacy information.
We have a jampacked special episode for you this week to celebrate The Amity Affliction's upcoming Heaven And Hell east coast tour featuring Underoath, Crossfaith and Pagan, who, all join the podcast for a chat. The main event is The Amity Affliction's Ahren Stringer who discusses the band's intentions with the Brisbane leg of the tour in which they're hoping to turn the Heaven and Hell Festival into an annual event, if the punters get behind it. He also chats with podcast host Browny about the year that was the Misery saga and the strange, yet totally expected reactions fans had when they first heard the release, some disapproving of the drastic change in style, only for them to come back around the longer they sat on it. He also talks about the band's future, the next release and he reflects on their earlier "glory" days (pun intended) and how far they've come since then. Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath calls in to chat about their last appearance in Australia for UNIFY and why they didn't make it to the west coast of Australia for their Erase Me album cycle. Kenta 'Ken' Koie from Crossfaith also reflects on their UNIFY set back in January and gives us all an insight into their partying lifestyle while Pagan frontwoman Nikki Brumen takes a look back at their hectic year which has seen them flying to dominate UK audiences, gain massive popularity in Australia and what direction they'll be taking their next release (and if we'll hear some new material on this tour). Plus we play a stack of tracks from the above-mentioned bands and kick it all off with Thornhill's new song 'Nurture', which no doubt fans will hear when they play alongside Trophy Eyes, Make Them Suffer, Southeast Desert Metal, Void of Vision and Endless Heights in Brisbane. #WoSUATW #TheAmityAffliction #AmityAffliction #TAA #AhrenStringer #Misery #HeavenAndHellTour #SpencerChamberlain #Underoath #KentaKoie #Crossfaith #NikkiBrumen #Pagan #AustralianBands #Metal #Metalcore #BlackMetal #MelodicMetal #Thornhill #MusicPodcast #WallOfSoundAU  See for privacy information.
SURPRISE! We are proud to Exclusively bring you this special edition of Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall to coincide with the launch of Good Things Festival 2019 and their stacked lineup featuring Parkway Drive, A Day To Remember, Violent Soho, Simple Plan, Bad Religion, Trivium, The Veronicas, Poppy, Simple Creatures, The Damned Things and SHITLOADS MORE! The now annual music festival returns to Australia’s East Coast in December and is guaranteed to kick off your Summer Festival Season in style. Join podcast host Browny as he chats with Josh Woodard from A Day To Remember who will not only be making their way back down under for the festival, but they’ll be bringing a brand new album titled You’re Welcome with them. The boys debuted their first new song from it last week called ‘Degenerates’ and it has caused a scene, within the heavy music scene, dividing fans in the process, but never fear, as Josh discusses the track and what else we can expect from this forthcoming release + their festival appearance. We also play tracks from a stack of bands on the lineup and look at a few of the bands making their Australia debut including Poppy, Simple Creatures and Ice Nine Kills who we CANNOT wait to throw down in the pit for during their set. Catch the full lineup here! So sit back, throw your feet on your desk (who gives a fuck what your boss thinks) and strap yourself in as we kick off our Good Things Festival Launch Podcast for YOU! #WoSUATW #GoodThingsFest #GoodThingsFestival #GoodThingsFest2019 #ADTR #ADayToRemember #JoshWoodard #Degenerates #YoureWelcome #MusicFestival #ParkwayDrive #ViolentSoho #Trivium #SimplePlan #BadReligion #Trivium #Skeggs #SimpleCreatures #MarkHoppus #Karnivool #TheVeronicas #ChoeedAndCambria #FallingInReverse #EnterShikari #DanceGavinDance #ReelBigFish #Poppy #ThyArtIsMurder #IceNineKills #TheDamnedThings #SlowlySlowly #ManWithAMission #TheBennies #Voyager #YoursTruly #Windwaker #TheBeautifulMonument #Gravemind #WallOfSoundAU #MusicPodcast  See for privacy information.
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